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50% Off Masterclass in Figure Drawing Techniques and Human Anatomy | Udemy Review & Coupon

50% Off Masterclass in Figure Drawing Techniques and Human Anatomy | Udemy Review & Coupon

Exploring Human Anatomy Through Artistic Techniques: A Visual Guide for All Skill Levels.

This course covers:

This course is perfect for anyone looking to develop their figure drawing and human anatomy skills. It provides 7 hours of ondemand video, 81 downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion upon successful completion.

What will be learned

Learning the principles of drawing human anatomy can provide an artist with the basic foundation for creating striking representations of the human body. By understanding the basics of constructing the figure in a cohesive and natural manner, artists have a greater understanding of how to achieve their desired results. Through observing and simplifying complex forms, artists can confidently create drawings that convey emotion and personality.

Techniques like using different shapes, pencils, Conte, charcoal, and watercolor all contribute to creating detailed drawings that accurately depict the subject. Artists must practice these techniques to gain a better sense of how to simplify forms while maintaining muscle form and texture within a drawing. Moreover, they must be able to observe an image in detail before beginning drawing, taking note of shapes, tones, lines and movement. With enough practice and study, an artist can understand how to capture accurate proportions of the human body and make masterful drawings that portray life -like figures.

  • Learning how to study and replicate sketches of Masters' work.
  • This course provides an comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of figure-based art.
  • Enhance your depictions of the human anatomy by learning how to utilize different tools and materials such as pencils, conte, charcoal, and watercolor.
  • Studying the works of master artists through observation, analysis and drawing.
  • This approach begins by introducing basic principles such as the proportions of the human body and how to depict the skeleton in various positions.
  • This course teaches you how to analyze and simplify components of the human body using simple strategies.
  • Improve your figurative drawing skills by practicing different sketching, shading and rendering techniques.
  • Study male and female anatomy and proportions, and discover efficient methods for drawing them along with complimentary resources that can be downloaded.
  • Free supplementary materials such as downloadable resources, grids, and assignments are included to assist in skill development.
  • An engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

About instructor

Ava Moradi is an artist who specializes in educational instruction. At 6 years old, she began to develop her creativity by exploring various art mediums such as charcoal and pencil drawing, oil on canvas, watercolour and glass. She considers herself an artist and an art teacher. She has showcased her work in London, St Moritz, Paris, Seoul, and Beijing. The latest exhibition I presented was for Lightopia light festival, which earned the city life award for exhibition.

After earning her Master's degree in Art Business from Sotheby's Institute of Art, she pursued further studies at the University of the Arts of London, Central Saint Martins. Upon completion of her studies, she transitioned to a full-time position as an art teacher.

Teaching gave her insights both on a personal and professional level. She discovered an aptitude for producing art and instructive art. Following her courses launch, she achieved an impressive student base of over 10,000 and received 4.7+ reviews indicating the impact they have had on people. She invested significant amounts of time and effort to develop this comprehensive drawing course designed to be accessible for all.

This course is suitable for those who wish to develop their art portfolio or acquire a new artistic medium, regardless of artistic experience.

Working with her will lead to an effective and enjoyable learning experience. She has included all the information regarding drawing in these courses, so that you can acquire the necessary skills and techniques, while also enjoying the experience.


Learning art is an incredibly fulfilling experience, and anyone can benefit from it regardless of any prior knowledge or skill level. When first starting out, there are certain basic requirements that you need so that your works come alive. For example, paper and pencils are important for sketching out ideas before committing the final details to canvas. An eraser is also essential for correcting any mistakes that may occur along the way. Additionally, a colored conte pencil can be used to help bring depth and texture to your piece while watercolors can be used to add some vibrant color.

Having these tools on hand will allow you to make the most of your artistic journey. Experimentation and practice will be key as will working with different technique once you become more comfortable with yourself and your craft. As long as you have access to basic supplies such as paper, pencils, an eraser, a conte pencil, and a set of watercolors then you are well on your way! With a bit of time and dedication, creating something uniquely yours is just around the corner!


This masterclass in figure drawing techniques and human anatomy offers a solid foundation for those seeking to develop their skills in sketching and drawing the human form. Regardless of whether you’re an absolute beginner or already familiar with some fundamentals, this course provides the guidance and instruction you need to reach your goals. It covers the basics to more advanced topics such as learning how to use pencils (Pen or Fineliner), conte or charcoal, and watercolor; as well as different effects like texture and depth that help create a realistic and detailed image of the human figure.

You will also get instruction on sketching, shading, and rendering methods used when depicting a lifelike figure. Instruction on these fundamentals are complemented by basic knowledge about human anatomy-from observing it in real life to transferring it onto paper-in order to correctly capture its building blocks like arms, torso, legs, joints plus facial features. Participants can look forward to gaining an understanding of how light affects the appearance of the figure which helps create depth and highlights certain areas. Ultimately those who take this course will be armed with a wide range of skills that help them produce compelling depictions of the human form via still drawings.

During the course, participants will become familiar with a variety of tools and materials, including pencils (Pen or Fineliner), conte or charcoal, and watercolor (ink), which can be used to create more dynamic depictions of the human anatomy. This lesson will provide instruction on how to utilize different materials to produce effects like texture and depth, and how to combine them for desired outcomes. You will be taught various techniques for sketching, shading, and rendering to achieve realistic results in depicting the human figure.

During your visit, you will learn to develop observation and analytic skills in order to understand the principles of human anatomy that can be applied to your own artwork. This course emphasizes observation as it pertains to the principles of sketch and draw, providing various examples to help you apply them in your own work.

This course has been designed with step-by-step instructions to help anyone learn how to draw human figures. The course begins with fundamental topics including the proportions of the human body and how to compose the skeleton in various positions. We will demonstrate how minor adjustments to your existing models can depict different poses of the human body.

As you progress through this course, you'll learn how to accurately observe and represent parts of the human body through simplified geometric shapes as well as breaking down complex forms into more manageable proportions. We will cover the different parts of the human anatomy as a whole, teaching you step by step how to draw them.

Working on various samples of human anatomy with different materials and in different positions, such as pencil, will provide knowledge and practice of the subject, allowing you to work confidently on other samples. The course covers anatomy and proportions of both genders, along with techniques to aid in their representation. We will examine multiple works of masters, taking note of the observations, synthesizing and presenting them.

This course provides free supplemental materials, including downloadable resources, grids and assignments, to assist with each lesson. This course is designed for those who have an interest in drawing and wish to learn how to accurately draw human anatomy.

Develop your human anatomy drawing skills further by taking action today. Sign up for this course and start your journey to mastering human figure drawing. Following our instructions and equipped with the necessary tools, you will be able to create accurate, realistic and detailed drawings of human figures. 

This course is intended for:

This art course is designed to help students, university students, adults, and parents gain a greater appreciation of the visual arts. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and techniques of art making in an accessible and engaging way. The course aims to provide a hands-on approach to learning the fundamentals of art such as color theory, perspective, line drawing, shading, light and shadow, composition and more. By engaging in various projects that focus on both traditional methods and contemporary approaches to art creation you will develop creative problem-solving skills along with developing better analytical thinking when looking at works of existing artists.

In addition this course is ideal for hobbyists who want to pursue an artistic career or just appreciate beautiful art. With different topics covering painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing and more this is also suitable for those working in commercial design fields as well as fine artists looking for new inspiration. Learning these different mediums can benefit teachers creating their own work or lesson plans too! Art lovers can come away with a better understanding of how practicing different forms can contribute to create an artistically successful project when calling upon the principles learned throughout this program.


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