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25% Off Laravel 10 - Build Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website (2023) | Udemy Review & Coupon

25% Off Laravel 10 - Build Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website (2023) | Udemy Review & Coupon

Create a Multi-Vendor E-commerce Website using Laravel 10, with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Quick Summary

Learn how to:

The topic of this lesson is What You'll Learn about creating a Multi Vendor Ecommerce Project with Laravel 10. In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of A-Z in working with Laravel and building an eCommerce project from the ground up. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to implement product management systems, multi-authentication for admin, vendor, and user access as well as advanced product searching capabilities. Additionally, students will get experience forming a full online marketplace by leveraging multi-vendor features.

The instructor will provide guidance and mentorship throughout the entire process so that learners can gain hands on experience in forming their own unique eCommerce site easily and effectively. With the help of tutorials, high quality video lectures and assessments to test learning objectives , students can feel comfortable working through these concepts on their own time. Each lesson contains informative examples and helpful notes from top industry experts leading to a foundation of knowledge able to be put to use upon completion of this valuable course.

Course length:

This course on Laravel 10 - Build Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website provides a comprehensive introduction to building e-commerce websites using the popular and powerful Laravel 10 framework. The course is comprised of 124.5 hours of on-demand video, 6 articles, 12 downloadable resources, access on mobile and TV, full lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

Best for:

This course in Laravel is aimed at aspiring developers who want to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the framework and develop cutting-edge applications. Laravel offers a powerful combination of expressive, elegant syntax and advanced features to build responsive websites that perform without any glitches. This course provides students with step by step guidance on building a complete e-commerce project with Laravel.

The course is also highly beneficial for web developers who want to advance their career and acquire more job opportunities. Working professionals, university students and enthusiasts who want to develop their skills will benefit tremendously from this comprehensive training. Through this course, they can gain practical experience in utilizing various features of Laravel such as blade templating engine, factories, migrations, authentication system and more. Furthermore, real world projects will equip them with the ability to write clean code with ease. By mastering the art of coding powerful web applications with Laravel they can make themselves invaluable in the developer community. 

About Web Solution US

We provide a diverse selection of courses for students at various skill levels, ranging from beginners to advanced learners. Our courses offer practical projects for students to apply their knowledge and gain professional experience. Our team of instructors creates high-quality course materials for students worldwide. In addition to traditional coursework, students are provided with downloadable resources to practice and improve their skills.

Inside the Laravel 10 - Build Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website (2023)

Laravel 10 is the latest version of the popular PHP framework and comes packed with new features and improvements, making it faster and more efficient than ever before. It offers developers an extensive range of features to create powerful web applications, such as rapid development, advanced routing capabilities, powerful templates and more.

If you're looking to take your Laravel skills to the next level then this project-based course is for you. You'll be able to build a complete multi-vendor ecommerce project from scratch using Laravel 10. From setting up the technologies required for development to understanding the architecture of the project, no stone will be left unturned. With this comprehensive coverage of Laravel 10 topics, you’ll learn how to leverage its various tools and capabilities to design robust solutions that are enterprise ready. This course allows you to understand key concepts like authentication processes, API management, database management, payment gateway integration and more. Not only will this give you a competitive edge in the job market but equip you with enough knowledge to become a proficient professional Laravel developer.

What are the benefits of learning Laravel 10?

Laravel 10 is the latest version of the PHP framework and incorporates new features and improvements, which enhance its speed and efficiency. It is known for its ease of learning and extensive community, making it an ideal option for developing robust and scalable web applications.

What are the subjects that will be taught?

This course provides instruction on creating a multi-vendor e-commerce platform with advanced functionalities.

The project is a Multi Vendor Ecommerce project implemented with Laravel 10.

Laravel Fundamentals A-Z, Advanced Product Management System, Multi Vendor Feature, Multi-authentication as Admin-Vendor-User, Advanced Product Coupon System, Advanced Product Search, Advanced Product Variants Feature, Multi-Product Image Upload Feature, Product Discount Feature, Product Review & Rating System, Multiple Payment Gateways

Product Wishlist Feature, Order Management Feature, Shipping Rule System, Advanced Add-to-Cart Feature, Blog Management System, Advanced Order Tracking System

Password Change Option for Admin-Vendor-User, Dynamic Newsletter Feature,  Advertisement Feature, Transaction History Option

And More...

What are the reasons for selecting this course?

This course provides a unique opportunity to go beyond the basics and work on a complete, practical project. By participating in this program, you will acquire knowledge in coding as well as valuable insights in project management and best practices. Furthermore, participants will receive the full source code of the project and will have access to the course materials indefinitely.

Upon completing this course, you will acquire a valuable skill set in Laravel development that can greatly enhance your career prospects and earning potential.

Enroll now to begin building your multi-vendor e-commerce platform with Laravel 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Features of A Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website Built With Laravel 10?

A Multi Vendor Ecommerce website built with Laravel 10 can have following features:

Advanced Product Management System, Multi Vendor Feature, Multi-authentication as Admin-Vendor-User, Advanced Product Coupon System, Advanced Product Search, Advanced Product Variants Feature, Multi-Product Image Upload Feature, Product Discount Feature, Product Review & Rating System, Multiple Payment Gateways and more.

What Does This Course Include?

This course includes a comprehensive project on building a multi-vendor ecommerce website using Laravel 10. It covers topics such as advanced product management system, multi vendor feature, multi authentication system as admin-vendor-user, advanced product coupon system, advanced product search, product reviews & ratings system, multiple payment gateways and more. The course also provides the full source code of the project along with access to the course materials indefinitely.

What is included in the course materials?

The course includes access to all materials required for project development such as source code, videos, tutorials and more. Additionally, you will receive ongoing support from the instructor team .

What is the project that students will work on during the course?

During this course, students will build a multi-vendor ecommerce platform with advanced functionalities using Laravel 10.

Can I use the course materials after completing the course?

Yes, you will have access to all the course materials indefinitely.


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Ub C.
Clear and simple explanation and very good curriculum.

This course is highly recommended for individuals interested in becoming full-stack developers. I am eager to complete this course soon.

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