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The People’s Inauguration: 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love

The People’s Inauguration: 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love

We are on the verge of entering a new era. On Inauguration Day, a new president will be sworn into office. However, if only one leader makes a commitment, it may not lead to significant progress.

A functioning government is important, but it alone cannot fully heal and transform our country into a place where everyone is truly free. We are currently experiencing significant challenges, including turmoil, injustice, reckoning, and loss. There is a need for a change in culture and consciousness, and for a new way of being together, a transformation of the heart.

Valarie Kaur, a civil rights activist, author, and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project, is hosting The People's Inauguration. It is a free, 10-day online program that aims to help us reflect on our losses and envision a society built on love.

Valarie believes that revolutions can occur not only in public view but also in small groups of people who come together to embrace a new way of living. Join Valarie and a diverse community of activists, thinkers, writers, and artists in this global movement to redefine love as a catalyst for justice and transformation in our society.

You are invited to The People's Inauguration: 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love. Collectively, we will address our sorrow, channel our anger, inspire our creativity, and reaffirm our dedication to working towards a fair and compassionate world.

During The People's Inauguration, you will have the opportunity to listen to stories, insights, and wisdom from visionary thinkers, activists, artists, and spiritual leaders of our time, providing guidance on how to work with love.

You can receive practical daily teachings and tools on the core tenets of revolutionary love, including love for others, our opponents, and ourselves. These tools will empower you to ignite change where you are in The People's Inauguration: 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love. Register today...

This program includes.

The digital session recordings consist of over 10 hours of practical guidance, breakthrough insights, and stirring musical performances.

Available for download are transcripts, audio and video sessions, as well as additional bonus resources.

This book provides 10 teachings and practices that can help individuals open their hearts to revolutionary love and ignite social change.

Plus 3 Bonus Gifts

"Stay Woke: A Meditation Guide for the Rest of Us" is an audiobook by Justin Michael Williams that offers a unique approach to meditation, helping individuals create a personalized practice to awaken to their true purpose in life.

"Revolution of the Soul" is an eBook by Seane Corn, a renowned yoga teacher and activist, where she candidly shares significant experiences from her life to inspire healing, personal growth, and global transformation.

Join meditation teacher Tara Brach for insights and guided practices on finding a place of healing, peace, and shelter from life's challenges in "Finding True Refuge: Meditations for Difficult Times."

What you’ll learn

Explore how understanding and supporting others in their struggles can help build a sense of unity and solidarity in our world.

Taking care of our bodies and spirits is important. We can find wisdom in the process of childbirth - remember to breathe and push, and allow joy into our lives through all the challenges we face.

Developing inner strength involves becoming aware of the emotions and energies flowing through your body in order to process stored trauma and enhance resilience.

Explore strategies for healing and understanding the pain of others to foster collaboration and find innovative solutions for resolving conflicts.

Experience daily teachings and practices that can help you access your inner wisdom and insight during challenging times of transition.

Develop a stronger sense of agency in the present moment, and acquire the necessary tools to create pockets of revolutionary love in your current location.

About Valarie Kaur, JD

Valarie Kaur, JD, is a well-known Sikh activist, filmmaker, civil rights lawyer, and leader of the Revolutionary Love Project. Her speeches have had a significant impact on millions of viewers globally. Valarie is the author of the book "See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love." Learn more at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the People’s Inauguration?

Each day of this online course will feature a mix of live streams and self-paced activities that are designed to help participants gain insight into their own lives and the lives of those around them. Participants will be encouraged to take part in interactive exercises, discussions, and meditations.

What is revolutionary love?

Revolutionary Love is a concept developed by Valarie Kaur which encourages us to practice empathy and understanding for those who are different from us. This type of love requires that we become aware of our own biases and privilege , and strive to create a world where everyone can feel safe and respected.

Who is the People’s Inauguration program suitable for?

The People's Inauguration: 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love is suitable for activists, educators, healers, and anyone else who wishes to become more connected with their highest selves. This course is perfect for individuals who are looking to activate and embody the values of revolutionary love.


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