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25% Off JavaScript Crash Course: Learn Essential Coding Skills Fast! | Udemy Review & Coupon

25% Off JavaScript Crash Course: Learn Essential Coding Skills Fast! | Udemy Review & Coupon

This course covers various aspects of JavaScript, including variables, loops, functions, classes, expressions, and conditional processing.

This course covers:

The JavaScript Crash Course: Learn Essential Coding Skills Fast! is the perfect way to quickly and effectively learn how to code with JavaScript. This course offers 14.5 hours of on-demand video that covers the essential topics you need to know in order to create meaningful and interactive webpages. Not only that, but this course also includes one article and one downloadable resource so you can further your learning .

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the basics of JavaScript, from complete beginners to experienced developers. You'll be able to quickly start coding with confidence and create engaging webpages in no time! With lifetime access and access on both mobile and TV, you can learn anytime and anywhere that's convenient for you. And when you finish the course, you'll even receive a certificate of completion. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get coding with JavaScript!

What will be learned

This JavaScript Crash Course: Learn Essential Coding Skills Fast! is an invaluable course to take if you are a beginner looking to learn the core Javascript skills. In only 15 hours, you will have a fundamental understanding of the Javascript language and be able to start writing your own scripts. On top of understanding how to code in Javascript, this course provides practical knowledge on industry best practices for coding and debugging. This comprehensive course teaches you everything from writing powerful and reliable functions using conditionals and loops, to incorporating DOM manipulation with event listeners. Not only will you gain a thorough knowledge of Javascript but through debugging and refactoring your written code, you can also gain experience with diagnosing and fixing errors yourself.

Whether you are an aspiring programmer or simply want to expand your skill set, this crash course on Javascript gives learners the essential tools needed for success in just 15 hours. You’ll walk away with a knowledgeable understanding of how Javascript works as well as the coding techniques taught by seasoned professionals in the industry. Don’t wait another minute benefiting from learning these basics skills - grab this opportunity now and get ahead of the curve while acquiring valuable coding techniques that organizations across all sectors are searching for.

About instructor

1. Tim Buchalka's Learn Programming Academy

The Learn Programming Academy by Tim Buchalka consists of professional programmers and teachers.

The Learn Programming Academy was founded by Tim Buchalka, a seasoned software developer and Udemy instructor with a vast following of 1.75 million students enrolled in his courses on Java, Python, Android, C# and the Spring framework, among others.

The Academy aims to educate one million individuals on programming within the next three years.

In addition to Tim's courses, we collaborate with top educators to produce courses that teach vital developer skills for all proficiency levels. All of these courses are available here.

Our courses are taught by software developers who have significant industry experience and are skilled educators. It is important to note that they are professionals. Our instructors are skilled professionals with experience in software development.

Our team is currently working on developing new courses.

The Academy provides programming courses for individuals at all skill levels, from beginners to those seeking to improve their existing skills, or to learn new languages and frameworks.

2. Faisal Memon has accumulated 12+ years of experience in constructing products with a worldwide reach, utilized by millions of users. He has a passion for technology and enjoys teaching it.

He currently holds the position of Product Head at a fast-paced startup in India and finds his work enjoyable. Before this, the individual developed several startups with a user base exceeding half a million worldwide, secured investments from Google and other investors, and participated in Google Launchpad Accelerator. His professional background includes expertise in developing products from inception to worldwide user base expansion.

He has come to Udemy to share his knowledge with those who seek it and assist them in their personal and professional growth.


In order to take part in any learning environment for Javascript code, the most important requirement is a stable computer setup which can run either the Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating systems. This allows students to easily download and install any of the free tools used for writing Javascript code, making it easier to understand and approach coding dynamics. Having a reliable operating system also ensures a secure yet user-friendly platform for learning without any instability or malfunctions along the way.

Apart from having a capable machine, students need an open mind to fully grasp the course material and make use of it in the future. Knowing programming concepts such as verifiable data types, objects and classes may be tricky at first but with patience and dedication one can effectively learn how to apply these skills in various ways. The knowledge gained by understanding Javascript code can bring significant change when used within web development roles or other technology oriented jobs requiring coding proficiency. Motivation and enthusiasm are musts when considering taking such courses since they will help you reach your full potential as a programmer.


