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82% Off Rest API Testing (Automation) from Scratch-Rest Assured Java | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off Rest API Testing (Automation) from Scratch-Rest Assured Java | Udemy Review & Coupon

Learn about Rest API Test Automation and postman tutorial with Java, covering the basics to framework development with real-time examples, which is considered the top-ranked option.

Quick Summary

Learn how to:

This course offers a comprehensive and comprehensive overview of the topic of REST API automation testing. Taking this course will help you become well-versed in creating and implementing structured API automated frameworks with the RestAssured API. With real-time examples, an in-depth understanding of using the RestAssured tools to automate tests can be gained while also learning how manual tool like POSTMAN works and practices for APIs. Not only this but exclusive to this course is dedicated instructors to help students with any queries, requests for resume preparation, or interview questions that may arise within 24 hours. Lastly, one will gain additional knowledge on generating client reports which detail their results from executing API testings.

In consonance with practical application development techniques, becoming versed in REST api automation testing will give you highly marketable technical abilities as companies are searching for knowledgeable professionals who can reliably code automated web services testing applications. Gaining knowledge throughout the duration of this courses helps you stay ahead in terms of qualification and stand out from other applicants by showing experience rather than simply having skills alone. This reason serves as a huge motivator to take up this online course and become competent at technology related practices!

Course length:

This incredible course includes 28 hours of on-demand video content, so learners can watch when convenient and study at their own pace. Additionally, 29 articles are provided to supplement the video material, while 23 additional resources—which can be downloaded in a number of formats—provide learners with alternate means of learning. This comprehensive learning resource is designed for convenience, too; learners have access to the course on both mobile devices and televisions. Once all the material has been completed, students will receive a certificate of completion that verifies their proficiency in due course. All these elements enable successful mastery of the subject matter; ultimately allowing students to gain a better understanding and learn more than they otherwise would have.

This course offers an intuitive approach to learning which makes it accessible for everyone. It focuses not only on engaging learners in exciting video content but also provides them with supplementary written materials that expand upon concepts discussed within the videos. With downloadable resources available across multiple platforms, this allows individuals to take part in learning even if they’re limited by time or location constraints and provides a modern experience that enhances student engagement for those looking to gain an understanding of the subject matter discussed throughout the course.

Best for:

This course is designed for Manual testers, Non-programming aware testers or anyone interested in learning Automation. This comprehensive course will enable them to develop strong coding skills and aptitude to build powerful test automation frameworks. Software engineers looking to hone their knowledge of mobile technologies may also benefit from this course.

Freshers, graduates or software testers wanting to learn the nuances of test automation will be able to reap the fruits of their hard work here as well. They will receive a holistic view of automated testing concepts and gain experience from an expert faculty while completing exercises that provide real hands-on practice with popular automation tools and technologies available today. Students who understand the basics elements of testing such as how testing works, SDLC/STLC processes and design patterns can take advantage of this program and become successful automation engineers.

Inside the Rest API Testing (Automation) from Scratch-Rest Assured Java

The REST Assured API has revolutionised the way automation is used to test APIs. This comprehensive course will provide learners with all the knowledge they need to start working with this powerful tool. It covers topics from basics to advanced levels, and includes unique examples on using JIRA, Twitter, Google Maps and YouTube APIs for testing purposes. What makes this course so special is that it assumes that students have no prior experience in coding or automation whatsoever and builds each topic up from the ground.

Each lesson builds systematically upon the other so that learners can easily develop a solid understanding of how to use the REST Assured API correctly and effectively. By submitting relevant test scripts during exercises, learners can gain real life feedback on their work while seeing first hand how simple changes within script structures can affect API performance, making them better prepared when working with actual code bases in industry situations. Also unique from other courses is its focus on providing detailed information around topics like configuring tests and API authentication parameters – making sure no stone is left unturned on these key subjects.


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