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35% Off The Ultimate Unreal Engine 2D Game Development Course | Udemy Review & Coupon

35% Off The Ultimate Unreal Engine 2D Game Development Course | Udemy Review & Coupon

Gain comprehensive knowledge about Paper 2D and PaperZD, enabling you to create 2D and 2D/3D hybrid games in Unreal Engine 5.

Quick Summary

Learn how to:

Unreal Engine 5 allows creators to make stunning 2D games and with its robust engine, they can take it to the next level. This course will teach you how to make four awesome 2D games of varying genres. You will learn all about sprites, flipbooks, tile maps and tile sets. As a bonus feature, the course also introduces the free PaperZD plugin that can be used to further enhance your 2D game designs.

In addition, Unreal Engine Blueprints are covered in the course as well - from beginner's basics up to intermediate usage. You will also be able to understand how animation trees work in order to properly set up animations for your characters using anim notifies. With all these absolutely invaluable lessons and insights, you will master creating 2D games with Unreal Engine 5!

Course length:

The Ultimate Unreal Engine 2D Game Development Course is a suitable choice for individuals interested in learning how to create 2D games using Unreal Engine. This comprehensive course includes 12 hours of on-demand video, 6 articles, access on mobile and TV, full lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

Best for:

This course is suitable for developers at any level of experience. This course provides a thorough overview of 2D game design and development for individuals at any skill level, using Unreal Engine. This course provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamental skills necessary to develop 2D games using the Unreal Engine 4.

From setting up a development environment through programming fundamental game features, students can expect a comprehensive journey throughout every step of the game development process. Students will gain hands-on experience constructing linear and branching levels, adding interactivity and gameplay elements such as pickups, traps, enemies and gadgets. Along with exploring core concepts such as UI/HUDs (heads-up displays) and camera systems, participants are given step-by-step guidance on how to incorporate AI components into their projects. The completed projects will be accessible for play on various platforms like PC, Xbox One X, MacOS, iOS, and Android. This course also provides optional modules that expand on specific topics like particle effects in order to customize each game asset in more intricate detail. By taking this course aspiring developers/hobbyists can gain the knowledge they need to succeed in making their own 2D games from start to finish.

About Cobra Code

The incredible Stephen, also known as Coba Code, has always been passionate about games and computers. His journey into game development started in 2018 when he made the decision to fully commit to learning and working with the Unreal Engine. Since then, Stephen has had the privilege of working on various professional projects as a game programmer and also taking on the role of an instructor at a Game Dev college in Japan. This experience has given him great insight to help other developers reach success with Unreal Engine.

Moreover, Stephen's dedication to his craft shines through in his 2021 YouTube Channel 'Cobra Code' where he teaches people all about 2D and 2D/3D hybrid games built with Unreal Engine. He loves seeing how far his students have come since they began their own journeys and commends them for their successes. It's inspiring to see just how much Stephen cares for his learners and how deeply he believes in helping others master Unreal Engine.

Inside The Ultimate Unreal Engine 2D Game Development Course

When setting out to make a game with Unreal Engine 5, The Ultimate Unreal Engine 2D Game Development Course is an ideal place to start. This comprehensive and effectively taught course covers the basics of using Paper2D and PaperZD to create stunning 2D and 2D/3D hybrid games. The course begins by teaching students the fundamentals such as importing sprites, scene setup, adjusting project settings and enhanced input action systems; all components essential to creating a successful game.

The subsequent projects featured relating to platformers are where students learn further essentials on developing a game using PaperZD, such as setting up animation source files and making use of animation graphs. Further features are presented such as enemies that have the ability to detect walls and interact with the player character when interacted with. Utilizing metroidvania mechanics means dragging in other aspects of development like hitboxes, stuns and damage systems required for most games. Finally unlocking the sword throw ability allows players another way of reaching higher areas as required. Overall this in-depth course will certainly provide aspiring game creators with all they need to know about utilizing Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities successfully.

For beginners in Unreal Engine, the Unreal Engine 5 Crash Course is available in one of the early chapters.

We will begin by creating a simple minigame that demonstrates how to import and utilize sprites in your scene. In addition, you will also gain knowledge about project settings that require adjustment and the enhanced input action system that will be utilized in all subsequent chapters of this course.

The second game will provide instruction on utilizing sprite sheets and creating flipbooks.

Additionally, we will explore the process of transitioning between the idle and run flipbook animations while playing the corresponding footstep sounds on the appropriate animation frames.

To make the background adjustable, we can use a background sprite in a blueprint and attach collisions to them. Then, in the construction script, we can change them dynamically depending on the desired length of the stage.

The Third game is a platformer game and will be the first project to use the free PaperZD plugin, which improves the workflow of making 2D games with Unreal Engine.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up an animation source and animation blueprint file with PaperZD and use them to create animation graphs and animation notifies.

Enemies will be programmed to detect walls and ledges so they can adjust their walking direction. They will also have interactions with the player when stepped on or when they come into contact with the player character.

You will also learn how to create a one-way platform that allows for jumping from the bottom, but prevents falling through from the top.

The fourth game will incorporate elements from all our previous projects and will be a unique hybrid of 2D and 3D gameplay.

The characters in our game are created using 2D pixel art, while the backgrounds are designed as 3D environments to fully utilize the features of Unreal Engine.

In this particular video-game, we will incorporate platformer mechanics, hitboxes, a stun system, a damage system, and other elements that are essential knowledge for most games.

To enhance the metroidvania mechanics, we have included an unlockable sword throw ability that enables players to stick swords into walls and utilize them as platforms to access higher areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of game will I be creating?

You will be creating a hybrid 2D/3D game featuring platformer mechanics, hitboxes, a stun system, a damage system, unlockable sword throw ability and other elements that are essential for most games.

What topics are covered in this course?

The course covers a wide range of topics related to 2D game development, including importing and utilizing sprites, creating flipbooks, programming enemies, implementing metroidvania mechanics, setting up animation graphs and notifies with PaperZD, and much more.

What tools are used in this course ?

The course makes use of Unreal Engine 4, as well as several plugins and tools, including PaperZD for creating animation graphs, and the free Flipbook plugin.


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This was a fantastic course on how to make 2d & 2d-3D hybrid games

This course met my expectations for learning 2D techniques in Unreal 5. The pace was suitable and aligned with my experience level. One potential improvement for this course could have been the inclusion of UI elements, such as health bars or similar features. Overall, great course!

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