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82% Off The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp | Udemy Review & Coupon

With this course, you can become a Full-Stack Web Developer with knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, React, MongoDB, Web3 and DApps.

This course includes:

The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp is an online learning program designed to help you become a web developer in no time. This comprehensive bootcamp includes 65 hours of on-demand video, 86 articles, 49 downloadable resources, and 8 coding exercises for students to practice their skills. You can easily access the content from your mobile or TV device, allowing you to learn from anywhere at any time.

What will be learned.

The course on web development offers students an opportunity to build 16 web development projects for their portfolio, allowing them to have the tools they need when applying for a job as a junior developer. Learning and utilizing the latest technologies like Javascript, React, Node and Web3 gives students the tools they need to make their website dreams a reality. Now that these skills are at hand, creating any type of website or web application can be accomplished with ease. Not only will students be capable of building startup or personal business websites but also freelance work can be done with confidence. Lastly, mastering frontend development with React is available due to this educational program so that lack of expertise in this area won't hinder the success.

With the extensive training provided by this program, there is no limit on student's capabilities. While learning from experienced professionals and having access to updated source codes, every tool and skill needed for web development is easily obtainable. With dedication and effort combined with using these components correctly, success in this career field is attainable and proficiency could even be acquired quickly leading onto more grandiose opportunities. Taking advantage of this growth in technology and having accesses to such amazing resources provides students the chance to break through any limits reached previously and move

  • Completing 16 web development projects for your portfolio puts you in a good position to apply for junior developer jobs.
  • You can learn the latest technologies, including Javascript, React, Node and Web3 development.
  • Upon completion of the course, you will possess the necessary skills to construct any desired website.
  • Create comprehensive websites and web applications for your company or business.
  • Working as a freelance web developer is an option.
  • Become proficient in frontend development with React.
  • Acquiring knowledge about Node can be advantageous for back-end development.
  • Master the best practices for professional developers.

Information about the author

Dr. Angela Yu is a developer and lead instructor at the London App Brewery, a programming bootcamp in London. She has dedicated her career to teaching and has aided hundreds of thousands of students to become developers and improve their lives. Companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google have invited her to teach their employees.

At the age of 12, she decided to learn programming, with the goal of making her own Space Invader game. Afterwards, she has created multiple websites, applications and games. Ultimately, she discovered that her primary interest was in instruction.

She devoted much of her time to exploring ways to make learning how to program engaging and facilitate the comprehension of complex concepts. She incorporates the knowledge she has acquired into her bootcamp courses. In her courses, there is an abundance of geeky humor as well as explanations and animations to ensure comprehension.

She will be available to support you throughout the journey.


Getting started with learning how to program can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, all you need is a computer with access to the internet and no programming experience is required! With my guidance, I will teach you all that is necessary for you to learn and get started developing your own software applications. You will not have to purchase any software as all the instructions provided are free of charge so there are no worries about breaking the bank when learning to code.

I will be sure to guide you every step of the way when it comes to getting your development environment set up correctly. This involves downloading necessary software components, which I will provide detailed instructions for, and also ensuring everything is installed correctly on your system before we dive into creating our first app together. As long as you are willing and eager to learn, I am here ready and prepared in giving advice on understanding programming techniques along the way while helping you become an experienced developer in no time.


Welcome to the Complete Web Development Bootcamp, the only course you need to learn to code and become a full-stack web developer. With over 150,000 ratings and a 4.8 average, this is one of the highest rated courses in the history of Udemy. This Web Development course is packed with almost 65+ hours of valuable content that helps take students from complete beginner level to mastery about modern web development techniques. All of this instruction is provided by an experienced lead instructor at App Brewery London's leading in-person programming bootcamp.

Whatever your current level in coding or web development, this course offers something for everyone at any stage of their learning journey. Through lectures, quizzes, challenges and projects students will learn HTML and CSS as well as core JavaScrtipt fundamentals plus advanced topics such as NodeJS as well as mastering React & Redux and building powerful database driven apps using latest technologies such NoSQL MongoDB database & Firebase firestore while also exploring tools like Git & Github for version control and deployment workflow automation tools like TravisCI & Heroku cloud hosting platform. Learn everything there is to know about modern web development with The Complete Web Development Bootcamp!

Here is the rationale.

The course is conducted by the lead instructor at the App Brewery, a leading in-person programming bootcamp in London.

