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83% Off Understanding TypeScript | Udemy Review & Coupon

83% Off Understanding TypeScript | Udemy Review & Coupon

Enhance your JavaScript projects with TypeScript: Gain knowledge on core types, generics, TypeScript with React or Node, and more.

Quick Summary

Learn how to:

TypeScript is an open-source programming language that extends the features of JavaScript to allow developers the ability to write code more effectively. It adds static typing, classes, modules, and interfaces in order to create scalable applications that are easier to maintain. TypeScript provides real advantages over vanilla JavaScript because you can catch errors early on with type checking, and turn ES6+ features into plain JavaScript which can be consumed by older browsers.

Learning TypeScript from a tutorial perspective will provide you fundamental knowledge of the language’s structure and capabilities. The tutorial will walk you through how to use its various features like types, ES6 support, classes, modules, interfaces and much more as well as give insight into combining TypeScript with ReactJS or NodeJS/Express. With this knowledge you will be able to take your web development projects one step further by writing better code faster than ever before. Allowing you and your team to develop powerful applications with confidence and high performance capabilities.

Course length:

This type of course package is perfect for anyone looking to learn the basics of TypeScript. The 15 hours of on-demand video includes lectures, hands-on coding exercises, and demos to help you get a better understanding of the language. Along with the video component, there are 22 articles that provide further explanation and insight into TypeScript's features and usage. Additionally, there are 210 downloadable resources to help you understand the course better. Lastly, this package also includes access on mobile and TV, closed captions, and a certificate of completion to recognize your dedication and hard work.

Best for: 

This course is perfect for all students of any level who wish to extend their understanding of plain JavaScript. Through this course, learners will develop the knowledge necessary to use Angular, an important web application and development platform. Angular is enabled through TypeScript, a superset language which provides strong typing for your JavaScript code, making it simpler and less error-prone. Therefore, those seeking to learn more about Angular should have a good grasp of how TypeScript works.

This course gives you the tools to understand not only the basics such as variables’ types and classes but also controls flow, strong typing and object-oriented programming. Specifically designed for those looking to expand their knowledge with TypeScript and optimize their experience in using Angular, this course can benefit anyone regardless of beginner or advanced JavaScript levels. With dynamic coding demonstrations that illustrate key elements alongside continued constructive feedback from experienced instructors, this course has something to offer all students looking to gain further knowledge in modern JavaScript development techniques.

About Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Experience as (Web) Developer

He began learning programming skills and languages at the age of 12 and continued to do so without interruption. He began creating websites early on, both for friends and for fun. In addition to web development, he also explored Python and other programming languages that are not exclusively used for web development. As a result of his enduring passion, he chose to pursue a career as a freelance web developer and consultant. The success and enjoyment he experiences in this job are significant and help to keep his passion alive.

He began web development on the backend, using PHP with Laravel, NodeJS, and Python. Over time, he also gained experience as a frontend developer, working with modern frameworks such as React, Angular, and VueJS in numerous projects. He enjoys both worlds nowadays.

He has experience in building full-stack applications and has acquired expert knowledge in DevOps and cloud computing, as evidenced by the many AWS certifications he holds. He holds the top-level Solutions Architect Professional certification.

He had the opportunity to expand his knowledge as a self-taught developer by pursuing a Master's degree in Business Administration. That allowed me to work in both a major strategy consultancy and a bank. During his time in this sector, he found that he enjoyed development more than other fields, which greatly improved his overall experience and skills.

Experience as Instructor

As a self-taught professional, he has a deep understanding of the challenging aspects and complex topics involved in learning new or improving on already-known languages. His background and experience allow him to prioritize the most relevant key concepts and topics. The instructor's track record includes numerous 5-star rated courses and over 2,000,000 students on Udemy, providing strong evidence of their expertise.

He consistently received positive feedback, whether working as a development instructor or teaching Business Administration. The most fulfilling experience is witnessing individuals finding new employment opportunities, creating impressive web applications, securing remarkable projects, or simply indulging in their hobbies with the assistance of my content.

He founded Academind with Manuel Lorenz to provide a high-quality learning experience to over 2,000,000 students.

Inside the Understanding TypeScript

TypeScript is a powerful addition to JavaScript that offers a variety of methods for improving your code and helping you avoid bugs. This bestselling, completely updated course is designed to teach students TypeScript from the ground up, covering all of its features in great depth. Students will learn what TypeScript is, why it's such an advantageous language to use, and how to incorporate it into their own projects.

The course introduces Python’s most important feature – types – before taking students on a complete journey through the language. It also includes ReactJS project material, so users can get a hands-on experience with TypeScript’s advanced capabilities. As TypeScript is developed by Microsoft and increasingly endorsed and used by Angular 2+ (Google) as well as other popular libraries, this course ensures that users are able to keep up with the latest technologies in the industry. With such comprehensive coverage, this course provides excellent preparation for any programming project or career.

TypeScript is developed by Microsoft and is widely used and supported by popular libraries such as Angular 2+ (Google), indicating its long-term presence in the programming landscape. TypeScript is a widely popular web development language that can be learned in today's industry.

Stay ahead of the game and be one of the first to truly comprehend TypeScript.

Discover how TypeScript can enable the use of modern JavaScript features such as destructuring, arrow functions, and classes in any environment or codebase, regardless of its current support for these features. Learn about the different types available and how to create your own. Discover the benefits of enhancing your coding skills with TypeScript, which offers a range of features to improve your code quality.

However, in this course, we will continue beyond the basics. Additionally, you will gain knowledge about advanced features such as decorators and learn how to establish workflows using TypeScript. The workflow includes both a TypeScript-only option and a webpack option.

You will also discover that there are options beyond Angular or plain JavaScript/TypeScript projects. In addition, a comprehensive module provides guidance on utilizing TypeScript with ReactJS, enhancing your React code with TypeScript.

Practice what you learn!

Watching videos is an effective method for learning. And for many students, it is considered the most effective method. This course provides opportunities for practical application of the knowledge you acquire. This course includes a variety of exercises and solutions, along with high-quality learning videos.


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