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82% Off React Native - The Practical Guide [2023] | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off React Native - The Practical Guide [2023] | Udemy Review & Coupon

You can use React Native and your knowledge of React to develop native iOS and Android applications, including. The topics include push notifications, hooks, and Redux.

This course covers:

React Native - The Practical Guide [2023] is an on-demand video course that provides comprehensive instruction on React Native. It consists of 28.5 hours of video lectures, 14 articles, and 66 downloadable resources. Students can access the course content on their mobile device or television and are given the option for closed captions if needed. Upon completing all the course material, students will receive a certificate of completion.

What you'll learn

React Native is a powerful tool for creating Android and iOS mobile applications. Using React Native, developers can harness the popular JavaScript library ReactJS to develop native mobile experiences for iOS and Android. With React Native, you don’t have to learn an entirely new language or be knowledgeable in Swift (for iOS) or Java/Android (for Android). Instead, you can use JavaScript/TypeScript to rapidly create stunning cross-platform apps with native looks and features, such as using Google Maps and the device camera.

When learning how to use React Native, you’ll start off mastering basic concepts and design principles used by top React Native developers before leaping into more advanced topics like integrating third-party services into your app. Furthermore, you will explore the powerful APIs of both Android and iOS devices such as Bluetooth and Geo-location which can eventually pave the way for fresh usage models. Finally, when done mastering all of those awesome features, bundle it into a beautiful package with intuitive UX so that users have a great experience while using your application!

About the author

Maximilian Schwarzmüller is an individual who holds AWS certification as a Professional Web Developer and Instructor.

Experience as (Web) Developer

He began learning programming skills and languages at the age of 12 and continued to do so without interruption. He began creating websites for friends and for fun at an early age. In addition to web development, he also explored Python and other languages that are not exclusively used for web development. As a result of his enduring passion, he made the decision to work as a freelance web developer and consultant. The level of success and enjoyment he experiences in this job is significant and strongly maintains his passion.

I began web development on the backend using PHP with Laravel, NodeJS, and Python. Over time, I also gained experience as a front-end developer, utilizing modern frameworks such as React, Angular, and VueJS in numerous projects. He enjoys both worlds nowadays.

He has experience building full-stack applications and has obtained expert knowledge in DevOps and cloud computing, as demonstrated by his many AWS certifications. The Solutions Architect Professional certification is a top-level certification.

He had the opportunity to expand his knowledge by studying Business Administration, where he earned a Master's degree, as a self-taught developer. This allowed me to work in a major strategy consultancy as well as a bank. During the learning process, it was discovered that the experience and skills greatly improved in this sector, although development is preferred over other fields.

Experience as Instructor

As a self-taught professional, he has a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in learning new languages or improving upon existing ones. This background and experience allow him to concentrate on the most important key concepts and topics. His track record of many highly rated courses and a large number of students on Udemy is strong evidence of his expertise.

Whether working as a development instructor or teaching Business Administration, he consistently received positive feedback. The most rewarding experience is witnessing individuals find new employment opportunities, create impressive web applications, secure amazing projects, or simply derive enjoyment from their hobbies through the utilization of his content.


This course is a great opportunity to learn React Native, the latest version of the widely popular JavaScript library for building mobile apps. No matter what your web development experience might be, you can take advantage of this course to create amazing native mobile applications that are compatible with both Android and iOS. Learning Java, Android, Swift, or Objective-C is no longer necessary when using React Native; you only need an understanding of React along with some basic knowledge of JavaScript in order to become successful.

We’ve all seen how engaging mobile apps can be for users so it makes perfect sense that everyone wants to build one. React Native makes it easy by allowing developers to leverage their existing web development skills to create mobile apps with fewer hassles and less time required than traditional alternatives. With this course, you can make the most of your knowledge and start producing stunning native mobile applications from scratch today!

Wouldn't it be beneficial to utilize your web development skills, along with your knowledge of React, to create mobile applications?

React Native allows you to do just that.

To create native mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS, you only need to learn React and JavaScript, without the need for Java, Android, Swift, Objective-C, or any other languages. Instagram, Airbnb, Skype, and many other global companies utilize it to develop their mobile apps.

By taking this course, you have the opportunity to become a member of this league. I will provide comprehensive instruction on creating React Native apps, publishing them on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and exploring the depths of the React Native ecosystem.

The course covers the theory behind React Native, its core concepts, building responsive designs for different devices, navigating, using maps and the camera, and other topics.

Learning through building a real app is an effective way to learn. In this course, we will create the "Favorite Places" app, which allows users to share pictures and the corresponding location. This app provides various functionalities such as map navigation, camera usage, user authentication, server connectivity, and more.

At the end of the course, we will cover all the necessary steps to get it into an app store.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of what you will receive:

The core concepts and theory are important aspects.

How to use React, JavaScript and native components

Learn how to navigate in React Native apps.

This article explores the process of styling and animating React Native apps.

A guide on incorporating third-party libraries into your React Native application.

And much more!

This course is intended for:

This course is designed for mobile developers who are looking to learn the React framework in order to create cross-platform mobile applications. React Native allows developers to write just one language (JavaScript) that can be used for both iOS and Android applications, meaning you don't have to write code from scratch twice. It is also advantageous if you’re a web developer or already familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This course will teach participants about React’s core features, such as components, props and states, and provide code examples of how these pieces fit together. Additionally, best practices for developing high-performance native apps with JavaScript will be discussed in depth.

Overall, this course will walk you through the process of building native mobile apps with React step-by-step so that all levels of experience can benefit from the knowledge it provides. Whether you're new or experienced with learning how to build mobile apps with React Native, this is a great place to get started and hone your skillset for developing superior applications quickly and efficiently.


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