This course has been revised for 2023, and students will be exposed to the most up-to-date tools and technologies utilized by large organisations such as Apple, Google and Netflix.

This course provides detailed explanations through animated videos and offers the opportunity to explore several hands-on projects.

The curriculum was created over the span of four years, including student testing and feedback.

Over a million students have been educated in coding, and many have utilized the knowledge to further their career paths in development or establish their own technical startup.

Enrolling in the program will provide a savings of over $12,000 and still provide access to the same teaching materials, instructor, and curriculum as our in-person programming bootcamp.

This course is regularly refreshed with additional content, projects, and modules designed by the student body.

Our video tutorials will guide you step-by-step and provide the necessary knowledge to become a successful web developer.

The course contains over 65 hours of HD video tutorials, offering upcoming programming knowledge and experience in building real-world websites and web applications.

In this course, we will cover a range of tools and technologies, such as:

This course covers topics in Front-End Web Development, such as HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4, Javascript ES6, and DOM Manipulation.

jQuery and Bash Command Line are both software programs.

Working with Git, GitHub and Version Control.

Backend Web Development is a form of development for websites.

Node.js, NPM, Express.js and EJS are programming tools.

Technologies such as REST, APIs, databases and SQL are important.

MongoDB and Mongoose.

Authentication, Firebase and React.js are technological components.

React Hooks, Web Design

Deployment of GitHub Pages, Heroku and MongoDB Atlas can be achieved.

Web3 Development is possible on the Internet Computer.

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary concept.

Contract development using tokens.

Logic related to minting, buying and seling of NFTs.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be proficient with programming and able to craft any website you envision.

You will create a portfolio with more than 32 websites you can demonstrate to future employers.

By signing up today, you can expect:

Video Lectures with Animation.

Coding challenges and exercises provide an opportunity to practice coding skills.

Real-World Projects of Beauty.

Quizzes and practice tests are available.

Programming resources and cheatsheets are available for download.

The 12 Rules to Learn to Code eBook has been a best seller.

The web development bootcamp course materials and curriculum are valued at over $12,000.

This course is suitable for:

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn the basics of web development, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned programmer. It covers a wide range of topics and technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS and many more. With this course you can easily become proficient in web development. You'll also be able to create stunning websites and web applications that will allow you to start your own startup or simply express your creative ideas online.

Through this exciting course you will explore different aspects of coding such as basic coding principles and techniques or understanding how various frameworks work together. You'll get hands-on experience building real-world projects with practical examples which you can use for personal projects or add them to your portfolio for potential employers. Additionally, the course provides helpful information on published standards like W3C guidelines, best practices on accessibility and performance measures. If you want to make sure that all these topics are covered in depth then this is definitely a great place to start!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
After completing a web development course, I have found the experience to be highly fulfilling an...

I acquired knowledge of web technologies and improved my proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other relevant frameworks. With this knowledge, I started working on different projects, developing visually appealing websites. The course equipped me with technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and an understanding of design. I gained expertise in troubleshooting code, optimizing website performance, and ensuring a smooth user experience. Through each project, my confidence increased, and I now feel assured in pursuing a career as a web developer. The course gave me a strong foundation and sparked a passion for creating meaningful online experiences.
I look forward to furthering my journey and exploring new opportunities in the constantly changing field of web development.

This is the best course ever

Angela is an effective teacher who delivers content with a clear and impressive methodology. I am grateful to Angela for teaching me how to become a web developer. I found this course to be enjoyable.

This is a really great course.

Angela is an experienced educator who adeptly conveys intricate ideas. The revisions made to the modules have resulted in significant improvements. After partially updating the course, I reviewed the updated modules and found it to be a significant revision, almost like taking a new course. The information presented both reinforced my prior knowledge and introduced new concepts. I am looking forward to the update of other modules, as it will provide me with the opportunity to complete each module twice, in both the old and new versions.

Pu Mani
This is a Life changing course!

I am starting from a beginner level in my learning. I have found a new activity that promotes health and occupies my time. I have been interested in coding for a long time and Angela, the instructor, is very knowledgeable and makes the learning experience enjoyable with programming jokes. I plan to seek out additional courses from her in the future. This one is The Best!

The amazing program helped me to get my first job as well.

Thank you for your guidance, Angela. Would it be possible to also include React Redux?

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