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82% Off Unity 2D RPG: Complete Combat System | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off Unity 2D RPG: Complete Combat System | Udemy Review & Coupon

Create a top-down RPG game combat system in Unity using C# programming language.

This course covers:

The course consists of 5 hours of on-demand video with full lifetime access which you can access on any mobile or TV device. There are also downloadable resources to help you along the way and a certificate of completion at the end.

What will be learned

This course teaches beginner to intermediate project management techniques for managing larger projects from start to finish.

Develop the basic structure for a 2D top-down RPG game.

This course covers the fundamentals of C# from beginner to intermediate level.

A 2D top-down movement can be created by combining C# and animator components.

Create a system for combat that includes various weapons.

To gain proficiency, it is recommended to acquire knowledge of tilemap, rule tiles, animated tiles, and scene workflow.

About the author Team

GameDev tv was established with the goal of assisting individuals in learning the process of developing, designing, and marketing independent games. Our game development courses on Udemy are some of the best-selling and have received high ratings.

Our institution strives to provide high quality courses that are both engaging and entertaining for our large student population exceeding one million.

GameDev tv provides extensive courses covering Unity, Blender, Unreal, C#, C++ coding, and other related topics. If you are seeking knowledge about a subject that is not within our coverage, please let us know. Connect with our communities of skilled developers through Facebook (almost 20k members), our TA-curated Community (with 17k daily views), and our student chat group (with 10k concurrent users).

Stephen Hubbard is an Instructor for

The individual's first recollections of game design stem from their youth, during which they devised unique regulations and combined elements of various board games with their peers. Although the individual lost interest in game design as an adult, in recent years they have rekindled their passion for game development.

He attempted to learn Unity and programming on multiple occasions throughout the years, but was always left unsatisfied. He became proficient in game development after discovering GameDevTV. He is fully immersed in learning about independent game development, and it has become a strong interest of mine as well.


Prior knowledge of the Unity Editor and basic understanding of C# would be beneficial.


Creating a classic top-down 2D RPG game can be an exciting yet daunting task. With so many aspects to take into account, from art assets to intricate gameplay mechanics, it’s a challenge for any aspiring developer or experienced gamer looking to make their mark in the world of game development. This online course is designed to provide the guidance you need - from scratch - to create a strong foundation of the classic RPG elements, such as your level design and well-crafted combat moments. It offers beginner and advanced techniques for Unity, one of the industry's leading game development programs widely used by indie developers and large studios alike.

In this course you learn how to build up a solid code architecture, optimizing your workflow in order to have control over bigger projects. Furthermore, topics such as C# basics are also covered before diving into the actual implementation of features like levels, inventory gaming mechanics or combat AI routines. It's an ideal choice both for budding game developers who are only starting out on their journey and intermediate users looking for direction in creating their very own top-down RPG games. Everything is explained step by step in this course , so even if you’re completely new to game development – no prior knowledge needed – you'll be able to follow along and create great RPG games in Unity.

Upon completion of the course, students will have the ability to construct a comprehensive combat system encompassing various enemy types, spell effects, mana bars, and additional features.

This course is intended for:

This course is designed for those who have a basic knowledge of Unity and are looking to take the next steps in building complex projects, specifically a 2D top-down RPG. The course provides students with the opportunity to acquire a strong foundation of C# programming fundamentals and apply them to Unity projects. Through each step of the course, learners will build their understanding of software development concepts and best practices, as well as develop their ability to use both theoretical and technical aspects of game development. Students will learn how to design levels, create maps, add audio and visuals effects, program functions such as enemy AI system, inventory system and dialogs within the game. Furthermore, collaborating with other participants in this course will help them gain valuable insight from others’ experiences in creating different games.

At its conclusion, learners should feel confident about developing their own projects utilizing C# principles on the Unity platform. They also may earn an expert certification from Unity proving that they have mastered game development skills befitting a professional game developer. All said this course gives budding developers the tools needed to create immersive environments where they can bring their ideas alive – all thanks to unity!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brandon M
It's a really good course.

The newest version of Unity, along with new tools like the Unity input system and URP, was utilized, which I appreciate. This course is not designed for beginners, as it requires some prior knowledge of C#. Throughout the course, I learned new concepts such as scriptable objects and a more effective way to implement the Singleton pattern.

It is a nice course.

This course is highly recommended. Certain aspects can be particularly challenging for individuals who are new to the subject. However, he effectively covers all aspects. He effectively communicates information to us. Responses to inquiries are provided promptly. I greatly appreciate this course. I acquired new knowledge.

It's a really good course.

The project utilized the latest version of Unity, including new tools such as the Unity input system and URP. This course requires prior knowledge of C# and covers advanced topics such as scriptable objects and Singleton pattern implementation. I found it informative and learned new concepts.

Good for people who have basic knowledge!

The instructor's quick pace and brief explanations of code present a challenge for me in game development. The rating would improve to five stars if the individual could provide more detailed explanations about the code and slow down their pace. I find the course content enjoyable and would recommend it.

Michel D.
It's great.

Very clear instructions. I am currently using Godot instead of Unity and find it convenient that the course materials are not limited to Unity prefabs, allowing me to utilize them with ease.

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