Learning JavaScript is a valuable tool for anyone looking to break into the tech world and advance their career. With the JavaScript Crash Course, students can quickly get up to speed with the basics of the popular programming language and get the knowledge they need to start making an impact in their field. The course focuses on essential components of JS so learners can comprehend the fundamentals in record time without having to invest too much energy into studying details that may not matter as much as other aspects.

This approach allows students to pick up key programming skills needed for success in a timely manner without sacrificing personal commitments or work-life balance. Acquiring these skills can open doors to a variety of career opportunities such as mobile app development, web design, data engineering and analytics, and architecture systems. With our crash course, those with little-to-no coding experience won't have any problem learning JavaScript and building their careers upon it in no time at all.

Presenting a crash course on JavaScript to quickly acquire essential coding skills.

The course is structured to efficiently teach the necessary JavaScript concepts and commands. Our approach is to prioritize the essential skills needed to succeed in programming, providing you with the knowledge necessary to obtain your first job or improve your current position.

What is the benefit of learning only the necessary information?

There are a variety of features within programming languages, and not all of them are essential for achieving success. For the majority of users, basic functionality is sufficient when using a spreadsheet program. It may not always be beneficial to spend time learning every feature.

The JavaScript component of our course follows a similar principle. Our focus is on providing you with the necessary information to achieve your goals, with the remaining information being saved for when it becomes relevant.

Suitable for individuals with varying levels of programming experience.

Our course accommodates individuals of all skill levels, whether they are beginners in programming or seeking to learn an additional language. The course begins with the basics, including downloading and installing necessary tools, learning to write programs, and gaining a solid understanding of essential JavaScript concepts.

The curriculum will cover various topics?

The curriculum includes fundamental skills for JavaScript, such as:

  • The process of developing a basic JavaScript program.
  • The process of configuring and operating JavaScript programs.
  • The curriculum on this page provides a comprehensive list of topics including data types, variables, conditional processing, loops, classes, operators, expressions, and more.

Improve your JavaScript skills by fixing real code.

During the duration of the course, students will analyze genuine JavaScript code, pinpoint mistakes, and improve its overall quality. Utilizing a hands-on approach can enhance your programming mindset and optimize your proficiency in JavaScript.

Introducing your instructor, Faisal.

Faisal's experience in building global products for over 12 years reflects his passion for technology and teaching. He has experience leading startups, securing funding from various investors including Google, and currently holds the position of Head of Product at a rapidly expanding Indian startup.

The instructor is available for support.

Faisal is dedicated to providing support for your success by promptly answering any questions you may have. The course is designed to prevent prolonged difficulty with any particular lesson, promoting consistent progress.

This investment comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring no risk.

Our course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, demonstrating our confidence in its value. In the event that the course or your progress does not meet your expectations, you will be eligible for a full refund without any inquiries.

Are you prepared to begin your career in JavaScript?

To begin your path toward becoming a proficient JavaScript programmer, click the "Add to Cart" button and enroll now. It is recommended to preview the course content to ensure it is a suitable match for your needs.

This course is intended for:

This course is ideal for those who are brand new to programming. Even if you have no prior knowledge of coding, this course provides an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to the Javascript language. You will start by learning the basics of scripting and be able to quickly build up your skills to write useful scripts. Through clear instruction and step-by-step explanations, you will understand how programs work and be able to create independent projects with ease.

The course is also suitable for those who already know a programming language such as Java, C# or Python. If you want to become proficient at writing scripts using Javascript, this is a great opportunity for you. With lots of example codes, hands-on exercises and challenging quizzes, this comprehensive yet enjoyable course will enable you to quickly learn the concepts necessary for successful scriptwriting utilizing Javascript syntax and commands. Furthermore, the guidance provided in each lesson always provides relevant context that ties back into real-world application scenarios which are invaluable when troubleshooting code issues.


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