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83% Off Unreal Engine Blueprints - The Ultimate Developer Course | Udemy Review & Coupon

83% Off Unreal Engine Blueprints - The Ultimate Developer Course | Udemy Review & Coupon

Creating three complete video games, including a mobile game, is possible without writing any code.

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Learn how to:

In this course, students will learn how to make three complete games from start to finish without the requirement of coding. Starting with basics, students will learn how to locate free game assets online and use them in their games. This could be props, characters, or environments - and all can be used with Unreal Engine’s powerful Blueprint scripting system. With Blueprints, students won’t need to learn a programming language but instead leverage visual scripting nodes that are easy to understand and manipulate. Once their game is ready, students have the chance to test it on their own mobile devices.

By the end of this course, students should have gained confidence in using Unreal Engine for creating beautiful 3D games that are completely customized by them. They will have learned how to get high-quality game assets online for free and use them inside of Unreal Engine. Additionally, they will also know how to use the Blueprint node system for creating gameplay code without having prior coding experience. By testing on their chosen device at the end of the course, they can take pride and joy in seeing what they were able to create fully by themselves.

Course length:

This course provides an exceptional range of material and access options that will guide learners through a comprehensive topic. At the heart of the subject is 31.5 hours of on-demand video content, packed with important information, guidance, and advice. Additionally, there’s 1 article containing further and up-to-date details, along with 1 downloadable resource for quick reference wherever you are - be it at home or while out and about. This is all rounded off with full lifetime access, along with convenient mobile and TV access, plus a certificate of completion upon completion of the course. All of this combines to provide an invaluable means to learn more about the chosen topic in depth.

This course can be viewed as a thorough yet concise investment in your knowledge base on any given subject matter - one that offers convenience above all else. Given its flexibility of access methods, whatever your preferred method may be during study sessions it is sure to tick the right boxes every time without fail. The accompanying articles and resources add further clarity without burdening you down either; overall coming together as an informative and useful source for all kinds of topics across many disciplines.

Best for:

This course is designed for those interested in game development, from beginners to experienced developers alike. Those with no experience in building games can learn the basics of programming and visual scripting in Unreal, as well as essential game design principles and practices. Experienced game developers can brush up on their skills and enhance their understanding of Blueprint scripting specific to Unreal. The course is also ideal for programmers who want to become proficient in Blueprint scripting for customizing their game experience. Finally, anyone looking to develop games with an eye towards releasing them commercially or earning a side income from game sales will find this course invaluable.

Covering comprehensive topics like asset production, UI creation, setting up monetization strategies, and integrating analytics systems all within a unified learning area, participants gain an expansive view of the entire game development process — starting with coding fundamentals and culminating in the live launch preparations. This course thus provides users with all the skills needed to bring productive projects from concept to completion swiftly and hassle-free! With several hours' worth of video tutorials, participants can expect professional-level results regardless of experience level, equipping them with both knowledge and confidence that will open up opportunities in the field for years to come.

About Stephen Ulibarri

Stephen Ulibarri works as an Engineer, Programmer, Game Developer, and Author. When he earned his bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, he was introduced to the field of programming. He became immediately interested. He has an interest in game development and enjoys creative problem-solving. He has written and self-published a science fiction novel and has a strong passion for creative endeavors. He has experience in assisting and tutoring in engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and programming.

He has gained professional industry experience in the field of surgical simulations. The individual finds it highly rewarding to share their knowledge and help others pursue a fulfilling and enjoyable career.

He enjoys activities such as biking, drawing, 3D design, and procedural generation in video games. He is currently teaching algorithms such as procedurally-generated level creation techniques on his YouTube page called Druid Mechanics.

He has written a book on Unreal Engine C++ called "Unreal Engine C++ The Ultimate Developers Handbook," which is available on Amazon.

Inside the Unreal Engine Blueprints - The Ultimate Developer Course

The Blueprint system in Unreal Engine makes it easy to craft stunning video games without any coding knowledge. This course will walk students through the process of creating three different games, getting up close and personal with the Blueprints functions all along the way. Students will learn how to implement character mobility, add particle and sound effects, create HUD elements like progress bars and on-screen animated text widgets, generate hazards and explosives, incorporate pickups as well as dynamic materials, and activate switches to open doors.

At the end of this journey, students will have acquired the necessary skills needed to turn their ideas into reality as they bundle their third game into an executable file for mobile devices. After this course is complete, they will be able to bring their final product from concept to creation with total confidence in their knowledge of using Blueprints in Unreal Engine. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to video game development that’s unmovable and top quality!


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