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Get 50% Off Michael Singer 8 Week Course: Living from a Place of Surrender

Get 50% Off Michael Singer 8 Week Course: Living from a Place of Surrender

Registration now open for Living from a Place of Surrender, the first ever online course with New York Times Bestselling Author Michael A. Singer's —Join Us!



Discover the transformative journey of “Living from a Place of Surrender,” an empowering online course led by spiritual teacher and New York Times bestselling author, Michael A. Singer. In this course, you’ll explore how letting go of inner blockages can lead to true growth and a deeper experience of life.

This course intends to change your entire perspective on life. Each session challenges you to go beyond yourself, embracing inner freedom and transformation.

In Living from a Place of Surrender, you will journey with Michael A. Singer through eight video sessions intended to help free you from stress and anxiety and open to a life of inspiration, joy, and contribution to the greater whole.

Join Michael for his personal guidance and practical teachings on:

  • Letting go of who you think you are to discover a deeper "you"
  • Rediscovering the miraculous nature of every unfolding moment
  • Ending the struggle with a noisy mind once and for all
  • Releasing inner blockages and old emotions and keeping the heart open
  • Living in harmony with the flow of life

"Your natural state is one of ecstasy, but you miss it because you're busy focusing on what the mind has to say about everything," explains Michael A. Singer. "The goal of this course is to change your entire perspective—to challenge you to go beyond yourself in order to live from a place of surrender to the flow of life."

About Michael A. Singer

With over four decades of spiritual teaching experience, Michael A. Singer is a renowned author and thought leader. His New York Times bestsellers—The Untethered Soul, The Surrender Experiment, and Living Untethered—have inspired countless individuals on their transformative journeys.

Beyond his literary accomplishments, Michael has left an indelible mark on various fields. As the visionary behind a groundbreaking software package that revolutionized medical practice management, he demonstrated his ability to bridge spirituality and practicality. Additionally, he served as the founding CEO of a billion-dollar public company, with his achievements now enshrined in the Smithsonian Institution.

Michael’s path to enlightenment began during his doctoral studies in economics in 1971. A profound inner awakening led him to seclusion, where he immersed himself in yoga and meditation. In 1975, he founded the Temple of the Universe, a sanctuary where seekers gather to explore and practice these ancient disciplines.

Beyond his role as a spiritual guide, Michael has made significant contributions to business, education, healthcare, and environmental protection. His holistic approach to life inspires and uplifts those seeking wisdom, purpose, and connection.

Your course curriculum

Here’s what you’ll encounter in the course curriculum:

Session One: Who Am I?

  • Dive deep into self-exploration. Understand your true identity and connect with your indwelling consciousness. Lay the foundation for living from a place of surrender.
  • Singer guides you through practices and insights that challenge your perspectives on life, inviting you to go beyond yourself.

Session Two: Awakening to the Present Moment

  • Embrace the power of being fully present. Surrender to the flow of the universe.
  • Discover infinite possibilities when you let go of resistance and align with the natural rhythm of life.

Session Three: Dissolving the Illusions of the Mind

  • Explore how the mind creates alternate realities that obstruct true experience.
  • Learn to transcend limitations imposed by the mind and embrace a more expansive existence.

Session Four: Unraveling the Voice Inside the Head

  • Understand the incessant chatter in your mind. Surrender to the present moment and lean into reality.
  • Create space for profound transformation by letting go of possessions and shifting from dissatisfaction to appreciation.

Session Five: Embracing Emotional Freedom

  • Our emotions play a significant role in life. Learn how to handle them for true surrender.

Session Six: The Art of Surrender

  • Explore the beauty of surrendering to life’s flow. Understand that true strength lies in letting go.
  • Singer shares practical techniques to release resistance and embrace the present moment fully.

Session Seven: The Dance of Relationships

  • Relationships are mirrors reflecting our inner world. Learn how to surrender in relationships.
  • Discover the freedom that comes from accepting others as they are, without judgment or attachment.

Session Eight: The Path to Unconditional Happiness

  • Happiness isn’t dependent on external circumstances. It arises from within.
  • Singer guides you toward a state of unconditional happiness by surrendering to what is.
  • Connect with your spiritual essence. Surrender to the truth of your existence.
  • Explore practices that deepen your awareness and allow you to live authentically.

Remember, each session is an invitation to expand beyond your limitations and experience life from a place of surrender.

Who this course is for?

The Living from a Place of Surrender course is designed to empower individuals in identifying and releasing the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that hinder them from living an inspired life. Through a series of guided meditations and purposeful exercises, participants will cultivate heightened self-awareness regarding their innermost thoughts and emotions. By practicing presence in the moment, they will discover a renewed appreciation for life’s beauty and untapped potential.

This transformative course is suitable for anyone who is ready to relinquish struggle and embrace a life characterized by joy, peace, and surrender. If this resonates with you, I extend a warm invitation to join me on this enlightening journey of exploration.

Throughout the course, practical tools and techniques will be provided to navigate difficult emotions and challenging situations. Participants will learn to trust their intuition and surrender gracefully to life’s flow, resulting in greater peace and contentment. Ultimately, this course will also illuminate how individuals can leverage their unique gifts to create a positive impact in the world.

The Program Includes

  • Eight transformational video-learning sessions with the author of The Untethered Soul - more than nine hours of intensive teachings over eight weeks     
  • A private online journal and questions for reflection—powerful tools for integrating the teachings from the course into your daily life    

Three special bonus offerings:

  • “The Untethered Soul at Work: Ten Teachings to Transform Your Work Life”—Michael A. Singer presents ten practical audio sessions for applying the insights in his bestselling book within the context of business and the office environment. 
  • “Spiritual Activism: The Path of Accepting and Serving Reality”—Many of us at this time feel called to engage in social activism. Yet where do we begin? In this 43-minute audio teaching, Michael discusses the intersection of spirituality and activism, the power of acceptance, seeing things clearly, and more.
  • Give the Gift of Surrender: One-For-One Matching Program When you purchase the Living from a Place of Surrender online course, the Sounds True Foundation will donate one free course membership to an individual who wouldn't otherwise have access.


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