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83% Off Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms | Udemy Review & Coupon

83% Off Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms | Udemy Review & Coupon

This is a coding interview bootcamp that covers advanced topics. This guide provides the necessary tools to increase job offers and successfully negotiate a raise.

This course covers:

This course offers an extensive range of different learning material and resources to help anyone become an expert in the subject. It has 19.5 hours of on-demand video that can be accessed anytime, as well as a coding exercise to accompany the theoretical lessons. The course also includes 53 articles for further research and 4 downloadable resources to supplement the learning experience.

Additionally, any student enrolled in this course can access the materials from anywhere on both mobile platforms and TVs with full lifetime access until completion. This makes for a complete package for anyone looking to improve their knowledge related to the topic, as it allows them to gain access at anytime and anywhere they desire at their own pace.

What you'll learn

Preparing for a coding interview can be intimidating. Not only is the process often long and arduous, but also the lack of assurance that you’ll ace it weighs heavily on your shoulders. That’s why it’s important to prepare adequately to ensure that you make the best impression possible in your coding interview. By learning what you’ll gain from this course, you can begin honing your skills and perfecting them ahead of time.

Take this course and get ready to ace that coding interview! You will learn how to implement different data structures and algorithms, get more interviews, handle job offers, negotiate salary increases, become more confident throughout the process, and much more. Each lesson will equip you with necessary skills to confidently tackle any coding problem thrown at you during an upcoming coding interview. When it comes time to face a interviewer, you'll have all the right strategies in hand for success. Sign up now and take your tech career to greater heights!

About the author

Andrei Neagoie is the instructor of several highly rated online programming and technical courses. He founded ZTM Academy, an education platform experiencing rapid growth worldwide. ZTM Academy is renowned for its exceptional instructors and high student success rates. The graduates of his program have secured employment with various prominent tech companies globally, including Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, JP Morgan, IBM, and UNIQLO. After spending several years as a senior software developer in both Silicon Valley and Toronto, he has decided to share his knowledge by teaching programming skills and highlighting the various career opportunities available in the field.

As a self taught programmer, he acknowledges the vast array of online resources available for learning, but notes that some may be verbose and insufficient in teaching necessary skills. Learning a complex subject can be overwhelming and many may not have the financial means to attend an expensive coding bootcamp. Access to programming skills should be affordable and equitable for everyone. Education materials should prioritize the teaching of current, practical skills and avoid wasting valuable student time. After gaining experience working for various companies, including Fortune 500 and tech startups, and even founding his own business, he has decided to focus entirely on teaching valuable software development skills to help others take control of their careers and work in a dynamic industry with limitless opportunities.

Andrei states that the course is the most comprehensive and well-explained compared to others. He holds the belief that acquiring meaningful knowledge requires laying a strong foundation and cultivating the roots of a tree. Learning concepts and specific skills that connect to the foundation can only be achieved from that place. Learning follows an exponential growth curve when structured in this manner.

Andrei's courses combine his expertise in educational psychology and coding to help you grasp complex subjects you may have thought were out of reach.


When it comes to requirements for a computer science course, the main concern is that students are able to understand the subject matter while also having the opportunity to apply it in a practical way. To this end, there is no need for students to have prior knowledge of data structures or algorithms as these topics will be fully discussed during the course. Instead, what is important is that they have a basic understanding of one programming language, as this will allow them to write code and run programs with confidence. Furthermore, having an appreciation for the subject matter can be helpful, but it’s not absolutely necessary as long as the student has the willingness to learn.

Though knowledge of fundamental computer science principles may prove beneficial, it’s not required prior experience in order for someone to enroll in such a class. Students who are interested can learn and gain these skills before or during the class so they can confidently tackle whatever issues arise with their project work or assignments. As long as participants are passionate about learning more about computers and coding, then any information taught during the course should come easily and quickly through dedication and hard work.


Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to jump-start your career in tech? Then this online developer boot camp may be the one for you. Developed by an industry expert with experience in both Silicon Valley and Toronto, this course equips its graduates with the essential skills needed to land a job at top technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Meta and more. This interactive learning program is tailored to meet the rapidly changing demands of today's high tech industry and helps developers gain the competitive edge they need to stand out among their peers.

This course covers everything from understanding complex coding questions to successfully navigating interviews. With over 900,000 students enrolled and up-to-date training materials updated regularly for each new hiring season, this unique program provides individualized attention from experienced instructors so that students can master coding quickly and with confidence while developing tangible job readiness skills. Join now and gain hands-on experience developing custom projects that will help increase your marketability and get you hired by the best employers.

This course also focuses on teaching data structures and algorithms, two of the most important concepts for a programmer to understand. Through real-world examples, this program will help you develop an in-depth understanding of the underlying principles that guide these structures and algorithms. From sorting and searching techniques to graph traversal methods and dynamic programming solutions, you'll be able to tackle coding challenges with efficiency and accuracy. By the end of this course, you'll be able to solve coding problems with ease and design efficient solutions for complex programming tasks.

This course is intended for:

This course is perfect for any engineer, developer, programmer, or self-taught programmer who wants to improve their interviewing skills. It will give them the tools and resources they need to be more successful in technical interviews by honing their whiteboard coding skills. It will provide a comprehensive overview of the basics of interviewing and develop confidence so that they can properly represent their own skill set effectively.


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Customer Reviews

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Very good explained material
Very good explained material

I enrolled in this course to review some of the knowledge that I had forgotten.

This course provides comprehensive coverage of the material I was seeking and even exceeds my expectations. There are opportunities for improvement in certain areas, but Andrei has been making necessary updates and there is a large community available for those interested in getting involved and contributing further.

Thank you, Andrei, for your hard work.

Its an amazing course.

I am interested in a more advanced and technical version of this course with greater depth.

This was an amazing course.

Andrei, the instructor, effectively created a conducive learning environment for both beginners and those seeking a refresher. All subjects were treated with equal care. The explanation was given in detail, regardless of its complexity. It is recommended to enroll in this course if possible. It is recommended to review and reinforce the basics periodically to maintain proficiency.

I love this course.

It meets my requirements precisely. This resource aids in quickly comprehending crucial DSA concepts. This course is a good option for those who lack confidence and time for a full DSA course. This can be very helpful.

Andrei is a good teacher.

The course instructor's approach to teaching DSA was effective for me as a Python developer, allowing me to comprehend the concepts with ease and apply them using Python language.

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