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50% Off Living from a Place of Surrender by Michael A. Singer Course Review

50% Off Living from a Place of Surrender by Michael A. Singer Course Review


Are you looking to eliminate stress and anxiety and open yourself up to a more joyful and meaningful existence?

Living from a Place of Surrender is an online course with New York Times bestselling author Michael A. Singer. This powerful course provides a deep exploration into the path of spiritual awakening and the power of surrendering one’s life to something greater than themselves. Mickey Singerdives deep into understanding how to move past fear and doubt, and instead live in alignment with our true purpose. He shares his wisdom on topics such as understanding karma, the power of meditation, and how to find true joy in life.

Michael Singer 8 week course provides practical exercises and meditations to help participants deepen their understanding of spiritual principles and manifest a more meaningful life. You will learn practical techniques to help you understand, accept and express yourself authentically. You'll gain insight into how to interact with life in a way that leads to lasting peace and joy.

You can watch the trailer for Living from a Place of Surrender here:

Michael Singer will share his experiences on the journey of self-realization and provide you with a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and practical tools to help you live life from a place of surrender.

This course will help you discover a new way of relating to yourself and the world. You'll learn how to meet life with an open heart and a clear mind, allowing yourself to be guided by Spirit. Through spiritual practice, you can develop a deep inner calm that allows you to flow through life instead of fighting against it.

Michael will also provide insight into the power of surrendering to life, and how to use the power of surrender to achieve your goals.

This course will provide you with the skills to cultivate a deeper connection to your inner self. You'll learn how to make conscious choices and be more aware of the impact that your decisions have on your life.

Michael will share his insights into how to use surrender as a powerful tool for transformation, allowing you to release fear and doubt and step into your true potential. He will also provide you with the tools to create a life that is more aligned with your true nature.

In this course, you will learn to live in harmony with yourself, others and the world around you. You’ll gain insight into how to shift your relationship with life so that it supports you in expressing your true nature. Through spiritual practice, you can discover a newfound freedom and peace of mind.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a greater sense of self-awareness, clarity, peace, joy, and a more effortless approach to life.

So join us for Living from a Place of Surrender, and discover how you can live life with more peace, joy, and freedom.

This program includes.

The Living from a Place of Surrender course is an opportunity to go deeper into the teachings of The Untethered Soul and explore how to bring its liberating insights into every aspect of your life. Through interactive video learning sessions with Michael Singer, as well as bonus audio teachings, journaling exercises, and personal reflection questions, this program will provide you with the tools and guidance necessary to live a more surrendered and empowered life.

This program gives you the chance to live with more joy and clarity. Through this course, you’ll get a better understanding of the power of surrender and how it can help you let go of fear and find freedom. Michael Singer will provide expert guidance on how to accept life as it is and let go of expectations so you can create an empowered life from a place of inner peace.

The author of The Untethered Soul offers eight transformational video-learning sessions spread over a period of eight weeks, totalling more than nine hours of teaching.

A private online journal and reflective questions are useful for applying the lessons from this course to your everyday life.

There are three additional bonuses available:

  • “The Untethered Soul at Work: Ten Teachings to Transform Your Work Life”— Michael A. Singer provides ten audio sessions illustrating how to implement the key themes from his best-selling book in a business and office setting.
  • “Spiritual Activism: The Path of Accepting and Serving Reality”— There is a sense of motivation among many of us to pursue social activism. Where should we start? This 43-minute audio teaching features Michael discussing topics such as the relationship between spirituality and activism, accepting power, being perceptive, and more.
  • Give the Gift of Surrender: One-For-One Matching Program Upon purchasing the Living from a Place of Surrender online course, one free course membership will be donated to an individual who does not have access by the Sounds True Foundation.

What you’ll learn

You will find yourself living in a state of harmony and peace, allowing you to experience the joy of true surrender and connection with life.

This course will provide you with practical tools to create positive change in your life.You will learn how to use your personal power of surrender to gain clarity in difficult situations, and be more mindful and present in the moment.You will discover how to access inner wisdom and trust your intuition, enabling you to make decisions that are aligned with what is best for yourself and others.By completing this course you will be able to let go of old patterns that no longer serve your highest good and create a life of greater connection and joy.

