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25% Off Make Online Games Using Unity's NEW Multiplayer Framework | Udemy Review & Coupon

25% Off Make Online Games Using Unity's NEW Multiplayer Framework | Udemy Review & Coupon

A course on Unity's Netcode For GameObjects (NGO) is currently available. Networking. Intermediate C#. Gameplay & more.

Quick summary

Learn how to:

This course is designed to teach players how to create an online multiplayer game using Unity's new Netcode for GameObjects (NGO) framework and the Unity Gaming Services (UGS) Relay & Lobby system. Players will learn how to build a top-down shooter they can then modify it into any genre they like, while gaining the skills needed to make their own competitive or cooperative multiplayer game. Students will gain a detailed knowledge of core gameplay such as making tanks move, shoot, collect coins and more. Additionally, learners will become proficient in adding advanced features such as leaderboards, mini maps and bounties. Developing with UGS also allows for dedicated game server hosting upon deployment.

Players who complete this course will have had hands on experience in creating a functional online multiplayer game they can share and be proud of! They will feel confident in their ability to integrate powerful features such as lobbies and leaderboards into their creations, giving them an edge both when developing their own projects or breaking into the gaming industry.

Course length:

This course offers students a comprehensive package of digital learning experiences. It includes thirteen hours of on-demand video for convenient access at any time and from any device. Students may choose to view the videos on their phone, tablet, or TV, or even stream them from the internet. Along with this engaging content, they will also have full lifetime access to refer back to material whenever necessary.

Whether you need guidance getting started with a new topic or are looking for ways to enhance existing skillset, this course can help you reach your goals. All content is designed to fit into your busy schedule while providing an empowering experience that helps ensure maximum understanding and retention of the material presented. Engaging multimedia formats make it easy and fun to increase your knowledge without feeling overwhelmed by too much information at once. And, with full lifetime access offered by the course it’s simple to use these resources again later if needed.

Best for:

This course is designed for individuals with an interest in creating online interactive games. Whether they’re experienced game developers looking to become better at their craft or brand new budding coders set on making their own digital story-lines, this course will provide the nuts and bolts needed to get started. It covers the programming language specific skills required to bring a multiplayer game to life, as well as essential concepts such as debugging and optimization. Additionally, students will learn about tools and techniques used to create rich stories, unique characters, dynamic NPCs, engaging levels and inventive user interfaces. By providing a comprehensive overview of game development from start to finish, this course provides a perfect starting point for exploring the world of online interactive gaming.

From the basics of choosing an engine and scripting languages, developing game mechanics and designing levels; right through to publishing a live experience and updating it regularly – this beginners level course takes learners on a complete journey into the production of digital games suitable for deployment on multiple platforms. With lots of practical exercises along the way it won’t be long before even relatively novice coders can make something that can be shared with friends across the world wide web!


Unity's new Multiplayer framework is an exciting development that can open the door for a vast array of online gaming experiences. With its ability to support up to 32 players, Unity’s multiplayer network allows developers to create games with large scale cooperative and competitive experiences as well as smaller scale PvP and PvE battles. The framework also supports the latest networking protocols such as peer-to-peer and dedicated server networking, making it easy to create interactive games of any size and scope. With the help of this course, students will have the tools and knowledge they need to get started creating their own multiplayer experiences using Unity's new Multiplayer framework.

Inside the Team

GameDev tv was established to assist individuals in learning the process of developing, designing, and selling indie games. Our game development courses on Udemy are highly popular and well-rated.

We have over a million students, and our goal is to create and maintain high-quality courses that are engaging and entertaining for them.

GameDev tv provides extensive courses on Unity, Blender, Unreal, coding in C#, C++, and other related subjects. If you're interested in learning about a topic that isn't covered here, You can connect with our communities of developers on Facebook (almost 20k), in our TA-curated Community (17k views/day), and our student chat group (10k live at any given time).

About Nathan Farrer

He has been creating and modifying games for a significant amount of time. He began to develop a serious interest in coding at the age of 15 and soon discovered Unity, which he has been heavily involved with ever since. He has a passion for building systems and gameplay mechanics, and has dedicated significant time to experimenting with multiplayer networking.

The individual identifies as Dapper Dino and has been developing his YouTube channel since 2018, primarily focusing on instructing viewers on intermediate topics related to Unity, enabling them to create their desired game. He is a member of the Unity Insiders program, which grants him access to up-to-date information and valuable connections with Unity developers and content creators.

Inside the Make Online Games Using Unity's NEW Multiplayer Framework

Unity's Netcode For GameObjects framework (NGO) is making it easier than ever for developers to create their own multiplayer games. In this course, learners will get the chance to develop their own highly customised multiplayer shooter using Unity's intuitive tools, together with online matchmaking and dedicated server capabilities. This top-down shooter will use a format similar to popular .io titles such as Slither .io and Agar .io, allowing up to 20 or more players to connect and compete or cooperate in an online environment.

Learners will start by getting familiar with the Unity Editor, setting up in-game elements such as visuals, behaviours and assets. After that the course dives into networking concepts to cover topics such as messaging protocols, replication systems, physics simulation and game logic syncronisation. Final step of the course includes deploying a fully functional multiplayer game on the web ready for you or your friends to enjoy! Thanks to Unity easy 1-click deployment process anyone can now get their own customised game up and running in no time at all.

NGO also includes a powerful toolset to help with the creation of a customised game. These tools allow developers to quickly iterate on their ideas, visualise and adjust them in real-time, as well as test their designs on the fly. They can also take advantage of Unity's built-in AI components to create smarter opponents for their players. Finally, once a game is ready, Unity's cloud-based services are also available for storing and processing data, such as leaderboards and matchmaking.


Unity's new Multiplayer framework has opened the door to a wide range of exciting online gaming experiences. Through Make Online Games Using Unity's NEW Multiplayer Framework, learners can use this platform to create their own customised cooperative or competitive multiplayer game. Whether it's a top-down shooter or a racing game, learners will have the tools they need to create an interactive online experience for their players.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of games can be created with Unity's multiplayer framework?

The Unity multiplayer framework enables developers to create a wide variety of online games, ranging from simple 2D titles such as and to more complex 3D adventures that incorporate AI components and cloud-based services. It also supports single-player campaigns, providing players with countless hours of engaging content.

Does the Unity Multiplayer Framework include tools for creating customised games?

Yes, the Unity Multiplayer Framework includes a powerful toolset that allows developers to quickly iterate on their ideas, visualise and adjust them in real- time, as well as test their designs on the fly. With Unity's built-in AI components, developers can also create smarter opponents for their players. Once the game is ready to go, they can also take advantage of Unity's cloud-based services for storing and processing data such as matchmaking and leaderboards.

The Unity Multiplayer Framework also provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help developers manage their game's community and keep players engaged.

Does the Unity Multiplayer Framework offer dedicated server hosting?

Yes, the Unity Multiplayer Framework offers dedicated server hosting which allows you to host your game on a remote server instead of running it on your own computer. This ensures that your game will have better performance and stability as well as providing the ability to scale up if more players join.


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This course is suitable for anyone interested in creating multiplayer games in Unity.

It is up to date using NetCode. The course covers a wide range of topics and provides clear and comprehensive explanations of coding concepts. Dapper is an excellent tutor and Game Dev receives a lot of recognition for this. The course has proven to be extremely valuable as teaching material, even though we are only 3/4 of the way through. Additional content will be required in the future.

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