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Portrait Painting with Oil: Explore Light and Shade by Jane French (Coupon & Review)

Portrait Painting with Oil: Explore Light and Shade by Jane French (Coupon & Review)

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Jane French's online course "Portrait Painting with Oil: Explore Light and Shade" provides art enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to hone their skills and craft expressive artwork using oil paint. Featuring 3.5 hours of on-demand video content plus 17 lessons, this course provides unlimited access for learners.

Jane French is an award-winning artist specializing in oil portraiture whose work has been showcased at galleries. Now she shares her expertise with learners via this online course, teaching them how to paint oil portraits from scratch using light, color, composition and mark-making. By exploring light, color, composition and mark-making closely, learners will capture the subject's features and expressions accurately while telling a story through each portrait.

This course introduces learners to Jane French and her journey as a full-time artist. They'll gain knowledge of the materials required for success, how to mix and apply oil paint, as well as different brushes that can be used for different effects. Furthermore, learners will experiment with color mixing and tonal values by painting a monochrome object before progressing to full-color subjects.

This course project challenges learners to craft an eye-catching oil portrait by manipulating light and shade. To do this, they'll select a reference photo for their final illustration, prepare the surface for painting, premix colors for skin tones, paint the background, block in mid-tones and light values of the face, then add any finishing touches to their masterpiece.

This course is ideal for anyone interested in using oil paint to craft expressive artwork. Basic drawing and painting skills as well as some knowledge of cropping and resizing photos are necessary prerequisites. In terms of materials needed, learners will require oil paints, brushes, a canvas, plus any additional items specified by the teacher during instruction.

At the conclusion of the course, Jane provides advice for improving creative practice by creating a series and marketing oneself and one's work. With unlimited access to the course, learners have plenty of time to experiment and hone their skills until they achieve their desired outcomes.

No matter your artistic ability or experience level, this online course offers an exciting opportunity to discover new techniques, experiment with oil paint, and create vibrant artwork. By the end of it all participants will have gained a solid grasp on how to accurately capture a subject's likeness using light and shade.

The on-demand video and 17 lessons provide a comprehensive learning experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere - allowing learners to fit their study time around their schedule. Furthermore, they will have unlimited access to the course material so they can revisit lessons and techniques as many times as needed.

Under Jane French's guidance, learners will develop the confidence to express themselves creatively and develop a distinctive style. They'll discover how to use oil paint for visual expression as they tell stories through artwork.

This online course provides art enthusiasts with a rare opportunity to learn from an accomplished artist and craft expressive artwork using oil paint. With unlimited access and comprehensive learning material, learners have the freedom to hone their skills and experiment with various techniques until they achieve their desired outcomes.


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