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82% Off Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++ | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++ | Udemy Review & Coupon

This course teaches the concepts and application of data structures in C and C++. Recursion and sorting are important topics to learn.

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Data Structures and their algorithms are essential for the efficient development of software that run on our computers. From accessing records to updating them, these data structures drive our software development processes. The purpose of learning data structures and algorithms is to analyze how different data types interact in a program, and to become proficient in utilizing the most pivotal operations such as searching, sorting, and manipulation.

By studying these topics, you can gain greater insight into how software operates internally. Through hands-on experience with learning various popular data structures such as linked lists, trees, stacks and queues, you will increase your professional skill set by using effective methods for solving real-world problems,.You’ll also learn about recursive algorithms used in traversing through these structures, while becoming proficient at understanding different sorting algorithms like Mergesort and Quicksort. You’ll even be able to confidently implement data structure operations using languages such as C++ or Java.

Ultimately, after completing the coursework you should have mastery over the fundamentals of data structure and their algorithms. You’ll understand moving beyond simply writing codes and instead delve deep into developing structured programs available effectively use data efficiently when dealing with complex problems. With proficiency on this topic under your belt , you’re sure to find yourself ahead of the competition.

Course length:

The Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++ course offers 58.5 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, and 270 downloadable resources to help you master the fundamental concepts of data structures and algorithms in both C and C++ programming languages. The course provides full lifetime access, so you can work at your own pace and refer back to the material as often as you need. Additionally, it can be accessed from mobile and TV devices, and upon completion of all coursework, you will receive a certificate of completion. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also provided to ensure customer satisfaction.

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This Data Structure Course is designed for developers and undergraduate students who want to get a thorough understanding of data structures. The course offers an in-depth look into various types of data structures, ranging from the simple array and linked list to more complex tree and graph operations - all presented through interactive lectures and hands-on activities. Students will gain mastery in basic algorithmic techniques, such as sorting, searching, comparison, traversal and manipulation. Additionally, the course includes projects that reinforce these concepts with real world examples so students can see how they work in practice. The topics covered provide a solid foundation for those wishing to pursue deeper study in the area of computer science.

Students taking this course will expand their knowledge on data structures by discovering more efficient solutions to time consuming problems such as insertion order retrieval and swapping elements in lists or using hash tables to efficiently process large datasets. Furthermore, this course focuses on understanding fundamental algorithms such as binary search trees that enable developers to sort/access data quickly even when working with millions of records; while learning how memory is manipulated within recursion functions during tree traversal exercises. It also explores how hashing techniques are used for efficient storage and retrieval of key/value pairs from large databases! Upon completing this course users will have a strong foundation to build upon for developing advanced data structures and algorithms.

About Abdul Bari

For over two decades, the instructor has been an established leader in the computer science and information technology industries. The instructor has taught thousands of students multiple courses at the University level, teaching them how to use programming languages such as C++, VC++, JAVA technologies, and Web Development. Additionally, they have held seminars pertaining to a variety of topics including distributed system, cloud computing, big data, and so much more.

Moreover, the instructor has taken part in web development projects incorporating technologies such as Java, ASP.NET and PHP to make tremendous strides forward within the industry. To top it all off their YouTube channel named “Algorithms” offers university students informative content to help with academics that is accessed around the world. All this experience speaks volumes about what kind of instructor this person is and show why the hire was a highly valuable decision.

Inside the Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++

The course covers all aspects of Data Structures, from basic concepts to advanced topics. It helps students develop their problem-solving and analytical skills through whiteboard presentations of each core topic. As a result, the students are able to understand the principles of data structure implementation with great detail and apply the same in their future projects.

Moreover, programs developed in this course are provided with source code so that students have something to refer to when they go further into coding or face any issues while developing a program. This is an added advantage for those who want to learn more about data structures without struggling as each lesson provides practical line-by-line coding.

The instructor is an experienced university teacher who understands the specific needs of his/her students very well. With vast experience in teaching data structures, he is able to present complex topics in a comprehensive manner which makes it easier for his students to comprehend them quickly.


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Customer Reviews

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Abdul Bari is considered to be one of the best teachers I have ever studied with.

The concepts explained by him are very clear, and the examples he provides when explaining new concepts are very memorable and appreciated. Thank you, Abdul Bari.

The instructor is amazing.

He effectively communicates the principles of data structures and algorithms. He effectively teaches the algorithms and concepts, ensuring they are retained in memory. I highly recommend taking this course.

Best course so far for learning Data Structures and I must say that the doubt clearance support i...

Initially, the teacher was responsible for addressing questions, but eventually, the teaching assistants took on this role. Abdullah and Harshal provided significant assistance during the course, including debugging my code when necessary. I experienced some dissatisfaction with the graph section. Although it appeared to have been rushed, the course is considered one of the best in the world for beginners learning Data Structures.

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