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79% Off Talking to animals about their behaviour | Udemy Review & Coupon

79% Off Talking to animals about their behaviour | Udemy Review & Coupon

Telepathic animal communication is used to communicate with animals regarding their behaviour.

This course covers:

This 11-hour on demand video series is designed to help people understand the behaviour of animals. It covers a wide range of topics, from how to read body language and interpret vocalizations, to understanding different species-specific behaviours and how animals interact. The course includes two articles which provide additional context and information about animal behaviour, as well as a downloadable resource which outlines strategies for effective communication with your pet.

At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion and be able to utilize their newfound knowledge in order to better communicate with animals. Individuals looking to acquire knowledge in animal behaviour and those aiming to pursue a career in animal care or conservation are suitable candidates for this course.

What will be learned

In this course, you will learn how to use telepathy to help adjust an animal’s behavior. You will gain knowledge about the tools available to improve the behaviour of an animal, as well as tips and advice for creating a stronger bond between you and them. Through this course, you will also gain an understanding of how a pet’s past can be affecting their current behaviour, allowing for greater empathy and insight into why they might display certain behaviors. The course is designed to give you detailed knowledge on how to better understand your pet, in order to make effective changes that are beneficial for both yourself and the animal.

Learning how to better understand your animal will benefit you. An animal communicator may use behaviour sessions in order to identify the root cause of an animal's behavior and develop a tailored plan to help modify it. Gaining insight into the perspectives, intentions, and purposes of animals is beneficial.

By enrolling in this course, you will gain access to instructional videos and resources covering topics such as understanding body language cues from your pet; recognizing triggers that may cause fearful or aggressive responses; strategies used by professional trainers when dealing with animals with behavioural difficulties; being proactive rather than reactive; and properly responding when handling difficult situations. You’ll have the chance to review different techniques with experienced educators along with developing communication skills that are key in successful animal training. There will be practical exercises in working with animals through role playing scenarios so that everyone gets an opportunity to practice what they have learned.

About the author

Claire Bloomfield is a practitioner with certifications in energy healing and animal communication. She utilizes various energy-focused modalities and telepathic Animal Communication to assist animals with emotional, physical, and mental healing.

She is skilled in Usui and Kundalini Reiki. She works with both people and animals but has a special affinity for the latter, being an animal lover, rescuer, and advocate.

Animals are a major interest of hers, and she devotes time to developing her understanding of animal healing and communication so she can provide them with the best care. She believes that continual learning is important, so she takes courses to enhance her skills and reads books to stay up-to-date. My best educators come from animals, and every encounter and task she works on is an opportunity to appreciate their deep love and understanding. She is fortunate.

She enjoys that her courses enable her to assist individuals and animals globally and her aspiration in the future is to provide assistance to an increased number of people with further courses and, potentially, a book.


In order to make effective use of the techniques and knowledge explored in this course, one must first develop a proficiency in communicating telepathically with animals. The ability to communicate telepathically typically involves making a connection with an animal on an intuitive mental level, forming an intimate bond that allows for a transmission of thought. This skill can be developed through practice; however, it is important to note that this process inherently requires patience and empathy with animals.

In addition to having the capacity to communicate telepathically, it is important that all parties involved are eager and willing to work together in correcting undesirable behaviours or training new commands. It can help if the person exercising the technique has some prior experience in animal behaviour management or training. Moreover, having understanding and empathy for an animal’s experiences is integral in establishing trust necessary for employing any kind of behavioural or training modification method successfully. In any situation where these methods are utilized, success relies on both clarity of intentions and mutual respect between the human and their furry companion.


This course aims to provide those with the ability of telepathy with a better understanding of how to effectively communicate with animals in order to resolve behavioural issues. Telepathic animal communication is a powerful way for humans and animals to really connect and understand each other, but is important to remember that it isn't always easy or foolproof. Students who take this course will learn the importance of examining expectations, gaining insight into animals' feelings, needs, and behaviours, as well as discussing and mediating potential solutions for when behaviour does not change.

