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25% Off Leading Yourself and Others | Udemy Review & Coupon

25% Off Leading Yourself and Others | Udemy Review & Coupon

Creating a plan to achieve a fulfilling balance between business and personal life.

Quick Summary

Learn how to:

Having a clear vision for your life is key to achieving success and reaching your goals. With a Clarity of Vision, you will be able to articulate a personal and professional vision that acts as a guide. Having this clarity of vision will help you understand the specific BE/DO/HAVE goals that are needed in order to make progress towards this vision. Additionally, understanding the power of growth mindset will also provide much needed motivation during challenging times, enabling you to cultivate resilience and pursue practical learning with enthusiasm.

Furthermore, possessing good communication skills is an additional crucial element for any successful individual. Therefore, learning tools which can enhance your ability to communicate ideas clearly, engage in insightful dialogues and build meaningful connections can have positive results on all aspects of life. Through practice and discipline of consistent action over time, the ability to develop strong communication skills is within reach. In conclusion having clarity of vision along with consistent action combined with effective communication skills can manifest into our desired outcomes in a tangible manner.

Course length:

This course is designed to help individuals learn how to lead themselves and others effectively. It is one hour long, consisting of an on-demand video lecture. Along with the lecture, there are 8 downloadable resources that will be available for use throughout the course. This course can be accessed on mobile devices as well as TV, giving learners the flexibility to learn when it is convenient for them. With full lifetime access, learners will be able to refer back to the course material anytime they need. Upon completion of the course, learners will receive a certificate of completion.

Best for:

This course is designed for people who wish to excel in leadership and build their skills as both a leader and team member. It's perfect for those early or mid-career professionals who aspire to take on the challenges that come with leadership, or those already in a leadership role who want to grow and improve their capabilities. For entrepreneurs and business owners, the course will help them learn how to lead their teams more effectively in order to achieve success. Additionally, this course is beneficial for anyone of any career level who interacts with others, either professionally or personally, as it offers insight into better strategies for relationship building.

The curriculum of the course emphasizes self-leadership - topics such as networking strategies, time management, and communication skills - as well as leading others effectively - including topics such as developing high performance teams and cultivating an inspiring organizational culture. This comprehensive approach ensures individuals who take on this course have systematic tools for becoming successful leaders. The combination of these engaging topics gives students the ability to make meaningful investments in themselves and organize a structured path toward improved relationships with colleagues.

About Conor Neill

Conor is an experienced and sought-after keynote speaker on Leadership, with a deep understanding of the subject acquired over twenty years teaching 35,000 participants on MBA, Executive MBA and Senior Leadership programs. He has brought his knowledge to many organisations, including IESE Business School as its Senior Lecturer of Leadership Communications, Vistage in Spain – the world's largest CEO coaching organisation – as its President, and across six entrepreneurial companies he founds throughout his career. To top it off, Conor is also incredibly popular online; boasting 22 million views and 300,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Every company needs effective leadership to succeed and Conor can certainly help foster that in many different organisations. His vast experience in diverse industries means he is able to bring multiple perspectives when explaining theory or providing advice. Not only that but being an internet sensation helps when trying to persuade or attract new audiences. It could be argued that owing to the success acquired through his work in insurance, retail aviation and professional services combined with communicable methods used during his presentations makes Conor a go-to instructor when need begins to arise for improvement at the top level.

Inside the Leading Yourself and Others

Developing clarity in your vision for the future is essential to success. This module will help participants do exactly that by deep introspective exercises and evaluation of their strengths, weaknesses, passions and understanding how these qualities align with their business goals. From there, strategies on how to create a compelling vision for the future will be discussed.

The module also zeroes in on daily habits that can potentially yield outsize results if executed properly. Participants will learn about writing things down as a superpower and other tasks that can take them closer to success. Writing things down can provide taxonomy to ideas and make it easier for participants to identify what’s working, what’s not working, plan for contingencies, measure progress or simply keep track of all the amazing ideas they have! The focus will be on developing discipline and consistency while learning skills to influence and motivate other people.


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