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82% Off The Next.js 13 Bootcamp - The Complete Developer Guide | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off The Next.js 13 Bootcamp - The Complete Developer Guide | Udemy Review & Coupon

Develop an app for restaurant reservations and learn the new features of Next.js 13.

This course covers:

This course covers a variety of important topics related to the subject matter, making it an excellent option for those looking to learn or expand their knowledge in the field. The course includes 14 hours of on-demand video so students can watch and review topics as much as needed to ensure they understand and retain the information. For additional assistance, there are four downloadable resources available and students who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion. This provides tangible proof of understanding necessary for any career advancement within the topic area. With plenty of materials and resources at their fingertips, students are sure to get up to speed on the fundamentals quickly.

What will be learned

Learning Next 13 can open up a range of possibilities for building large and powerful applications. With this popular web development framework, developers are able to design robust user interfaces utilizing React components in different rendering modes to improve their application's performance. Developers can also handle authentication with server routes and middleware settings to ensure secure access. Furthermore, one will be able to identify and solve any loading, error, success or not found states that occur when designing an application.

In undertaking such a complex project such as building a production-ready application with Next 13, it is essential to plan the development process correctly and become familiar with the corresponding APIs and programming language basics associated with Next 13. Once these steps have been followed accordingly, the results will be a systematically designed software application that meets all architectural requirements needed for successful implementation and efficient operation by users. Investing your time in learning how to utilize Next 13 will undoubtedly pay off immensely in terms of maximizing productivity, optimizing scalability and boosting profitability.

About the author

Laith Harb works as a software engineer at Prodigy Education and teaches on YouTube. He assisted a large number of people in acquiring technical skills through his instructional videos. He has been in the industry for more than three years and has acquired considerable knowledge about software development. He will be your next instructor.


Understanding ReactJS is essential in writing effective code. Knowing the basics of this powerful JavaScript library will help create dynamic user interfaces and make websites more engaging for users. The fundamentals of ReactJS include learning about state, props, components, and hooks.

In order to begin writing code in ReactJS, it is important to understand what each part means and how they work together in order to create a cohesive user experience. State refers to the information stored by an object or component while props are variables passed from one component to its children components. Components are functions that can contain both HTML markup and JavaScript logic while hooks allow the application data flow within components without using class components or lifecycle methods like used before React 16.8. Grasping all of these concepts will give developers the tools necessary to start building with ReactJS.


NextJS 13 is an innovative and powerful framework for developing web applications based on React. It makes the process more efficient and organized from start to finish by utilizing a declarative routing system with file-based routing. In this course we will explore how to build a restaurant reservation application using NextJS 13 through creating static and dynamic routes, handling loading, error, not found, and success states, and rendering React components.

We will begin by exploring the structure of the file system in NextJS 13 before moving onto setting up routes. We will learn how to create both static and dynamic routes easily with files and folders. Then we'll take a look at the four different page states that need to be handled within our application; loading, error, not found, or success states. Finally we will be introduced to both client-side rendering and server-side rendering so that we can confidently render our React components in our application. With these skills mastered you’ll be able to develop applications faster than ever with NextJS 13.

This course is intended for:

This course is ideal for Next developers looking to stay up-to-date on the changes being made with version 13. Whether you’ve been using NextJS since its early days, or are new to the game, this comprehensive course will take you through all the important changes and updates related to the new version. You’ll get your hands dirty with plenty of exercises and work through specific examples so you can understand how they work in actual projects.

On top of that, this course also caters to React developers looking for a higher-level framework. Not only will it cover topics like website performance optimization, but it also takes an in-depth look at powerful API integrations with React components and more advanced routing techniques such as URL parameters and redirects.. Plus, by diving into tried-and-true best practices for styling applications built with Next.js, you’ll be able to see how your workflow can become even more efficient. All in all, whether you’re an experienced developer or just getting started with ReactJS or NextJS development, this course provides plenty of opportunities to learn.


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Customer Reviews

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The Course is really helpful to learn Next JS 13 with experimental features.

The brush-up course for Next JS, Authentication API, and Tailwind CSS is highly beneficial. The course is not at a beginner level but rather is a good opportunity to refresh your knowledge. The prerequisites for this course include React JS, Node JS, and Tailwind CSS. I have gained knowledge of a new concept called "Prisma" through this course, which is highly beneficial for backend development.

The instructor has a strong understanding of the subject matter and delivers comprehensive lessons with clear explanations and organized steps. I appreciate his style of presentation. He explained complex topics in a clear and understandable manner.

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