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25% Off Unreal engine 5 : Create video game in UE5 with Blueprint | Udemy Review & Coupon

25% Off Unreal engine 5 : Create video game in UE5 with Blueprint | Udemy Review & Coupon

Topics covered by the course include fundamental concepts, importing 3D objects, material creation, Niagara control rigging, AI animation, and many other areas.

This course covers:

This course is tailored towards anyone wanting to develop video games using Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) with Blueprint. Upon completing this course, students should be able to design and construct interactive 3D games using UE5's powerful visual scripting language for creating them.

Within 41.5 hours of on-demand video lectures, you will gain all of the knowledge necessary for understanding UE 5 and Blueprint from scratch. You will discover fundamental concepts and tools such as 3D object import/export/material creation/Niagara control rigging/AI animation etc. Additionally, this course features 5 articles/downloadable resources to aid your journey along the way.

This course comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so that if you are dissatisfied in any way with it, you may request a full refund.

What you'll learn

What You Will Learn In This Class You'll Gain Knowledge About Unreal Engine 5 to Create a Video Game Using Blueprint

Unreal Engine 5 is an expansive game development tool with numerous resources and features available to developers for creating dynamic virtual environments, dynamic animations and realistic game characters. Here, we explore what Unreal Engine 5 will teach us when using Blueprint to develop video games.

Unreal Engine 5's Niagara System:
One of its primary advantages lies in allowing developers to create stunning special effects with its Niagara System. Users can leverage Niagara to craft complex particle systems, dynamic simulations and realistic visual effects that enhance both look and feel of any game they create using it.

Unreal Engine 5 offers an advanced Material Editor that allows developers to craft high-quality materials to enhance the visuals of their game. By using this editor, they can produce realistic textures, reflections and shadows as well as animated materials.

Unreal Engine 5 features powerful animation tools that enable developers to craft dynamic and realistic animations. Tools like the Skeletal Mesh Editor and Animation Blueprint help craft complex movements and character animations to enhance gameplay experience.

Unreal Engine 5 offers Blueprint, an easy visual scripting system designed to allow developers to easily build gameplay logic and interactions without the need for imperative programming. Blueprint provides novice game developers with all of the resources necessary for crafting complex game systems without extensive coding being necessary.

AI: Unreal Engine 5 provides advanced artificial intelligence tools that enable developers to craft intelligent and immersive artificial intelligence for game characters and NPCs. Utilizing these AI tools, developers can create more realistic behaviors and reactions when player interactions take place resulting in an enjoyable gaming experience.

User Interfaces: Unreal Engine 5 allows developers to craft unique user interfaces tailored specifically for their games using the Unreal Motion Graphics system. By customizing stunning UIs that enhance aesthetics and functionality of games, developers are empowered to craft impressive experiences within Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine 5 offers developers the tools needed to craft breathtaking landscapes that add realism and immersion into games. Through tools like Landscape Editor and World Composition, developers can effortlessly create vast and detailed terrain.

Finally, with Unreal Engine 5, developers can craft dynamic and engaging environments that respond to player interactions for an engaging gameplay experience. The engine offers an integrated development environment and library of primitives and pre-trained models designed to facilitate creating environmental assets with ease.

Unreal Engine 5 provides game developers with a host of features designed to assist in creating high-quality console games. From novice game creators to experienced makers, Unreal Engine 5 gives game makers all of the resources and tools needed to craft captivating video games that captivate and excite their target audiences.

Unreal Magic This content's author is passionate about game designing and programming, possessing knowledge in various programming languages such as C#, C++, Java Script PHP as a hobby activity - in short all sorts of magical skills!

Because they were drawn to game design, their passion led them to start with Unity for two years, where they gained substantial expertise. After that time passed, however, they decided that learning Unreal Engine would broaden their horizons further.

Eight years ago, they fell in love with Unreal Engine and Blender. Every time they turn on their computer with Unreal, hours seem to pass without notice; their dedication and passion towards game development shine through in every effort they dedicate themselves towards it.

An accomplished game developer, the author is proficient with numerous game development resources, libraries and programming techniques for video game creation using Unreal Engine 5. They possess the knowledge necessary to design and develop video games using this engine with blueprints, skeletal mesh animation blueprints and 3D models and mesh components as components of their designs.


When creating video games in Unreal Engine 5 with Blueprint, certain requirements must be fulfilled to start creating them. Let's review what will be needed:

1. Computer: For proper operation of Unreal Engine 5, a strong computer is essential. Epic Games' recommendation is for 64-bit Windows 10 machine equipped with at least 8GB of RAM and quad-core processor. You will also require at least 2 GB VRAM for dedicated GPU usage.

2. Unreal Engine 5: Unreal Engine 5, available for free download from Epic Games' website, provides a comprehensive game development platform with tools and resources for creating virtual environments, 3D models, animation blueprints and other assets for game creation.

3. Basic Programming Skills: Although Blueprint doesn't require expert-level coding knowledge to use it effectively, having some understanding of coding concepts such as variables, control flow and functions will help make game creation much simpler. Despite using visual scripting language that lets you build games without writing code directly yourself, having some background can enable more complex games to be built using this visual scripting language.

4. Creative Vision: For any video game to be captivating, its concept, mechanics and vision must all be clear in your mind. This may involve brainstorming ideas, devising an original art style or coming up with a theme for the game - so having a strong creative direction from the outset is essential in providing guidance during development.

5. Time and Dedication: Crafting video games takes time, dedication, and effort. You should dedicate considerable time learning about Unreal Engine 5 features and tools before developing and testing your game to perfection before refining its design for release. Plan on spending several months (or more!) making your masterpiece.

By fulfilling these requirements, you're well on your way to creating an epic video game in Unreal Engine 5 using Blueprint. Be sure to stay focused on bringing your vision for your game into reality while enjoying every step along the way!

This course is tailored for:

Anyone interested in game design using Unreal Engine 5 and looking to become an Unreal Engine 5 developer. Whether an amateur or experienced game developer, this course provides resources and development tools that will assist with creating incredible video games with Unreal Engine 5.

Exploring this impressive game engine's various features and functionalities using animation blueprints, 3D models, virtual environments and animation blueprints is possible through animation blueprints, 3D models and virtual environments. Furthermore, this course covers essential skills such as imperative programming, skeletal animation and integrated development environment - essential knowledge every game developer should possess.

No matter if it be console games, mobile robots, humanoid robots or humanoids, Unreal Engine 5 provides you with an expansive library of primitives and pre-trained models you can use to design and develop projects. Furthermore, this course includes features for robot motion and game character development making it a fantastic solution for anyone aiming to craft innovative video games!

No matter where you stand in game development, this course offers an amazing opportunity for anyone - experienced or novice alike - to dive headlong into Unreal Engine 5 development and all its possibilities. Register now and prepare yourself to learn about animation blueprints, virtual environments and all other features offered by this incredible engine!


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Customer Reviews

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Really great course.

The concept was clearly explained and supported by numerous examples. It is apparent that the instructor has a thorough understanding of the system. The updates for Unreal 5.1 and 5.2 were also addressed.

Great course! Highly recommend it.

The material is succinct and comprehensible, addressing multiple subjects on utilizing Unreal Engine 5 and developing a debut video game.

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