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25% Off The Complete OPENAI JS APIs Course - Build 15 Projects | Udemy Review & Coupon

25% Off The Complete OPENAI JS APIs Course - Build 15 Projects | Udemy Review & Coupon

Recorded using the latest features of GPT-4. Learn about the Completion API, ChatGPT API, Embeddings, DALL-E, Whisper, and other tools.

This course covers:

This Complete OPENAI JS APIs Course provides the ultimate learning experience for those looking to become an expert in using OPENAI JS APIs. With 14 hours of on-demand video, 11 articles, and 35 downloadable resources, learners will have all the tools they need to master this powerful API. The course is designed to be accessible from both mobile and TV devices so that students can learn on the go or in the comfort of their own home. The course culminates with a Certificate of Completion, making it easy for students to showcase their newfound skills. Course topics include: Introduction to OPENAI JS APIs, Completion API, Chat GPT API, Embeddings, DALL-E, Whisper and more. This course is perfect for developers, software engineers and hobbyists looking to advance their skills in using OpenAI's powerful APIs.

What you'll learn

Explore the latest features of GPT-4, including "Function Calling," which was released by OPENAI in June 2023.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of OPENAI's APIs, including the Completion API, ChatGPT API, Embeddings, DALL-E, and Whisper.

Explore landmark models like ChatGPT to understand their architecture, encoding process, and training methods, providing you with comprehensive knowledge.

Learn how to effectively craft prompts and acquire the necessary skills to generate desired responses.

Use text embeddings to calculate similarity between text pieces, create a personalized book recommendation app, and analyze textual relationships.

Engage in 15 practical projects, each specifically crafted to demonstrate your skills and creativity with practical applications.

Project 1 aims to develop an app that utilizes the OPENAI completion API to intelligently generate complete text based on user inputs, enabling smooth content generation.

Project 2 involves the development of an application that utilizes stream technology to efficiently display API responses in chunks, ultimately improving user interactions by making them faster and more responsive.

Project 3 aims to develop a tool that enables users to upload PDF documents and receive succinct summaries based on specified word counts.

Project 4 involves designing an app that allows users to obtain real-time weather updates by asking questions in plain language and receiving user-friendly responses.

Project 5 Develop an application that allows users to participate in interactive discussions with renowned individuals such as Einstein or Bill Gates.

Project 6 is a utility that calculates the similarity between any two text inputs, offering valuable insights into the relationships between textual content.

Project 7 involves creating a recommendation engine that suggests books based on user inputs, utilizing large datasets and embedding technology.

Project 8 Develop a "Chat with any PDF" application that enables users to engage with uploaded documents through chat, extracting informative responses.

Project 9 offers the ability to use DALLE's capabilities to generate visually appealing images based on text inputs, along with the option to save your creative outputs.

Project 10 aims to create an image editing app that allows users to upload images, apply masks, and manipulate visuals using text-based commands.

Project 11 aims to expand DALLE's capabilities by developing an application that can generate a wide range of variations for uploaded images, providing users with numerous creative options.

Develop an application that enables users to upload audio files and obtain precise transcriptions, enhancing accessibility and searchability of audio content.

Project 13 aims to develop an app that can efficiently translate audio files from various languages into English, thereby enabling smooth cross-lingual communication.

Project 14 is focused on developing an application that provides a versatile speech-to-text solution, transcribing user speech in various languages.

Project 15 aims to develop an advanced app that can accurately translate spoken language into English in real-time, with the goal of facilitating seamless communication across language barriers.

About the author

Issam is the founder and director of Development Island, a company based in Bedford, United Kingdom, that specializes in providing Technology Courses online.

He holds two Master's Degrees in Engineering and Management from Cranfield University (UK) and Ecole Centrale Paris. He has worked for several renowned companies in the past, such as Amadeus, Ford, and Airbus, in various roles including web development, consulting, simulation, and teaching. He has a proven record of success in teaching mathematics and web development.


Key points:

Recorded with the latest capabilities of GPT-4, including the Revolutionary Function Calling feature of OPENAI.

This website offers unique projects not found anywhere else online.

This course covers the OPENAI API extensively.

This video content includes 14 hours of Crystal Clear HD quality.

Gain practical experience with 15 professional projects.

Welcome to the introduction to OPENAI's JavaScript API. If you're looking for a comprehensive online course, this is the one for you. The curriculum is carefully designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of OPENAI models, including completion and chat APIs, embeddings, DALLE, and whisper.

What are the reasons to choose this course?

This course is widely recognized as the standard for mastering the OPENAI JavaScript API. The course will cover the latest advancements in AI, including models, techniques, and applications that are revolutionizing the field. The course's hands-on approach allows for the understanding and application of theoretical concepts through 15 practical projects that demonstrate your newly acquired skills.

The following information will be taught.

Learn more about OPENAI and its groundbreaking models. Gain knowledge about the architecture, encoding process, and training methods employed in ChatGPT to comprehend its functioning. Learn how to utilize OPENAI APIs to request and extract valuable data for your projects.

This course will guide you through the process of building intelligent applications that utilize the capabilities of the OPENAI APIs. You can bring AI-driven functionality to life with apps like a PDF Book Summariser App that summarises any PDF Book or a Live Weather App that responds naturally to your queries in natural language.

Learn how to use the chat API to create interactive chatbots that can have engaging conversations with notable figures such as Einstein and Bill Gates. Develop expertise in prompt engineering, allowing for the orchestration of dynamic interactions and the generation of desired responses.

Explore the realm of visual and audio creations through projects powered by DALLE. The platform offers a wide range of features, including image generation, image editing through text commands, image variations creation, audio transcription, and speech translation - all seamlessly integrated.

Explore the use of embeddings to calculate similarity between text pieces and develop a book recommendation app tailored to individual preferences. Utilize the capabilities of AI to deliver comprehensive analysis and improve user experiences.

Why Enrol?

This course offers extensive coverage of OPENAI models and their applications, surpassing any other course in terms of breadth and depth. After completing the course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities offered by AI.

Stay informed about the latest advancements in technology, including the newest features of GPT-4 like Function calling, which were released by OPENAI in June 2023. You will be at the forefront of AI innovation.


The person has basic knowledge of JavaScript.

This course is intended for:

If you are a developer interested in incorporating AI into your projects, this course is designed for you. Whether you have little or extensive coding experience, you will acquire the necessary skills to smoothly incorporate OPENAI's JS APIs into your applications, thus enhancing their capabilities with state-of-the-art AI functionalities.

Are you interested in staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements? This course is intended to engage your interest. Explore the realm of AI-powered applications to enhance your skill set and create innovative solutions that push the limits of what is achievable.

Students and educators acknowledge the transformative potential of AI in education and other areas. By enrolling in this course, you will acquire the knowledge and tools needed to develop educational tools, interactive platforms, and AI-driven learning experiences that effectively engage learners.

For entrepreneurs with a vision for AI-driven products or services, this course provides the tools to transform ideas into reality. Learn how to use OPENAI's JS APIs to create intelligent applications that can revolutionize industries, improve user experiences, and propel your business in the era of AI power.


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