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Presence: Venture into the Heart of Enlightenment with A.H. Almaas

Presence: Venture into the Heart of Enlightenment with A.H. Almaas

What are the signs of experiencing Presence?

It is possible to notice when one is becoming distracted from the present moment, such as when one is focused on the past or future, or feeling disconnected from their body. You may be familiar with strategies for becoming grounded and focused on the present.

However, according to A.H. Almaas, the concept of Presence delves into much deeper levels. . . It provides a sense of wonder and satisfaction.

Now we invite you to join this well-respected teacher as he explores this important aspect of awakening with:

Explore the essence of enlightenment.

According to the Diamond Approach taught by A.H. Almaas, Presence is considered to be the profound essence of our spiritual being. When we fully understand this truth, we not only experience "being present" but also acknowledge Presence as a tangible substance that represents our true essence.

Achieving a sustained state of Presence can be challenging without letting go of our conditioned beliefs and habits.

Almaas and his co-teachers will provide 8 weeks of instruction, insight, and practices aimed at helping you find your own unique path towards an ever-expanding experience of Presence.


This program includes.

There are eight video learning sessions available for you to experience, featuring A.H. Almaas and other teachers, such as Karen Johnson, Deborah Ussery Letofsky, and Morton Letofsky.

The course materials provide lifetime access, allowing learners to learn at their own pace and revisit any session.

The written guidance includes session summaries and highlights, exercises, further resources, and more.

A.H. Almaas and Adyashanti are co-teaching a six-hour online course called "Realization Unfolds" where they share their insights on awakening.

What you’ll learn

Explore the concept of enlightenment with Presence, a book by A.H. Almaas.

Explore your spiritual nature to its fullest potential through the teachings of Presence with A.H. Almaas.

Experience a unique and transformative journey with A.H. Almaas through Presence - an 8-part online program.

Experience a deeper connection with Presence and uncover realizations through the guidance of A.H. Almaas.

Discover new levels of joy, abundance, and satisfaction through being alive.

Explore the concept of presence and how it enhances your sense of existence.

Learn to develop a heightened sense of presence by awakening your subtle faculties.

Learn to improve your inquiry skills to allow for the development of presence.

Navigating common obstacles that obscure presence: A guide.

Direct Experience - Inquiry exercises that provide insight and new discoveries.

About Your Teachers

A.H. Almaas

A. Hameed Ali is a well-known author in contemporary spirituality, having written over 14 books, including Runaway Realization and Spacecruiser Inquiry, under the pen name. He is the founder of the Ridhwan School, an organization with members in North America, Europe, and Australia, which is dedicated to promoting the Diamond Approach. Some of his offerings with Sounds True include The Diamond Approach audio-learning program and online courses such as Endless Enlightenment and Inquiry.

Karen Johnson

They are a cofounder of the Diamond Approach and a colleague and friend of Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas). Karen is the author of The Jeweled Path: The Biography of the Diamond Approach to Inner Realization, and she coauthored the book The Power of Divine Eros: The Illuminating Force of Love in Everyday Life with Hameed.

Deborah Ussery Letofsky

Hameed had one of his first students. She holds the positions of national director of the Ridhwan Seminary Program and senior lead teacher for both the Hawai’i Diamond Approach group and Gulf Coast Diamond Approach group.

Morton Letofsky

Hameed had one of his first students. He holds several positions, including president of the Ridhwan Foundation, director of the Mid-Region Seminary Program, and senior lead teacher for both the Hawai’i Diamond Approach group and Gulf Coast Diamond Approach group.


This eight-session online course is designed to help you explore and connect with Presence in your own experience, leading to further realizations.

Session One: Exploring Presence - featuring A.H. Almaas.

In the Diamond Approach, Presence is the manifestation of our spiritual essence in our lived experiences. During this session, Hameed introduces The Belly Meditation (or The Kath Meditation), which is a technique to enhance your ability to connect with Presence.

The topics that will be covered are:

Presence can be experienced in a tangible manner, as a feeling of weight and solidity.

The self-awareness attribute of Presence.

The concept of "non-meditation" in Inquiry involves adopting an attitude of non-interference with one's own experience.

An examination of individual consciousness as a manifestation of pure consciousness.

Session Two is titled "Obstacles to Presence" and will be led by Deborah Ussery Letofsky.

This session explores the process of examining the components of a structured self as they arise in your immediate experience, in order to uncover any hidden aspects.

The topics to be covered are:

The Diamond Approach differs from spiritual paths that focus on transcendence in various ways.

The preference for specific states of being can hinder the revelation of Presence.

The Sensing, Looking, and Listening practice

Explore your immediate experience and consider who or what is involved in it.

Session Three is titled "Qualities of Presence" and will be led by Karen Johnson.

