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82% Off The Complete SQL Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off The Complete SQL Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero | Udemy Review & Coupon

Learn SQL to become proficient in it.

Quick Summary

Learn how to:

Learning Structured Query Language (SQL) and PostgreSQL can open up a huge range of opportunities for professionals seeking to work with data. SQL provides control and flexibility when working with databases, allowing you to quickly query and extract information. With it, you can create database tables, manipulate their content, or access other preexisting databases. Additionally, you will be able to perform data analysis in order to discover patterns or identify relationships between elements that can help guide decision-making.

Through training or courses in the use of SQL and PostgreSQL, learners will become comfortable creating statements like “SELECT” to limit the data returned and “JOIN” for the combination of different aspects of the database. Working with GROUP BY statements allows the user to search and generate reports using aggregated results such as sums or counts of interest. This enables complex queries against multiple datasets that ultimately make more complicated tasks simpler. Familiarity with this language puts employers at ease that individuals are competent in finding value from large amounts of information, replicating real-world situations found throughout many industries.

Course length:

This comprehensive and engaging course offers students an in depth exploration of a variety of topics. It provides 9 hours of on-demand video, 14 articles, 13 downloadable resources, and access on mobile and TV devices. This is perfect for any level of student looking to learn more about the different aspects that come with the course content.

By taking this course, students will be exposed to a wide range of materials they can use to supplement their learning. Not only are they able to access all materials from smartphones or TVs, but also can gain valuable knowledge and insights from the articles and videos featured in the curriculum. Upon completion of the course, each student will receive a certificate representing their successful efforts in mastering the material presented throughout every component. Participants can take pride as they are empowered with improved skills that continue throughout their journey ahead.

Best for:

This course is for anyone looking to become more proficient in the areas of SQL, PostgreSQL, and basic data analysis. By taking this course, learners will gain valuable knowledge that can help them better understand the strengths and applications of these technologies and allows them to tie data analytics into everyday tasks.

This course provides an introduction to topics such as relational databases, database queries exploring using SQL inside a PostgreSQL environment, some advanced techniques associated with writing complex queries, as well as how accessing large datasets can lead to deeper insights. Learners will also come away with a basic understanding of extracting information from various sources and an overview of key concepts related to data analysis. Each chapter is designed specifically to answer questions that are regularly encountered by those who work with data - either when they are querying existing databases or writing their own scripts.

About Jose Portilla

Jose Portilla holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University. He has extensive experience as an instructor and trainer, specializing in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Python Programming. He has publications and patents in multiple fields, including microfluidics, materials science, and data science. Throughout his career, he has acquired expertise in data analysis and aims to utilize his experience in teaching and data science to assist individuals in learning the significance of programming, data analysis, and the proficiency required to present data in concise and visually appealing formats. He currently holds the position of Head of Data Science for Pierian Training, where he offers in-person training courses on data science and python programming to employees at various top companies, including General Electric, Cigna, SalesForce, Starbucks, McKinsey, and others. Please visit the website link for more information on training offerings.

Inside The Complete SQL Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero

Learning SQL can be a great way to enhance your career prospects as it is one of the most in demand tech skills. This course seeks to demystify the complexities of SQL by teaching you how to read and write complex queries quickly and effectively. It will focus on the PostgreSQL database, though its principles are applicable across most major databases, including MySQl, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, and more.

Throughout this course you will receive challenges and tests that will help you on your journey towards becoming a SQL Pro. With an emphasis on speed-learning, our instructor is equipped with real world experiences from his past work so he can provide you with sound advice for conquering this skill set in no time. You'll walk away from this course with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of SQL. This can be leveraged for further data exploration or even developing website applications that rely upon SQL technology.

Learning SQL can greatly enhance your career prospects as it is a highly sought-after tech skill. This course offers a fast learning experience with challenges and tests to enhance your understanding.

This course will teach you all the necessary skills to become proficient in SQL. The list includes:

Learn how to start using PostgreSQL and PgAdmin, two highly popular SQL tools worldwide.

Learn the fundamentals of SQL syntax.

Data can be analyzed using aggregate functions with GROUP BY commands.

Running advanced queries involving string operations and comparison operations.

Gain knowledge in utilizing logical operators to enhance the logic flow of your SQL queries.

Gain knowledge on commonly used SQL JOIN commands.

You can learn how to create tables and databases with constraints on data entries.

Learning Python can help you enhance your SQL skills.

There are also many other things.

This course allows you to take control by setting up and restoring databases at the beginning, instead of observing someone else code. Each section includes challenge questions and tasks that are based on real-world tasks and situations.


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