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The Empath's Survival Guide Online Course with Dr. Judith Orloff

The Empath's Survival Guide Online Course with Dr. Judith Orloff


Join Dr. Judith Orloff, a New York Times bestselling author, for eight empowering sessions.

Dr. expresses a strong belief in the importance of teaching these skills now due to the increasing need for your gifts in the world. Orloff invites you to join her for a course that will help you develop as an empath. Register now for this valuable opportunity.

If you have been told to toughen up, grow a thick skin, or stop being so sensitive, you are not alone. Dr Judith Orloff has created The Empath's Survival Guide Online Course, which provides life strategies for sensitive individuals.

Register now for Dr. Judith Orloff's eight-week course, Empath's Survival Guide Online Course: Life Strategies for Sensitive People, and be a part of the revolution to restore humanity.


Examining the Empath Experience.

Dr. Orloff provides an overview of the complete experience of being an empath, including both the positive aspects and the challenges. Session highlights:

Here is a guide on how to measure your empathic sensitivity.

There are various types of empaths, including physical, emotional, and intuitive.

The study of empaths and empathy in science.


The connection between empaths, emotions, and health and strategies to avoid absorbing other people's distress.

Dr Orloff explains that empaths may experience fatigue and illness when exposed to toxic individuals, loud environments, or intense emotions. Session highlights:

How can one determine if a symptom belongs to them or if it is being absorbed from others?

Ways to cultivate compassion without becoming overwhelmed by the suffering of others.

Strategies to address and manage toxic energy include engaging in breathing exercises, spending time in nature, and establishing limits and boundaries with individuals.


The correlation between empaths and addiction, specifically from alcohol to overeating, is explored in the article "Empaths and Addiction: Why Sensitive People Are Prone to Addiction." Orloff offers various alternatives to addiction that are positive and effective, including practices that can be used in the moment to deal with feelings of overwhelm. Highlights of the session include:

Exploring the reasons why empaths engage in addictive behavior and exploring alternative methods of coping with their emotions.

A self-assessment test for addiction.

What is the correlation between sensitivity and overeating in individuals?


The relationship between empaths, love, and sex and how sensitive individuals can develop healthy relationships.

Dr. Orloff provides information on protecting sensitivities, establishing boundaries, and expressing needs authentically. Session highlights:

What are the primary obstacles faced by empaths in intimate relationships?

This article discusses how empaths can find emotionally compatible partners and ways non-empaths can improve their understanding of empaths.

Twelve tips for empaths navigating relationships


Protection Techniques for Empaths: Strategies for managing interactions with individuals who drain your energy, such as narcissists and other energy vampires.

Learn strategies for managing individuals who have a negative impact on your energy and well-being, also known as "energy vampires". Session highlights:

An exploration of the seven types of energy vampires and methods for identifying them.

The dynamic between empaths and narcissists is often characterized by toxicity.

Ways to cope with emotional exhaustion after spending time with draining individuals.


Session Six explores the topic of empathic parenting and raising empathic children, examining how both parents and children can thrive in this context. Session highlights:

Are you wondering if your child is an empath? Here are seven action steps for empath parents to find balance and reduce sensory overload. A tool for self-assessment.

Here are some tips and practices for raising children who are empathetic.


Empaths and Work: Exploring Meaningful Employment and Managing Overwhelm

Dr. Orloff provides advice on finding a job that aligns with your temperament and utilizing your skills in the workplace. Session highlights:

A list of job options for empaths, ranking them based on their compatibility.

The three main factors that impact empaths in the workplace are meaningful work, the energy of individuals surrounding them, and the energy of the physical environment.

Advice for individuals with empathetic abilities working in healthcare and other professions focused on providing assistance.


Empaths and Intuition: Understanding the Abilities of Empaths

During the final session of the course, Dr. Orloff discusses the comprehensive range of intuitive gifts possessed by empaths. Session highlights:

What is intuition and how can it be accessed more deeply?

There are various forms of intuition, including telepathy, earth empathy, dreams, mediumship, and more.

Exploring the reasons behind our fear and rejection of our gifts, and discovering ways to reclaim them.

This program includes.

Dr. Orloff provides eight hours of video learning sessions where she shares insights and practices for overcoming the challenges of being a highly sensitive person and unlocking your unique empathic gifts.

The teaching sessions, guided practices, and full transcripts are available for download with lifetime access.

The Empath's Survival Guide eBook by Dr. Orloff is a breakthrough book for empaths seeking to develop coping skills in a high-stimulus world while embracing their gifts of intuition, compassion, creativity, and spiritual connection.

The Thriving as an Empath Audio Download is an unabridged audio that provides a guide for 365 days of self-care meditations, reflections, and journaling suggestions as daily remedies for stress and overwhelm. price $17)

What you’ll learn

Improve your health by learning skills to overcome sensitivity-based fatigue, anxiety, depression, and other related issues.

Positive Energy - Discover strategies to prevent overwhelm without relying on self-numbing, excessive eating, or addiction.

Learn how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries to foster intimacy and safeguard yourself from negative influences and draining individuals.

Parenting guidance is available for parents and children who are empathic, providing them with special skills to cope and thrive.

Discover how to recharge and find fulfillment in your professional life by identifying a vocation that matches your unique talents.

Explore your unique ability to perceive subtle energy, connect with nature, and attune yourself.

About Judith Orloff, MD

Judith Orloff, MD, is a psychiatrist who practices privately in Los Angeles and is also a part of the psychiatric clinical faculty at UCLA. She has expertise in treating and supporting individuals with empathic and highly sensitive abilities, combining conventional medical knowledge with the latest understanding of intuition, spirituality, and energy medicine. Dr. Orloff is an author who has achieved New York Times bestselling status with books such as The Empath's Survival Guide, Emotional Freedom, and Positive Energy.


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