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82% Off Modern React with Redux [2023 Update] | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off Modern React with Redux [2023 Update] | Udemy Review & Coupon

Learn the React and Redux Toolkit efficiently with its RTK Query feature, variety of hooks, and additional features.

This course covers:

This Modern React with Redux 2023 Update course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to give students peace of mind when trying out the course and determining if it suits them. With 37.5 hours of on-demand video instruction, 22 articles, 227 downloadable resources, 11 coding exercises, full lifetime access and mobile and TV access available upon completion - students will also receive a certificate of completion from this training!

What You Will Learn

React and Redux are two of the most widely-used web development frameworks today, making this course ideal for novice to expert level coders alike. By learning all the skills necessary for developing dynamic web applications with React/Redux, this course will take you from beginner to expert coding level - helping you land your ideal software engineering job faster! Through many projects, exercises, and quizzes - React/Redux users will discover how they can be leveraged to provide superior user experiences on websites and applications!

This course will introduce the fundamentals of React and Redux, including components, states, actions, stores, routes, middleware and reducers. Furthermore, you'll become proficient at using various tools such as NPM (node package manager), Webpack Babel as well as the ES6/ES2015 syntax to easily write powerful JavaScript code. Our goal is for you to fully grasp every aspect of React/Redux so that when needed, you can explain it fluently to anyone!

About Instructor

Stephen Grider is an award-winning software engineer with decades of experience developing complex JavaScript front-ends for major corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over many years he has mentored young engineers stepping into software development careers with ease and has become one of the most in-demand technology instructors within this industry.

Stephen has taken great pleasure in sharing his wealth of knowledge with other software engineers on Udemy. His courses on various programming languages and frameworks - such as React - have been taken by over 1.5 million students worldwide, solidifying him as an influential member of the programming community.

By taking one of Stephen's published courses, you are guaranteed to gain practical knowledge that applies directly to real-world software development. His courses provide students with everything from fundamental to complex topics - all essential knowledge needed for building modern front-end applications.

Investment in yourself with Stephen's published courses will give you an edge in the competitive software engineering job market, where employers offer higher salaries to engineers with practical programming experience. Plus, you will gain knowledge in design patterns, software engineering concepts and techniques, React fundamentals and advanced concepts - essential knowledge for any software developer!

Stephen's courses are packed full of engaging practical examples, videos and source code that make learning fun, engaging and interactive. His courses cover some of the most complex software development topics such as cookie-based and token-based authentication, webpack, Babel, React Router fundamentals among others.

No matter your level or experience as a software engineer, Stephen's courses provide all the skills you need to become a React developer or front-end developer. By learning from Stephen you will acquire a solid base of knowledge to enable the creation of complex front-end applications using popular front-end libraries like React. His courses aim to take beginners through fundamentals to advanced concepts of React as you gain a full grasp of its ecosystem.

Stephen Grider stands as one of the foremost technology instructors in software development. His courses on Udemy should be mandatory reading for any aspiring software engineer looking to make their mark in this competitive industry, with its demanding competitions. His practical teaching approach and vast industry knowledge makes learning much simpler and enjoyable.


Are You Searching For React and Redux Instruction? Look No Further! With this comprehensive course, learning React and Redux should not take long! This time-tested, battle-proven resource makes learning both React and Redux fast and simple!

With thousands of satisfied students and an established track record, this course is an ideal way to begin exploring React and Redux. From fundamentals such as react-redux configuration to advanced topics like reusable components and design patterns - everything you need will be covered!

No matter your goals for developing React applications or landing front-end developer roles, this course has everything you need. By studying real world examples and engaging in interactive exercises, this course will equip you to grasp React/Redux core concepts quickly, becoming an expert developer quickly.

Are you ready to advance your skills and master React and Redux? Enroll in this course today and gain all of the knowledge there is to know! With its extensive coverage, engaging lessons, and practical exercises - this course offers everything needed for true proficiency in this modern web development framework.


To get started learning modern React with Redux, there are a few basic requirements you should meet. First of all, you will require access to both Mac and Windows computers so as to build React applications on them.

At a minimum, having access to online resources and installing necessary software are both key components. You will require code editors such as Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text or Atom; plus Node.js with its latest release as well as NPM (Node Package Manager).

To work effectively with React, it is also beneficial to possess an in-depth knowledge of web development technologies, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript - and specifically its ES6 syntax which is the dominant form used in modern React development.

As mentioned above, having an understanding of fundamental programming concepts such as variables, loops, functions and classes is vital when learning React.

Overall, having an established knowledge in web development and programming is an excellent foundation to building your knowledge of React with Redux. By meeting the basic requirements, you can explore modern front-end apps, complex front-end libraries that use React as their basis, as well as popular front-end frameworks which use it.

This course is tailored towards:

Programmers looking to expand their React knowledge may find this course beneficial, whether just starting out in web development or looking to move beyond using only jQuery; regardless, this course can take your skillset one step further.

Even if you have tried researching React in the past and struggled to grasp its concepts, this course is designed to give you a firm grasp on its fundamentals and concepts behind this popular front-end library. Our experienced instructors will lead you through all this knowledge transfer to ensure a solid foundation is established for future research of React.

This course is ideal for engineers seeking to sharpen their front-end skills and gain greater insight into modern front-end applications. By joining us for this course, you will learn more about popular libraries for front-end development such as React as well as creating complex front-end apps using React.

If you are an engineer interested in front-end development, this course should be part of your toolbox. Here, you will learn about current design patterns and techniques; essential features of React; designing techniques; as well as advanced concepts to help excel in web development.

This course is specifically tailored to be practical and hands-on. Practical examples will be used throughout to provide an in-depth knowledge of the core concepts of React, its ecosystem, and how to build professional-grade web applications using React. By the end of this course, you will possess a deep understanding of React's ecosystem as well as how to build professional-grade applications with React.

Are You Looking to Expand Your React Skills, Build Reusable Components and Increase Job Market Prospects as a Software Engineer? Then this course is perfect! Get started creating complex front-end applications immediately - sign up today and enroll in our online React course!


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Customer Reviews

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This course is truly excellent.

I have attempted several YouTube tutorials, but often encounter challenges when experimenting with the code. The instructor in this course provides clear explanations, minimizing any potential for confusion. This approach offers a thorough comprehension of the code we are producing.

I learned a lot from this course.

The instructor possesses extensive knowledge about React and provides in-depth teaching. After some initial difficulty, I was able to comprehend the React system by carefully following the course instruction. I appreciate his willingness and generosity in sharing his knowledge with us.

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