The journey of spiritual surrender is one of embracing the unknown and diving into the depths of your being. By taking this course, you will learn how to trust in life’s unfolding, allowing yourself to be guided by an inner knowing. You will discover how to access a sense of freedom and connection with your true self that can only be found by letting go.

This course is designed to help you become aware of the subtle energies that exist within and around us, allowing you to move through life with grace and ease. You will learn how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, opening your heart to all of life’s possibilities. Finally, you will gain a deeper understanding of the power of surrender, enabling you to live from a place of peace and acceptance.

The power of surrender is the key to unlocking true freedom, joy and contentment. With this course, you will gain the tools to access an inner wellspring of creativity and healing that can be found within. By releasing your attachment to outcomes and living with a sense of faith in life’s unfolding, you will learn how to live with greater ease and peace of mind. You will be able to move through the world with an open and loving heart, allowing you to experience true joy in every moment.

Finally, by completing this course you will be able to firmly set yourself on the path of spiritual surrender in order to liberate your inner energy and live in harmony with the flow of life.

About Michael A. Singer

Michael Alan Singer has been a spiritual teacher for over 40 years and is the author of two books, "The Untethered Soul" and "The Surrender Experiment", both of which were New York Times bestsellers. He is the creator of a cutting-edge software package which revolutionized medical practice management, and he is the founding CEO of a public company with a market value of one billion USD; its accomplishments have been recorded in the Smithsonian Institution. In 1971, Michael went into seclusion whilst completing his doctorate in economics, dedicating his time to yoga and meditation instead. In 1975, he established the Temple of the Universe, a yoga and meditation centre that has been gathering people for the purpose of practising and studying ever after. Mickey Singer has made considerable contributions in the spheres of business, education, health care, and environmental protection, in addition to his work as a spiritual teacher.

Who this course is for?

The Living from a Place of Surrender course is designed to help individuals identify and let go of the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are holding them back from living an inspired life. Through a series of guided meditations and exercises, participants will gain greater awareness about their innermost thoughts and feelings. As they learn to be present in the moment, they'll come to appreciate the beauty and potential of life in a new way.

This course is designed for anyone who is ready to let go of struggle and move into a life of joy, peace and surrender. If this resonates with you, then I invite you to join me on this journey of exploration.

The course will also provide practical tools and techniques for dealing with difficult emotions and challenging situations. Participants will learn how to trust their intuition and surrender to the flow of life, allowing them to experience greater peace and contentment. Finally, through this course, individuals will gain clarity on how they can use their gifts to make an impact in the world.

Pros & Cons


If you are looking for a course that can help you live a life of surrender and inner peace, then Michael A. Singer's "Living from a Place of Surrender" course is definitely worth considering. Here are some of the pros that people have experienced:

  • Life-changing: One of the most significant pros of this course has been life-changing. For many students, this course has helped them have been able to overcome depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions, and have found new meaning and purpose in their lives. It teaches you to live life more peacefully, joyfully, and with greater awareness and enjoyment of every moment.
  • Easy to Understand: Michael Singer has a knack for translating complex philosophical concepts or ancient wisdom into modern, accessible language. He provides real-life examples that make his teachings easier to understand and apply.
  • Comprehensive: This course covers a wide range of topics, including spirituality, philosophy and personal development. It provides a comprehensive understanding of what it means to live from a place of surrender.
  • Enjoyable: Michael Singer's presentation style is animated, entertaining and sometimes even hilarious. This makes it more enjoyable to learn and absorb the information. The course prepares you for life's journey by helping you understand the deepest message and purpose of religion and how to go beyond it. Michael's entertaining, animated presentation style makes the course even more enjoyable.
  • Clear and concise: Michael Singer offers a clear and concise contemplative course based on science as well as spirituality.
  • Healing and joy: The course is not only bringing healing and joy but also leading students to full surrender and zero worries. Taking this course allows you to unblock old scars and experience healing and joy. It gives you the tools you need to achieve full surrender and zero worry, leading to a beautiful life. The course is a primer for anyone seeking inner peace and happiness.
  • Generous scholarship opportunities: The course itself is offered by Sounds True, which is known for its generosity in offering scholarship opportunities to students and individuals who may not otherwise be able to afford it.
  • Worth the investment: Many students have reported that the course is worth every penny they have spent on it and more.
  • The sense of community: Many people recommend it to friends and colleagues because it offers a clear and concise contemplative course based on science and spirituality. It helps awaken you to your true nature and shifts your perception of reality.


