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81% Off iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp | Udemy Review & Coupon

81% Off iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp | Udemy Review & Coupon

Become an iOS App Developer with One Course. This module is updated and includes comprehensive coverage of SwiftUI.

This course covers:

The iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp is a comprehensive online course designed to teach students the fundamentals of coding and app development for Apple’s mobile operating system. It consists of 59.5 hours of ondemand video, 114 articles, 12 downloadable resources, 12 coding exercises, access on mobile and TV devices, and a certificate of completion for those who finish the program.

What will be learned

The 15 apps you will build in this course have been designed to give you a comprehensive portfolio of iOS development skills. Through hands-on exercises, you will learn Xcode, UIKit and SwiftUI, ARKit CoreML and CoreData. All these skills are essential for working as an iOS developer. As you progress through the course, every lesson learnt is incorporated into a real-world app project.

Once this course has been completed, you will be able to confidently dive into any type of iOS development project that comes your way and start building custom apps for your own business ideas or on behalf of other companies as a freelance developer. Not only will you gain the necessary coding skills but also important entrepreneurial techniques such as how to market yourself and manage clients effectively, turning your passion into a long-term career path. Furthermore, working remotely means that you can become a digital nomad while traveling the world at the same time!

Learn to develop Augmented Reality apps utilizing Apple's ARKit. Develop applications with Machine Learning using Apple's CoreML. Gaining knowledge of app design will facilitate the process of wireframing, mocking up and prototyping your app idea. Learn the basics of app marketing to publish your apps and increase downloads.

About the author

Dr. Angela Yu is a developer who enjoys teaching. She is the main instructor at the London App Brewery, a prominent Programming Bootcamp in London. She has aided hundreds of thousands of students through teaching coding, thereby altering their lives and assisting them in becoming developers. She has been invited by Twitter, Facebook and Google to provide teaching services to their employees.

At 12 years old, she took her first steps into programming by attempting to develop a Space Invader game. Subsequently, she has developed hundreds of websites, apps and games. Ultimately, she discovered that her greatest enthusiasm was educating.

She devoted most of her time to researching ways to facilitate the process of coding and present complex concepts in an accessible manner. She incorporates what she learned into her bootcamp courses. Her courses contain geeky humor, as well as animations and explanations to ensure understanding.

She will support you throughout the process.


This course is suitable for those wanting to learn how to program, regardless of their prior coding experience. I'll provide step-by-step instruction on everything from installing Xcode 11 (which is free to download) to using the software to create apps. To get the most out of the course, you will need a Mac computer running macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or a PC running macOS. All of the coding projects can be completed within Xcode 11, so no paid software needs to be purchased in order to participate in this course.


This comprehensive Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp is the perfect combination of tried-and-true teaching methods, expert instruction and cutting-edge technology. With over 39,000 5 star ratings and a 4.8 average, this bootcamp is the highest rated iOS course in the history of Udemy. It is designed for those new to programming or experienced developers who are looking to create functional and aesthetically pleasing apps.

The 55+ hour course, written using Swift 5.1 and based on in-person teachings, provides an immersive experience in app development for both iPhones and iPads. You will learn how to code, build user interfaces and implement features such as Firebase data storage and authentication systems. As well as developing practical skills to become a proficient programmer, you’ll also gain transferable skills such as creativity and problem solving which will be invaluable when creating any kind of digital product. So whether you’re a complete novice or have some coding experience already, this Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp will equip you with proven skills required for modern app development projects.

Angela Yu will provide comprehensive instruction that covers every aspect of iOS app development through her video tutorials.

This course includes 55+ hours of HD video tutorials, enabling learners to build their programming knowledge while creating real-world applications. Pokemon Go, Whatsapp, QuizUp and Yahoo Weather are popular applications.

The curriculum has been updated for iOS 13 and Xcode 11. Apple's latest technology - SwiftUI iOS, iPadOS and macOS app interface design, ARKit for making Augmented Reality apps, and CoreML & CreateML for Machine Learning applications - are available in comprehensive modules. You'll be creating 3D augmented reality applications similar to the styles of Pokemon Go and Harry Potter's magical newspapers.

Upon completion of this course, you will be proficient in Swift 5.1 programming and have the knowledge necessary to create your own apps or pursue a freelancing job as an iOS 13 developer.

You will possess a portfolio of more than 25 applications to demonstrate to potential employers.

