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87% Off The Complete Web Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery | Udemy Review & Coupon

87% Off The Complete Web Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery | Udemy Review & Coupon

Acquire skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Node.js, Machine Learning, and other technologies to become a Web Developer by 2023.

This course covers:

This course provides a comprehensive overview of all the core concepts of the subject. It is convenient and accessible with 37.5 hours of on-demand video that can be viewed on any device, plus 1 coding exercise and 153 articles to help fully reinforce the insights learned. To further help ensure mastery of the topics, there are 47 downloadable resources that can be printed or studied from wherever you choose.

Moreover, this course gives lifetime access to its material, so even after the completion of the course, users can refer back to resources to remain up-to-date or brush up on forgotten material. This course allows for flexibility in learning, so no matter where you're at or what pace works for you, it will provide you with what you need to succeed without wasting your time.

What you'll learn

Web Development is an expanding skill that is becoming increasingly important in the 21st century. It requires a combination of creative design and logical coding to create websites and web applications that influence how people interact with companies, brands, and organizations. This course will provide learners with the necessary skills to gain employment as a Web Developer, Software Developer, Front End Developer, Javascript Developer, or Full Stack developer.

Learners will gain experience with modern technologies used behind tech companies in 2023. They will build 10+ real world Web Development projects they can include on their resumes. Projects may range from simple websites to web-based applications like online stores or personal portfolio sites showcasing content such as articles, videos, music and photographs. Learners will also learn best practices for creating clean code for bug-free software. They’ll even have the opportunity to utilize natural language processing so they can add ChatGPT into their projects seamlessly. Furthermore, users will master modern Web Development fundamentals and advanced topics such as automated tests & deployment of code tutorials. By investing in this course learners can stand out in a crowded job market by honing their skills in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/Python (the backbone of web development) plus furthering their knowledge in React/Vue.js, Node.js, and Machine Learning.

About Instructor

Andrei Neagoie

Andrei is an online instructor for highly rated programming and technical courses. He founded ZTM Academy, a rapidly growing education platform. ZTM Academy is recognized for its highly qualified instructors and high success rates among students. The graduates from his program have secured positions at prominent tech companies such as Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, JP Morgan, IBM, and UNIQLO on a global scale. The individual has experience as a senior software developer in both Silicon Valley and Toronto, and is now utilizing their knowledge to educate others on programming skills and career opportunities in the field.

As a self-taught programmer, he acknowledges the abundance of online courses, tutorials, and books that may not effectively teach the necessary skills due to excessive verbosity. Many individuals may struggle with beginning the process of learning a challenging topic, and some may not have sufficient funds to invest in a coding bootcamp. The accessibility of programming skills should be affordable and available to everyone. Education materials should focus on teaching relevant, practical skills and avoid wasting students' time. After gaining experience in various companies and starting his own business, he now focuses solely on teaching software development skills to empower others to pursue opportunities in the dynamic industry.

Andrei assures you that the course is the most comprehensive and well-explained one available. His belief is that to acquire valuable knowledge, one must begin with the basics and establish a strong foundation. Learning specific concepts and skills that build upon the foundation can only be achieved through that source. This method of structuring learning has been found to increase the rate of learning significantly.

Andrei's courses combine his expertise in educational psychology and coding to provide a comprehensive understanding of complex subjects.


The requirements for this course are quite minimal. All you need is access to a computer running Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. No prior coding experience is necessary for this course as all of the tools and software used will be free and straightforward to use. This is a unique opportunity to learn important real-life skills that will help you get hired in the world of web development.

With this course, you'll have the chance to build your own web apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These fundamentals are essential when it comes to making interactive websites as they're some of the most common programming languages used in modern web development. You'll gain hands-on experience building frontend applications while learning tips and tricks from experienced instructors who will guide you through the learning process. By the end of the course, you'll be prepared to create incredibly functional web apps that showcase your newfound skills!


The Fullstack Web Developer course is the perfect tool to help you develop the essential skills needed for web development in the year 2023. Not only will graduates be able to gain experience working as a senior developer or tech lead for some of the world’s largest tech companies, such as Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Shopify, JP Morgan and Facebook, but they will also become part of an online community of over 900,000+ developers who are eager to learn and help each other out. Through this course an industry expert will provide comprehensive lessons that provide an in depth look into web development while covering topics on both the frontend and backend sides of modern web applications. All delivered with a practical approach that can easily be applied when building your own projects.

Knowing how important keeping up with modern trends can be when it comes to web development, this Fullstack Web Developer course is equipped with all the latest technologies and languages like HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS & NodeJS. Everything necessary to take you from novice developer with zero experience to proficient programmer that has full understanding of client-side technologies and knows how to build a large scale application without cutting corners. Whether practicing after hours or taking it upon yourself to learn something new, the Fullstack Web Developer course has you covered.

In addition to the technical knowledge, this course also covers topics such as Database Architecture & UX Design which are essential for any aspiring developer that wants to be able to think outside the box and go beyond just writing code. All of these topics combined make it an extremely valuable resource to have in hand if you plan on learning web development in the year 2023.

Upon completion of this course, one may be qualified to apply for developer positions, receive a promotion, or advance their job title as a developer and increase their salary. This course will not involve the use of any shortcuts. You will start from the beginning and learn about how the internet functions. In this course, you will learn to create an image recognition app using modern technologies including a Machine Learning API, which falls under the category of Artificial Intelligence. According to feedback from the students, the projects in this course have made a positive impression on their interviewers and helped them secure job offers.

The instructor of this course has professional experience in Silicon Valley and a top tech company in Toronto. I have experience in developing and managing large scale applications with teams of developers. I have experience working with online marketing and sales technologies as a software developer. I have a passion for programming and think it would be beneficial to have a course that provides practical skills taught by experienced professionals.

It's important to consider the cost and value of a bootcamp before investing thousands of dollars. A course is available that provides clear and concise explanations for becoming a Web Developer, allowing for full comprehension rather than solely relying on visual demonstrations. This course is the result of compiling the most valuable pieces, tools, and practices accumulated over time. The instructor's engagement and focus on current topics are more important than the length of the video content. This course is designed to be efficient and focused on preparing you for employment in a timely manner.

Our online chat community is active and helps create a sense of classroom participation rather than simply watching videos alone. Opportunities for communication with peers, collaboration on group projects, and participation in open source initiatives will be provided. If you have any questions, assistance is available from multiple sources, including myself.

This course is intended for:

This course is for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and skill set in web development. It is geared towards those that have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, but want to take things further and develop fully functional websites or web apps. As a student, you will be exposed to real industry skills that are required in 2023 to get hired as a web developer. This course is informative for those who want to start a career in Web Development or become a freelancer; providing them with knowledge needed for the job market. Furthermore, this course provides one-stop learning from an experienced senior developer in the field; delivering skills necessary to stand out among other applicants.


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