  • Some people might feel that his stories are too long, and some of the matter was vague.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a course to help you live a more fulfilling life, "Living from a Place of Surrender" is definitely worth considering. The course offers profound benefits and many learners have reported that the course might have saved their life, and it is truly life-changing and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to Living from a Place of Surrender by Michael A. Singer, there are many questions that come up. Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding this course.

Who is the author of Living from a Place of Surrender?

The author of Living from a Place of Surrender is Michael A. Singer a renowned spiritual teacher, and author. He is best known as the author of several New York Times bestsellers, including "The Untethered Soul" and "The Surrender Experiment".

What topics are covered in Living from a Place of Surrender?

The book covers topics such as spiritual practice, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and emotional healing. It also explores the importance of surrendering to life experiences and embracing unconditional love.

How long is the Living from a Place of Surrender course?

The course consists of more than 9 hours of video-intensive teaching. It is designed to be completed in 8 weeks if you commit to it fully.

Is Michael Singer 8 week course Worth it?

Michael Singer’s 8-week course, Living from a Place of Surrender, is definitely worth it. The course helps you overcome stress and anxiety and live a fulfilling life open you to live a life of unconditional love and contribution to the greater whole. The course focuses to challenge you to go beyond yourself in order to live from a place of surrender to the flow of life to the attainment of full of inspiration, joy, peace, and inner freedom.

What is the cost of Living from a Place of Surrender course?

The course is currently available for a discounted price of 50%. The current price is $197, which is a discount from the original price of $397. (Check out the Coupon Deals section for more information).


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Cole B.
This course is very helpful for me!

Hey! I do private jet sales and I can feel my world changing right now with spirituality. I want to get in contact with Michael Singer. Thank you 🙏🏼

Barbara D.
I love the content.

I absolutely loved it! The content is incredibly thought provoking and life changing in the best way possible.

Elisabeth G.
I loved almost everything about his course.

Michael A. Singer's teachings on Living from a Place of Surrender have been truly life changing for me. His direct and thought provoking approach to spiritual growth resonated with me on a level I had never experienced before. As someone who has been on this spiritual journey for some time, the teachings in this series brought everything together for me in an easy and accessible way.

Once I started , it was difficult to put down. I continue to refer back to the teachings even now and always find something new to learn. As a result of his teachings, I have seen my life head in a new direction and brought me joy, peace and happiness that had only been glimpsed in rare moments before. This course is invaluable and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

I completely enjoyed Michael Singer's presentation.

Living from a Place of Surrender by Michael Singer is an insightful and powerful course that I highly recommend to my friends, colleagues and anyone seeking spiritual growth. This course combines science with spirituality, creating a contemplative program that guides us to connect with our inner selves and discover the presence of “I AM” in us.

Michael Singer clearly explains the habit patterns that inform our reality and how to work with them to shift our perception. I have watched the video and listened to the audio multiple times, and I find that each lesson brings new understanding. The accompanying transcript is comprehensive and easy to review. This course must be studied and practiced in order for its full benefits to be realized.

I highly recommend this course as it has opened my eyes to a fresh way of looking at reality and has provided me with the tools to find greater self-awareness and peace.

Chimmy A.
Excellent content! Was very helpful for me.

Living from a Place of Surrender is an incredibly moving and life-changing series of videos. I have watched them several times through and each time feels like a new journey. Michael Singer does an amazing job of explaining the importance of surrendering to circumstances, rather than trying to control them, and how this can lead to greater peace and clarity in our lives.

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