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The Psychedelic Wisdom Intensive Online Course

The Psychedelic Wisdom Intensive Online Course

With so much hype around psychedelics, distinguishing between truth and what’s just talk can be challenging. We have gathered a group of well-known profesionals in the field, including Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Rosalind Watts, Drs. Stan and Brigitte Grof, and Join Jack Kornfield on a highly interactive learning journey that will provide you with clarity, deeper understanding, and practical tools for your daily life.

Why? Because learning how to navigate and integrate non-ordinary states of consciousness can lead to lasting transformation.

This program includes

Our 3-month course covers three essential phases of exploring non-ordinary states:

Preparation is an important step in creating a sacred space and ensuring a meaningful and safe experience.

Guidance on maintaining equilibrium and stability amidst potentially unsettling and overpowering encounters.

Integration is an important step that should not be overlooked, as it is crucial for achieving lasting change and continuous growth and transformation.

We will explore five areas together in The Psychedelic Wisdom Intensive Online Course:

  • We are hosting a conference that will feature over a dozen experts in the field of psychedelic therapy. They will provide insights into the current state of non-ordinary states, psychedelic therapy, and their potential for transformation.
  • Experts in mindfulness, therapy, psychedelics, and trauma will offer insights and methods to help you prepare for non-ordinary states with intention and care, creating a safe and sacred space.
  • Some believe that the experience itself can lead to healing, but it is actually the act of connecting to the transformative power within oneself that allows for the potential of genuine and long-lasting change.
  • Non-ordinary states can present both valuable insights and difficult challenges, and it is important to possess the necessary knowledge, practices, and intentions to effectively navigate and derive significance from these experiences.
  • Integration is an important factor in creating lasting change. Our teachers will provide you with practical tools that can be applied to your everyday life.

What you’ll learn

If this course aligns with your personal healing journey, we invite you to join and learn:

  • This sentence provides proven, integrative processes and practices to establish a connection with your inner healer.
  • This guide provides instructions on how to prepare for, navigate through, and integrate after experiencing a non-ordinary state.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to engage in deep dives with renowned teachers to facilitate personal growth and transformation.
  • Instructions on how to establish a secure and respected environment for optimal enjoyment of your experience.

    Who this course is for?

    If you have an interest in psychedelics, or if you have experience and want to expand your knowledge, you may find this information helpful. Perhaps you are interested in exploring different approaches to reaching altered states, or you are looking for different paths to personal development and change.

    You are open and eager to learn, with a curious mindset, a compassionate nature, and a genuine desire to bring healing. This course focuses on the process of uncovering your natural healing abilities. This is for your personal development.

    If this is of interest to you, we invite you to join us.


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    Loris M.
    What's the program duration and time commitment?

    Could you please provide information on the duration of this program and the expected time commitment?

    The course has a duration of three months and consists of weekly live sessions with guest speakers. The sessions are recorded and made available for replay at your convenience, lasting for 60-75 minutes. There will be opening and closing sessions with two guest speakers each. Once a month, there is a chance to participate in a Live Q&A with Sean, as well as an optional community gathering. Additional in-depth content is available for those who are interested, outside of the live sessions.

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