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25% Off Mastering REST APIs with FastAPI | Udemy Review & Coupon

25% Off Mastering REST APIs with FastAPI | Udemy Review & Coupon

Learn to build professional APIs using FastAPI, which includes features such as 100% test coverage, background tasks, user authentication, and more.

This course covers:

Mastering REST APIs with FastAPI is an 8.5 hour on-demand video tutorial that will teach you how to build and deploy robust, secure, and production-ready REST APIs using the powerful FastAPI web framework. This comprehensive course includes 5 in-depth articles which provide an overview of the features of the FastAPI web framework as well as 10 downloadable resources for further study and practice.

What you'll learn

FastAPI is a modern web framework built for high performance, reliability, and scalability. Through the study of this topic you will learn comprehensive techniques to create, test, and debug FastAPI applications. With Pytest, users can fully test their apps with 100% coverage which allows maximum code verification for errors and accuracy. Logging capabilities provide extra security layers to the application when logging data that can be investigated later on if there are errors in the code. Moreover, user authentication is taken further by utilizing password hashing with Bearer tokens providing greater layers of protection so that no sensitive information is ever leaked out from the application. Relationships between databases are easily modeled via an async SQL database to allow efficient data query management in a non blocking environment like FastAPI . Lastly, you will be able to send user emails upon registration without hurting performance due to FastAPI's integration of the background task library providing asynchronous email delivery when registering new users. In summary, this topic will give you all of the necessary skills to use FastAPI at an expert level.

About the author

As an instructor, Jose Salvatierra has a passion for helping students learn how to code and become experts in software development. With over seven years of experience teaching online, he founded Teclado with the mission of making this type of knowledge more accessible to everyone.

Coding is an incredibly rewarding field — you can unlock so many mysteries as you master its principles and concepts. The best part is that it's never boring — each bit of understanding helps understand more complicated topics which builds off your core knowledge and expands it further. This sense of accomplishment cannot be understated; it's hard work but the results are well worth it. With Jose, those looking to learn or improve their coding skills know they are in safe hands.


FastAPI is rapidly becoming the go-to development platform for creating high-performance APIs. With lightning-fast speeds and easy scalability, developers can quickly have their projects up and running in as little as a few days. This course dives into exactly how that can be done, following the construction of a complete social media API with user authentication, email sending, file uploads and other features.

Aided by Bearer (JWT) tokens for both registration and logins, users will have secure access to the system. We'll cover all the necessary steps – from beginning with a blank slate to adding new features at incredible speeds. By the end of this course you’ll have a complete API up and running capable of conquering any project. Dive into FastAPI and see how you can quickly build your own world-class APIs today!

This course is intended for:

This course is designed for software developers looking to expand their skill-set and gain the knowledge necessary to craft professional grade FAST APIs. With this course, learners will be able to create applications that are backed by a server and can take advantage of heavy-duty tasks being handled on the back end. By learning how to use server-side technologies, developers will be able to enrich the capabilities of mobile and web applications, without having to invest in hardware dedicated for them.

The course focuses on teaching students everything they need to know about developing professional grade FAST APIs, from setting up platforms like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm for deployment purposes, through creating secure pipelines for data communication between these services. It also covers topics such as scalability, testing with continuous integration tools etc., so learners can build more reliable API products. In addition, there will also be exercises which students can practice on, enabling them to put into practice all the concepts they learn from the course. This way they can get a better grasp of how FAST APIs actually work in production environments .


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