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81% Off Selenium WebDriver with Java - Basics to Advanced+Frameworks | Udemy Review & Coupon

81% Off Selenium WebDriver with Java - Basics to Advanced+Frameworks | Udemy Review & Coupon

This course on Mastering Selenium Java 4 (Latest) has been rated #1 and attracted 5 million students globally, enabling collaborative learning opportunities.

This course covers:

This 54.5 hours on-demand video course covers everything you need to know about Selenium WebDriver using Java, as well as how to build robust frameworks like Data Driven, Hybrid and Page Object Model (POM). There are 58 articles as well as 142 downloadable resources included with lifetime access on mobile and TV devices for further practice and reference. Assignments and certificates of completion will also be offered upon successful completion.

What You Will Learn

In this comprehensive course on Selenium WebDriver with Java, you will cover everything from its fundamentals to advanced concepts and frameworks. By the end of this course, you will become an expert of Selenium WebDriver with strong core Java fundamentals; be able to design PAGEOBJECT, DATADRIVEN and HYBRID Automation Frameworkworks from scratch!

With 100+ examples, you will gain a deeper understanding of real-time Selenium challenges. Furthermore, you will develop full knowledge of TestNG, Maven, Ant, Jenkins, Log4j, Cucumber HTML reports Excel API grid parallel testing as well as other vital tools used within the industry.

This course boasts five dedicated trainers who are on hand to answer your queries about resume guidance, interview preparation, job assistance, Mobile Testing, Database testing, and Performance testing using Selenium. You will gain knowledge on Mobile, Database, and Performance testing with Selenium.

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to automate any website with all possible test cases online. In addition, you will gain skills in writing optimized code for automating test cases. Furthermore, you will have enough knowledge of Selenium Automation Project management from its design stage as well as interview skills to clear any interviews successfully.

This course will equip you to effectively use an application's GUI and generate beautiful reports that impress clients while deepening your knowledge of automation guidelines and code quality standards.

The course includes a practice website where you can experiment with all available WebDriver functions to automate tests. By taking this course, you will gain access to a range of Selenium WebDriver concepts with Java that will prove instrumental for building a career in software engineering within automation industries.

About Instructor

Rahul Shetty is an esteemed quality assurance instructor with 15 years of experience in software testing. With more than 600,000 QA students from 195 countries taking his classes on various automation testing tools such as Selenium, Software Testing (Jira), API Testing Cypress Postman Appium Playwright JMeter, and more he has made a name for himself in this sphere.

Rahul Shetty Academy is renowned for being one of the top Quality Assurance Ed Tech Platforms and as its Lead Instructor has helped numerous students learn and thrive in automation testing, ultimately changing their lives by becoming successful Automation Engineers.

Rahul understands the QA mindset and has designed his courses accordingly to ensure maximum benefit and career advancement for his students. He claims he has discovered the "formula" for teaching automation testing skills - making his courses one of the most comprehensive available on the market.

Rahul's courses provide students with access to cutting-edge, job-relevant learning materials as well as an experienced mentor, having helped advance and advance thousands of QA engineers' careers around the globe.


Are You Curious about Selenium but Don't Have Coding Experience? Look No Further! This comprehensive course features over 350 lectures and has earned itself the official BEST SELLER tag on Udemy with over 90,000+ 5-Star Reviews!

This course covers everything from Java basics to Selenium Webdriver and advanced techniques, interview preparation, test automation frameworks (such as TestNG, ANT, Pageobject Maven Jenkins Excel Datadriven Cucumber log4j etc), how to conduct database and performance testing with Selenium as well as performance testing using Selenium.

What sets this course apart is its emphasis on real-world applications. This course uses hosted web applications as examples for automating various components, while simultaneously discussing any challenges encountered while using WebDriver in real-time settings.

As part of its curriculum, this course includes live projects and a discussion of interview questions with solutions. You will receive lifetime support through on-demand Skype sessions, materials library access and job assistance in the US, India and Canada.

No matter what level you are as an automation engineer or novice, this course has something for you. By the end of it all, you will be able to master Selenium automation testing and successfully implement it at work or even land high-paying employment opportunities.

So if you're ready to learn Selenium from scratch, enroll in this course now!


Requirements To effectively learn Selenium WebDriver with Java from Basics to Advanced+Frameworks, no prior coding experience is necessary. Even those without prior programming experience can easily follow this course. Plus, our instructor support includes lifetime instructor access so any doubts you have can be posted in the discussion board and will be answered within 12 hours!

All installation setups, including Java knowledge, are taken care of as part of this course so you don't need to worry about setting up the environment to start learning Selenium. In fact, real-life projects with practical solutions for robust framework building will also be covered!

Downloadable copies of theoretical materials, code dumps and interview guides make reviewing concepts learned easier during a course. In addition, job assistance following completion allows your profile to reach hundreds of recruiters in your instructor's network.

Joining Selenium Training means joining a vibrant online course community with 350+ lectures and 5 million learners learning together. Not many Udemy courses can boast five dedicated trainers who can answer student queries regarding resume preparation, interview preparation and job assistance.

Udemy awarded this course with its Best Seller Tag to recognize its instructor's steadfast dedication to students. Over 40,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.6/5 bear testimony to its quality course material and teaching approach.

Overall, this course provides an ideal way to develop automation testing skills from scratch and start your career in software testing.

This course is intended for:

This course on Selenium WebDriver with Java is tailored for individuals from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, making this course ideal for manual testers looking to move into automation and non-programming aware testers seeking to expand into automation as well as freshers/graduates who wish to begin a career in IT.

No matter where your automation experience lies, this course will equip you with an in-depth knowledge of Selenium WebDriver with Java from basic concepts to more advanced frameworks and frameworks.

With practical examples and in-depth exploration of programming languages, this course aims to help you build robust test automation frameworks and acquire sought-after automation skillsets. This includes an understanding of Selenium features and controls for Selenium automation; advantages of automation frameworks; and how best to maintain them.

This course also covers cross-browser testing, mobile automation testing, data-driven testing, and using Selenium Grid to automate mobile apps. With access to hours of content at your own time and at your own pace, this course gives you everything you need to become an automation master!

Overall, this course is ideal for automation enthusiasts, engineers and testers who wish to pursue careers in software engineering and automation testing. Join this journey of exploration while mastering Selenium WebDriver with Java!


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One of the best courses on Automation Testing.

This automation course is highly adaptable and flexible for learning. All sections have the same level of interest. This course is recommended for those interested in a comprehensive introduction to Automation, starting from the basics. The course covers Java and includes 5-7 hours of dedicated lectures, and prior coding experience is not necessary. I would like to express my gratitude to Rahul Shetty for providing excellent content.

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