Presence is not solely a generic foundation in our lives, but rather holds a sense of magic and mystery. This session provides a thorough exploration of immediate experience.

The topics that will be covered are:

The concept of individual consciousness does not imply a state of separated consciousness. "Essential qualities" refer to how Presence can manifest as kindness, strength, willpower, and love's joy and sweetness.

The process of how individual consciousness becomes structured and the excavation process of inquiry.

The relationship between presence and self-esteem and self-worth.

Session Four is titled "The Dialectic of Presence and Inquiry with A.H. Almaas."

Hameed provides an explanation on the teaching of individual consciousness in the Diamond Approach and how it addresses the question of where experience occurs. Additionally, he explores how Presence manifests in our individual consciousness through essential qualities.

The topics that will be covered are:

Experiencing feelings of low self-worth and deficiency can serve as a pathway to discovering your true value.

The process of gradually awakening and purifying our individual consciousness is enhanced through a step-by-step approach.

Phenomena related to out-of-body and near-death experiences.

Enhance your fluidity, aliveness, and sense of potentiality.

Session Five is focused on the inquiry into individual consciousness with Morton Letofsky.

In this session, you will learn tools and pointers to inquire into the nature of individual consciousness, allowing you to recognize what exists beyond life and death while fully living in the present.

The topics that will be covered are:

Individual consciousness is considered as a subtle "organ of perception."

The "ordinary self" frequently engages in compulsive reflection and evaluates its progress.

Ways to enhance your inquiry when you encounter difficulties in probing deeper.

Exploring presence and connecting with the rhythm of life.

Session Six includes the Alive Property of Presence with Deborah Ussery Letofsky and A Taste of Boundless Presence with Morton Letofsky.

In this two-part session, Deborah discusses the distinction between the content of one's life and the fundamental aliveness of life itself. Following this, Morton provides a transmission of a taste of Presence described as an infinite ocean without shores.

The topics that will be covered are:

Promoting awareness and vitality in the different areas of the body.

How to explore the concept of viewing oneself as a limited form.

The concept of "letting go" plays a significant role in allowing oneself to be fully present.

Examining the Impact of Presence on Transformation.

The topic of Session Seven is the Unity of Existence with Karen Johnson.

This session explores the concept of the unified field of being and encourages participants to experience the interconnectedness of all things.

The topics being covered are:

Understanding our true selves requires a willingness to let go of everything.

The experience of "observing the universe from this location."

Observing "the shape of space" and understanding that physical objects are primarily composed of empty space.

An Understanding Beyond Dual and Nondual Experience

Session Eight is titled "Becoming a True Human Being" with A.H. Almaas.

Examine the concept of "thinking clearly and critically, feeling deeply and intensely, and taking action that is true and as effective as possible" in the Diamond Approach.

The topics that will be covered are:

Narcissism can hinder personal growth and it is important to acknowledge and overcome it as we progress in our journey of self-realization.

The individual soul is an organism that undergoes growth and evolution.

The persistence of distortions and neuroses can still be observed even after experiencing profound spiritual realizations.

Who this course is for?

The Presence: Venture into the Heart of Enlightenment course with A.H. Almaas is designed for individuals who are ready to take their spiritual journey to the next level and explore a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. It is perfect for those who want to gain a greater insight into their true nature, experience a more profound connection with their inner self, and cultivate an awakened sense of Presence. This course is suitable for all levels of spiritual seekers, from the novice to the experienced practitioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the core focus of A.H. Almaas’ teachings on Presence?

The core focus of A.H. Almaas’ teachings on Presence is exploring our fundamental nature, or what he calls “Essential Being”, which can be accessed through a process of self-discovery and contemplation. His teachings emphasize that true presence can only be found in the moment, without thought or expectation.

What is the concept of Presence in Enlightenment?

Presence in Enlightenment refers to a state of awareness that is deeply rooted in being ‘here’ and ‘now’, free from any distractions or thoughts. It is a state of unaltered consciousness where one experiences a sense of stillness, clarity and connection with all things. A.H. Almaas describes Presence as “a fully embodied and self-realized awareness that is forever connected to the source of all life.”

What is the difference between Presence and Awareness?

Presence and awareness are closely linked concepts, but there is a subtle difference between them. Awareness is the capacity to be conscious of what is happening in the present moment, while presence is a state of being that involves going beyond thought and allowing oneself to experience any sensation or emotion without judgement or resistance.

How can Presence be developed?

The best way to develop a sense of presence is through practice and dedication. Regularly engaging in spiritual practices such as meditation, journaling or reading spiritual texts can help to cultivate a greater sense of presence. It is also important to focus on being mindful and non-judgmental in each moment, allowing yourself to fully experience the present without labeling or attaching any meaning to it.


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