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95% Off Unreal Engine 5 - Action Adventure Game Development Course | Udemy Review & Coupon

95% Off Unreal Engine 5 - Action Adventure Game Development Course | Udemy Review & Coupon

The combination of Blueprints and Unreal 5's latest features enables the development of a 3rd Person action adventure game.

This course covers:

For the aspiring game designer, Unreal Engine 5's action adventure video game creation course is a must-have. This comprehensive five-hour on-demand video series provides students with full lifetime access so they can refer back as needed. Additionally, the course is accessible on mobile and TV devices, making it easy to watch from anywhere. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate of completion that they can show off to employers or friends.

What you'll learn

Unreal Blueprints can be used to create a complete 3rd Person action adventure game through visual scripting.

Develop a playable level that includes hazards, obstacles, pickups, and interactables.

This tutorial will teach you how to execute action adventure mechanics such as event triggering, object movement, and hazard creation.

Utilize the latest Unreal 5.1 tools, including MetaHumans for character creation, Quixel Bridge for assets, and Lumen & Nanite to enhance the game's visual appeal.

Implement raycasting to allow for weapons to be fired and for damage to be inflicted upon enemies.

Develop third-person shooting mechanics with artificial intelligence for enemies.

It is possible for you to create the 3rd person action adventure game of your dreams.

The Blueprint system in Unreal can enhance programming skills without the requirement of using C++.

Completing challenging tasks can help assess your comprehension of learned material.

Join a community of individuals who share similar interests and values, offering a supportive environment.

About the author

GameDev tv was founded with the aim of providing education on game development, design, and marketing for indie game creators. Our game development courses on Udemy are popular and highly rated.

Our institution has a student body of over a million, and our objective is to provide them with high-quality courses that are both engaging and entertaining.

GameDev tv provides extensive courses on various topics such as Unity, Blender, Unreal, coding in C#, C++, and other related subjects. If you seek information on a subject that we do not address, what would you suggest? Our developer communities can be found on Facebook (with almost 20k members), our TA-curated Community (which receives 17k views per day), and our student chat group (with up to 10k members at any given time).


Having knowledge of Unreal and Blueprint may provide assistance, but it is not mandatory.


Create a 3rd person action adventure video-game according to your preferences.

The project utilizes the latest tools available in Unreal 5.1, such as MetaHumans, Quixel Bridge, Nanite, and Lumen.

When using Unreal's latest features, such as MetaHumans for character creation, Quixel Bridge for assets, and Lumen and Nanite for game visuals, one can create a visually stunning game.

Unreal Blueprints visual scripting can be utilized to design every element of a 3rd Person action adventure game. Our instruction will cover the implementation of raycasting for weapon usage and enemy damage, event triggering, object movement, hazard creation, and other significant action adventure mechanics.

Upon completion of the course, a playable level will be created with various features such as hazards, obstacles, pickups, and interactables.

The fee for the course provides lifetime access. The creators possess expertise in modeling and coding, enabling them to effectively communicate complex ideas while also providing entertainment.

The course forum allows for discussion of topics both on a course-wide basis and down to the individual video. There are various communities of developers available for connection, including a Facebook group with nearly 20k members, a TA-curated Community with 17k daily views, and a student chat group with up to 10k users at once.

Experience the world of UE5 now.

This course is intended for:


This resource is designed to enhance your knowledge of Unreal and strengthen your proficiency with Blueprint.

If one desires to create a 3rd person action adventure video-game, they can do so.

Alternatively, you could create a game.


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Customer Reviews

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I highly recommend this course.

I am enjoying the course structure and the format of the lessons. They are in small, manageable chunks that are easier for me to remember. I appreciate the opportunity for creativity in designing levels and games, rather than just copying and pasting. The instructor takes their Time and explains the lessons slowly, which is helpful for beginners like me who are still getting the hang of things. I am excited for the next lesson.

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