Most importantly, this is not a body language course - rather it is focused on learning how to better use telepathy when interacting with animals. While one may need some prior expertise in telepathy in order to make the most use out of this course, there is still much that can be gained through having a communicator help bridge the gap between us and the animals we want to care for properly. Those who complete this course will have a much better grasp on telepathically connecting with their furry friends - ultimately making them both feel more happy and safe!

This course will provide guidance on how to use telepathic animal communication to address behavioural issues concerning animals, either one's own or somebody else's. Evaluating our expectations, understanding why animals behave the way they do, recognising the feelings and needs associated with their behaviour, and looking at potential resolutions and consequences when behaviour doesn't alter are all important aspects to consider. Animal communication may assist if you are encountering behavioral issues with your pet and are uncertain about the source of the problem or potential solutions. This course focuses on providing information to those who want to use animal communication to address behaviour issues in animals and their guardians. As an animal-lover, you may not have the experience of telepathy to be able to use these techniques yourself, but understanding how a communicator works with animals and what you can do afterwards will enhance your knowledge.

This course provides insight into how to use telepathic animal communication for the betterment of an animal's behaviour. Utilizing animal communication can help address common behavioral issues, such as separation anxiety, aggression, and inappropriate urination. This provides insight into the psychological and physiological effects of transitions on animals and how this impacts their behavior. This document outlines the questions to be asked when engaging with an animal exhibiting behavioural issues, how to ask them, when applicable and how to use the obtained information.

The aim of this course is to provide guidance on the typical animal behaviour issues that guardians may experience, as well as a straightforward approach to solving everyday challenges with your animal companion. Assisting others to address behavioural issues in their animals. In this course, I present methods and techniques that have proven effective in addressing behavioural issues. I have utilized animal communication with my pets to foster stronger relationships and address various issues that have arisen over the course of our relationship.

Throughout the course, I will discuss behaviors displayed by animals that are considered bad, unacceptable, or inappropriate. Behaviour is best understood from a human perspective, as many of the behaviours observed in animals may not be interpreted in the same way. However, this course takes a human-centric approach for easier understanding. In most cases, issues arise with human interpretation of behaviour, rather than the behaviour being inherently undesirable.

This course has been designed to enable you to utilize telepathic animal communication for improved life experiences with your animal family.

Behavioural issues are often complex and may need advanced skills to effectively address them. Therefore, it is advised to approach behaviour cases only when proper telepathic skill is acquired. This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn about utilizing telepathy to aid in managing behavioural issues, be it the guardian of the animal or a professional communicator. The techniques presented in this course require the user to have effective communication skills in order to obtain optimal results.

Taking this course may also aid in strengthening an existing bond between you and an animal. Utilizing the knowledge available through this course, you can assist individuals in determining their pet's behavioral issues and resolving them accordingly.

There is often a misunderstanding of animal communication being referred to as "horse whispering" or "dog whispering". A person who is a behaviourist can use their understanding of an animal's psychology to interpret its body language, such as a horse, dog or cat. This course does not cover topics related to telepathic animal communication. Interacting with animals may lead to changes that occur immediately or over time, but animals do not always respond to requests in the manner or timeframe desired by humans. This course does not guarantee a quick solution to your animal's behaviour issue.

This course is intended for:

This course is designed for animal guardians, communicators, and professionals who want to gain a better understanding of their pet’s behaviour. By learning how to better assess and interpret behaviours, participants can more effectively create behavioural plans that meet the needs of the animal. It is not a body language reading course; rather it focuses on gathering information through observation, questioning key stakeholders such as veterinarians, owners and caretakers in order to create an individualised behavioural plan.

Animal shelter and rescue workers will benefit too, as they learn to help the animals in their care in a deeper, more meaningful way by understanding what emotion may be driving their behaviours, so that appropriate interventions can be determined. Professionals such as veterinarians, vet nurses, animal behaviourists and horse trainers can also benefit from taking this course as it provides you with all the necessary skills in order to make accurate assessment along with an appropriate plan for intervention that takes into account both welfare issues and behavioural concerns.


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