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81% Off Learn C++ for Game Development | Udemy Review & Coupon

81% Off Learn C++ for Game Development | Udemy Review & Coupon

Learn the fundamentals of C++ to prepare for game development programming.

This course covers:

With the 12.5 hours of on-demand video through this course, you will learn everything you need to know about C++ for game development. The course content is accessible on both mobile and television devices, giving you the flexibility to learn wherever is most convenient for you. You will also have full lifetime access to the course material so that you can review and refresh your knowledge whenever needed. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

What you'll learn

They will learn the basics of the Unreal Engine game engine, and how to code in C++ for creating games. Students will be able to start programming in Unreal Engine with C++ without feeling intimidated by its more advanced techniques.

Students will learn about the various elements of game development like 3D modeling, animation, physics and AI systems. They will also gain a strong understanding of object oriented programming and design principles.

By the end of this course, students will be able to develop games in C++ for PC, consoles, and mobile platforms.

About the author

Stephen Ulibarri holds multiple roles as an Engineer, Programmer, Game Developer, and Author.

Upon earning his bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, he gained exposure to the world of programming. He became immediately interested. He has an interest in game development and enjoys creative problem-solving. He has written and self-published a science fiction novel and enjoys all things creative. He has experience in assisting and tutoring in engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and programming.

He has acquired professional industry experience in the field of surgical simulations. He finds it rewarding to share his knowledge and help others pursue a fulfilling and enjoyable career, just like he has.

He engages in activities such as biking, drawing, 3D-design, and procedural generation in video games. He is currently providing instruction on implementing algorithms, such as procedurally-generated level creation techniques, on his YouTube page called Druid Mechanics.

He has written a book on Unreal Engine C++, titled "Unreal Engine C++ The Ultimate Developers Handbook," which is available on Amazon.


There are numerous C++ tutorials available for Unreal Engine or other game engines, although many of them assume a strong foundation in C++ or only briefly cover the fundamentals. This is because learning Unreal Engine C++ already requires a significant amount of time and effort, as it is a complex programming language combined with Unreal Engine programming. This course aims to teach C++ starting from beginner level content and progressing to advanced level techniques. This course provides preparation for programming video games in various game engines such as Unreal Engine, Cryengine, Lumberyard, or others. Unreal Engine is not utilized in this course. This course covers the fundamentals of C++.


No prior programming experience is required. A computer and internet are required.

Visual Studio Community, the free version, is utilized and students do not require any software purchase.

This course is intended for:

Individuals who are interested in programming video games in Unreal Engine but do not have knowledge of C++ coding.

The course is suitable for those without any programming experience or for programmers looking to refresh their knowledge of C++.

Those interested in pursuing a career in video game programming and developing a strong foundation in C++.

Those interested in learning programming can choose to study C++.


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