Sign up today, and you can look forward to:

  • With 55 hours of HD 1080p videos, this content provides everything you need to become an iOS developer.
  • Over 25 applications have been built, some of which incorporate machine learning and augmented reality.
  • You need the necessary knowledge to begin constructing any app of your choice.
  • A large collection of design assets.
  • Our 12 Rules to Learn to Code eBook is highly popular.
  • The course materials and curriculum for the app development bootcamp course cost more than $8000.

One course can help you develop an iOS 13 application from a beginner level.

You are valued and we understand the importance of your time. If you want to observe programming for a long period of time without an accompanying explanation, then YouTube is a good option.

This course has been thoroughly planned and edited, providing assurance of its quality. Animations are provided to illustrate complex concepts, and the videos are compatible with current versions of Swift and Xcode.

At the completion of the course, you will be well-versed in understanding:

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) comprises of the type system, variables, functions and methods, inheritance, structures, classes and protocols.
  • If/Else clauses, Switch statements and logical operations can be used to control the flow of program execution.
  • Working with collections, such as arrays and dictionaries, is a fundamental part of Data Structures.
  • This software design course covers topics such as code readability, implementation of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, the use of Apple's delegation pattern, and the publisher pattern.
  • Networking involves making asynchronous API calls, storing and retrieving data from the cloud, and using the JSON format for server communication.
  • This article explores how to store app data locally using Core Data, Realm, Codable and User Defaults.
  • Implementing In-App Purchases with Apple StoreKit.
  • This tutorial provides an overview of Machine Learning, including how to make artificial intelligence apps utilizing iOS 13's CoreML2 and CreateML frameworks.
  • Utilizing Apple's ARKit2 framework, one may design 3D objects and animations as well as generate real-life interactions with Augmented Reality (AR).
  • Apple's new SwiftUI framework enables the creation of user interfaces that display well on all Apple products, using programmatic methods.

Do not use your time inefficiently.

Avoid spending your time watching low-quality videos on YouTube. There are instructors who may be difficult to comprehend. Teacher who lack experience in face-to-face instruction. Every minute counts. This course has been highly rated by over 39,000 students, earning a 5 star rating.

Be mindful of your spending.

This course delivers the same learning materials and curriculum as our 12 week in-person programming bootcamp. Save money and take control of your own learning by investing in this course instead of the more costly and time consuming approach.

This course is intended for:

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to code with Swift 5.1 and build native apps for the iOS platform. Whether you’re a complete coding beginner or an experienced programmer, this course can help you get up to speed quickly with Swift development and take your coding knowledge to the next level.

Start by mastering the basics using our Xcode walkthrough lesson and get familiar with iOS development rapidly. If you’ve been programming in Objective-C, then this course offers a fast-track way of transitioning to Swift as there is a module dedicated solely to intermediate Swift language content. Finally, you can brush up on your development skills with our modules on Apple’s latest technologies like SwiftUI, ARKit and CoreML if you are already an accomplished mobile developer or want to become one.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
The course is good for beginners.

The modules about Swift concepts and programming are particularly interesting. However, the later modules are no longer up to date. This course may not be up to date for intermediate app developers seeking to improve their skills in ARKit or machine learning. There have been some changes in earlier modules as well. You can find solutions to those problems either on Stack Overflow or in the Q&A section.

The best course there is for IOS.

Angela is skilled at explaining things. She was instrumental in helping me understand design patterns such as MVC. She not only writes code, but she also encourages others to write code. Many people make the mistake of only printing the code and explaining as they go, which is not sufficient for truly learning.

Moh. Absar
This course is considered to be of high quality among Udemy courses on this subject.

Ms. Yu's lecturing style is highly effective and her extensive experience and strong background are evident. Everything is presented in clear English, making it suitable for non-native English speakers.

A really great course.

Having prior knowledge of Swift, algorithms, and data structures can be beneficial during this journey. It provides a comprehensive exploration of Swift's capabilities and effective app development. The article provides useful tips on promoting apps. However, I found the books on UI and UX particularly interesting. It would have been nice to see more recommendations on books about Swift and app development from the tutor.

This is the perfect course for learning iPhone app programming.

I have a desire to receive formal education in coding and learn in a classroom setting but struggle with finding the time to do so. This option is preferred over the other. This course provides excellent value for money and allows you to learn by creating a series of increasingly complex applications.

The program includes instruction in both coding and UI design. The content is organized to allow for easy skipping of familiar knowledge.

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