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25% Off LangChain with Python Bootcamp | Udemy Review & Coupon

25% Off LangChain with Python Bootcamp | Udemy Review & Coupon

You can develop real-world applications using Large Language Models and LangChain.

This course covers:

This course provides students with a practical and effective method to learn and comprehend a subject. This course offers students 7.5 hours of on-demand video, an article, and access to additional downloadable resources, providing them with a convenient way to acquire the necessary knowledge. The videos provide students with accurate content that is both informative and informative. Through the visuals, animations, and audio sales pitch messages, the videos let learners explore their options in a concise manner. Furthermore, the availability of mobile and TV access makes it easier for students to access this course while they are away from their desks or classes.

The additional benefit of obtaining a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the course gives incentive for learners to sustain interest in what they are learning. Additionally, learners can also use this certificate as evidence of their commitment to gaining new skillset for professional purposes or academic progressions such as promotions within the field they currently work in or applying into graduate schools respectively. Visiting Learn more page through Course links allows student to gain deeper insights about potential assignment topics besides reviewing videos available on-demand which opens likelihood for further exploration regarding studied material during free time.

What you'll learn

LangChain is an language processing tool that simplifies Model Inputs and Outputs, data connections, and the creation of custom agents. It provides a comprehensive platform for developers to quickly switch out different types of Language Processing Machines (LLMs) for certain tasks. With its Vector Database capabilities such as ChromaDB, LangChain makes it easy for users to find datasets with related information to their project. Additionally, LangChain remembers user conversations through its specialized memory feature so developers can easily recall prior conversations between users and AI bots.

In addition to allowing developers to switch out LLMs and create efficient data connections, LangChain enables efficient agent building through the use of LLMs. By allowing users to customize their own agents with LLMs, they are able to accomplish specific tasks with precision and accuracy. This reduces overhead costs while also driving higher-level performance on projects when compared against other language processing solutions which may not underlying features that make it efficient enough for tasks at hand.

About the Instructor:

Jose Marcial Portilla is a highly experienced professional instructor and trainer with a strong background in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Python Programming. Holding both a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University, Jose has a solid educational foundation to support his expertise.

Jose has published papers and obtained patents in various fields including microfluidics, materials science, and data science throughout his career. This wide range of experience reflects his proficiency in analyzing complex data.

Passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge, Jose utilizes his skills in data science to help others understand the power of programming, data analysis, and creating visually appealing data representations. Currently serving as the Head of Data Science for Pierian Training, Jose conducts in-person training courses for top companies such as General Electric, Cigna, Salesforce, Starbucks, McKinsey, and more.

For individuals seeking to enhance their data science and Python programming skills, Jose provides comprehensive training offerings. Given his expertise and successful experience, students can have confidence in his capacity to provide excellent training in these sought-after fields. To learn more about Jose and the training programs he offers, visit the website link provided.


Welcome to the LangChain Udemy course: Unlock the Power of Language Models with Python! Are you ready to develop cutting-edge applications powered by language models? Look no further than LangChain. LangChain is the framework that will allow you to create data-aware and agentic applications that connect language models with other data sources and enable interaction with the environment.

Why choose LangChain? LangChain offers numerous benefits for your language model development needs. It provides modular and user-friendly abstractions for working with language models, along with a wide range of implementations. With LangChain, you can start building applications quickly with pre-built chains designed for specific tasks. Modify existing chains or create new ones for more complex or customized use-cases.

LangChain offers standard interfaces and external integrations for various modules. You can easily interface with language models and connect with application-specific data sources. Construct sequences of calls to accomplish specific tasks and enable chains to choose tools based on high-level directives. Persist application state between runs of a chain with the memory module.

With LangChain, you'll be able to quickly build real-world applications that directly sync up with Large Language Models, such as OpenAI's GPT-4 API. Revolutionize your applications with the power of language models. Enroll in our LangChain Udemy course now and unlock limitless possibilities!


Those interested in meeting the requirements for Python programming should possess a strong knowledge of the language. This includes having knowledge of fundamental concepts such as data structures, collections, object-oriented programming, looping and control flow structures; being capable of writing your own functions and classes; and feeling at ease with debugging code. Additionally, knowing the API’s available in popular Python libraries like NumPy and pandas is strongly recommended.

Familiarity with OpenAI is also highly recommended if a person wants to fulfill the Python programming requirements. Furthermore knowledge of OpenAI’s platforms such as Universe or Gym can give someone an edge in their learning experience when it comes to both understanding existing AI solutions and devoltping new ones.

This course is intended for:

This course is designed for Python developers interested in using LangChain technology to create and develop LLM applications. This course introduces the basics of Python development and its integration with the LangChain platform, from developing a basic understanding of the architecture and features, to creating secure and efficient distributed transactions.

The course also covers best practices for coding on the platform in current versions of Python 3.x with real-world examples that illustrate how to construct smart contracts, manage user identities, deploy your apps on the system’s network layer, audit for potential security issues, set up common development tools and frameworks like Django or Flask, and use databases like Postgresql. After completing this course you will have acquired a deep knowledge about how to use the familiar Python language to develop powerful software on the langchain platform.


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Customer Reviews

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This course was great.

The explanations were understandable. The flow from Models -> Connections -> Chains -> Memory -> Agents appears to have been a deliberate exercise to demonstrate the power of Agents. They are astonishing.

Please ensure that you have the necessary Python modules installed. I encountered an error in the early stages, which was caused by an outdated module that had been installed previously. While going through the course, I made sure to update all the necessary modules to prevent any issues.

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