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Your Story Matters Course by Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik

Your Story Matters Course by Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik

When considering the world's most successful individuals, such as spiritual teachers, therapists, healers, creators, and business leaders, one common factor is their ability to communicate their experiences in a manner that engages, motivates, and assists others.

It is common for us to be familiar with the personal histories of those we admire and support. Our opinion of them is shaped by their story and determines whether we like or dislike them.

When we hear a story that connects with our own experiences, it elicits a profound response. There is a connection that is felt with the person, and there is also a desire to share that person's story with others, resulting in a multiplier effect.

This is why individuals who effectively share their story can gain a significant following seemingly out of nowhere. Individuals who utilize their narratives across various platforms such as social media, podcasts, books, and other media formats have the ability to stand out even in highly saturated markets.

In order to fully unlock our potential, it is necessary to utilize and take ownership of our own stories. When we engage in this process, we attract potential clients, and it is our responsibility to facilitate their transformation and deliver desired outcomes for those who select our services.

The Your Story Matters online program provides participants with over eight hours of training and four hours of interactive Q&As. Additionally, there is specialized training from experts in various areas of storytelling, including YouTube and short videos, book proposals, movement creation, diversity and inclusion, and TED Talks.


Session 1: The Power of Story – Strategies for Establishing Connection and Making a Positive Impact in the World.

Session 2 is "Your Soul Thread - Mapping and Sharing Your Personal Journey to Build Your Audience."

The subject of Session 3 is "Archetype Alchemy - The Wisdom of Your Soul in Story."

Session 4 is about creating your own story for webinars, videos, social posts, and more.

Session 5 discusses the importance of hooks in storytelling and how they assist individuals in quickly distinguishing themselves in a crowded world.

Session 6 is focused on story remixing and its applications for lead generation, email marketing, and offers.

Session 7 provides guidelines on creating short videos, lives, and reels.

Session 8 is about offering alchemy by telling the right stories to find and serve more clients.

When you join us, we will have weekly live sessions and connect in a private online community to work on our stories and provide support to each other.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to access 5 extra trainings on various topics, including emails, TEDx Talks, book proposals, movement building, marketing, video creation, spiritual teaching, and more.

This program has the purpose of helping you share your own story for the betterment of the world. We aim for you to stand out and make the impact you've always dreamed of, despite the distractions.

You are invited to participate in this special training session today.

This program includes.

There are 8 live online story sessions with Q&A with Richard & Kylie, totaling over 10 hours.

The course portal provides private access to downloadable course materials, including worksheets.

Access to video, audio, and transcript for every course session is available.

The Members-Only Online Community is a private community site specifically for Your Story Matters.

What you’ll learn

Exploring the integration of neuroscience, spirituality, and storytelling for impactful content creation.

The utilization of 6 archetypes in storytelling.

Learn how to create a larger movement by going beyond a product, as exemplified by great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. Brené Brown and various traditions, including the Sufis, Tibetans, shamans, and others, are mentioned.

Methods for finding the courage to share your story if you belong to a marginalized community.

Strategies for gaining online attention to differentiate in a saturated market.

By learning and implementing The Conscious Story Formula, individuals can make a larger impact in the world and reach those who need their work the most.

About Instructor


Director of Storytelling & Brand Development

Kylie holds the position of Director of Storytelling and Brand Development for Conscious Marketer. Kylie, a former spoken-word artist, found that capturing attention and winning over people is equally effective in marketing as it is in art. Despite her limited experience, her initial advertisements achieved widespread reach, resulting in 150 high-value sales. Since then, she has gained a reputation as a trusted mentor and copywriter in the transformational industry.

She has assisted numerous individuals in effectively conveying their message to the appropriate audience by encouraging authenticity in their marketing. Her goal is to assist entrepreneurs, practitioners, and spiritual individuals in sharing their truth with the world on a larger scale, thereby transforming human consciousness and improving the quality of life for all beings on planet Earth.


CEO & Founder of Conscious Marketer

Richard is recognized as a prominent figure in the field of digital strategy and launch. His agency carries out more than 30 online launches annually, which include summits, membership sites, and signature online programs. Richard established Conscious Marketer with the goal of assisting businesses, entrepreneurs, and publishers in effectively communicating their message in the marketplace to create a positive impact in the world.

His clients include leaders, authors, publishers, and technology companies that are reshaping the world. Richard has experience in investment management and digital publishing sectors. He holds a degree from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and has retired status as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Who this course is for?

This course is designed to help individuals of all backgrounds and personality types effectively share their stories and connect with others.


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