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81% Off Java Programming Masterclass updated to Java 17 | Udemy Review & Coupon

81% Off Java Programming Masterclass updated to Java 17 | Udemy Review & Coupon

This course teaches Java and helps you become a computer programmer. Gain valuable Core Java skills and obtain a Java certification.

Quick Summary

Learn how to:

The Java Programming Masterclass course has been updated to Java 17, allowing learners to remain current with the latest version of the language. With 14 hours of content, learners can learn the core Java skills necessary to apply for Java developer positions. Learners also have the choice to take and pass the Oracle Java Certificate exam as they develop their skills.

The course is taught by an experienced professional who has been working with Java for 18 years, teaching students valuable industry “best practices” for software development. With a comprehensive understanding of the basics of the language, transitioning into other frameworks such as Spring,Java EE, Android Development and more become easier to understand. Through this course you will be able to demonstrate your ever-growing knowledge and skills in the language, perfecting you perfect candidate profile for employers in need of well versed developers!

Course length:

The Java Programming Masterclass updated to Java 17 course is a comprehensive 121.5 hour on-demand video program that covers the fundamentals of programming in Java. The course includes 57 coding exercises, 4 articles, and 233 downloadable resources to help students understand and practice the concepts taught in the lectures. Students can access the course content from any mobile device or television, allowing them to learn at their own pace and convenience. After finishing the course successfully, a certificate of completion will be given.

Best for:

The course caters to students with varying levels of coding experience. This course is designed to help individuals at any level of programming experience enhance their Java skills. With this course, absolute beginners can acquire the knowledge and confidence to write code for applications and websites, while intermediate learners can become experts at designing complex systems with robust security.

For creative minds who love to see their own ideas come alive, this course provides an ideal platform. Participants will be able to refine their existing coding talents while learning new techniques of creating beautiful and dynamic webpages and apps that they can either use personally or sell as expert self-employed contractors. With handsome rewards in high demand from major projects, this course makes it easy for student to quickly elevate themselves from general coders into skilled professionals in a short amount of time.

About Tim Buchalka

Tim Buchalka is a highly experienced software developer with a distinguished professional development career spanning nearly forty years. He has had employment with notable companies such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and Saab during his professional tenure. What sets Tim apart from many other instructors is his extensive programming background, having written applications in Java and various other languages as a professional developer. Furthermore, he possesses extensive experience in Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), formerly referred to as J2EE, during which he has successfully designed and developed enterprise applications.

With a mission to make a difference in your life by helping you become a software developer, Tim offers comprehensive video courses in Java, Python, C#, Spring Framework, and Android development. Having trained over 1.32 million students, including individuals from prestigious companies such as Mercedes-Benz, PayPal, VW, Pitney Bowes, IBM, and T-Mobile through the Udemy for Business program, Tim's courses are highly regarded.

What makes Tim's courses stand out is that he combines his professional software development expertise with exceptional teaching skills. Unlike many instructors, Tim has real-world work experience and a deep understanding of the industry. Enrolling in his courses guarantees that you will be learning from an expert with extensive knowledge of the most effective approaches to programming.

The quality of Tim's courses is evident in the thousands of glowing reviews from his students, many of whom have gone on to secure full-time jobs or consulting/freelancing opportunities. Udemy recognized his dedication to delivering high-quality content by voting him as one of the top ten instructors.

There are programming courses available for individuals at all skill levels, from beginners to those seeking to enhance their abilities. Tim's courses are designed to accommodate individuals without any prior coding experience. With video training being the quickest way to learn in 2021, Tim's expertise and teaching style make it possible for anyone to become a software developer.

Don't wait any longer to start your programming journey. Please select one of Tim's courses, watch his introductory video, and learn how he can assist you in accomplishing your objectives. Take the first step today and embark on an exciting career in software development.

About Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers users access to a vast range of courses created by knowledgeable instructors, totaling over 130,000. The courses offered encompass various areas including personal development, design, business, programming, finance, health and fitness, and more. Udemy also provides the ability to create custom courses for those who need specialized instruction. One of the most popular courses on Udemy is Tim's Java Programming Masterclass updated to Java 17 course.

Inside the Java Programming Masterclass updated to Java 17

This course is a viable choice for individuals interested in acquiring knowledge in Java programming. The language has been consistently updated since 2016, ensuring that you are learning the most current version. Plus, buying the course once gives you access to all future updates free of charge. Today’s update adds a second part of a massive new update for Java 17, which means that it keeps on getting better and better!

Java 17 is filled with features designed to speed up development time while increasing code quality. These include improved type inference schemes, more concise APIs, streamlined error handling and better support for functional programming. By utilizing these features, developers can enhance application speed and reliability with minimal effort. Furthermore, this update also includes exciting new features like pattern matching and the ability to directly invoke methods from strings or classes. In conclusion, Java 17 has many features that can enhance your programming experience and make it more enjoyable.

This is a section of what you will learn.

(You may not fully understand this at the moment, but you will in the course.)

The essential Java keywords, operators, statements, and expressions are necessary to fully comprehend coding and its purpose, thus making programming more understandable and less frustrating.

The curriculum covers Java classes, polymorphism, inheritance, and their application in Java applications.

Learn how to efficiently download and install essential coding tools without any hassle or time-consuming setups.

The book includes comprehensive chapters on object-oriented programming and various aspects of the Java APIs, enabling you to develop applications for multiple platforms and expand your program's user base and potential sales.

Learn how to develop powerful Java applications using IntelliJ IDEA, one of the most powerful Integrated Development Environments available, making coding functional programs easier. IntelliJ offers both a free and paid version, which can be used in this course.

Learn Java to a sufficient level in order to transition to core Java technologies such as Android development, the Spring framework, Java EE (Enterprise edition), and other related technologies. To progress to these technologies, it is necessary to learn core Java, which serves as the fundamental building blocks. This course can help you achieve your objectives.


It's okay if none of that was clear. I provide detailed explanations of core concepts, programming terms, and buzzwords necessary for creating Java programs.

This is a Java course designed for beginners.

After completing this comprehensive course, you will have a strong command of Java programming, regardless of your current experience level. You will gain an understanding of your actions and their purpose. This is not a recipe book. You will use your own creativity to make unique and intuitive programs.

The HD videos in this course provide detailed instructions on becoming a programmer, and it also offers a unique challenge feature. After each core concept is taught, a video provides a challenge to aid in understanding the recently learned material through real-world scenarios.

You will complete the challenge independently, then review the answers and explanations in a video to assess your performance and identify any areas for improvement.

This method has been proven to aid in a quicker comprehension of Java and guarantee your achievement of becoming a Java Developer within a remarkably short period. Do you recall completing past exam papers during your time in high school or college? The concept is the same and it is effective.

As the instructor, I have significant experience as a software developer and teacher for nearly 40 years. I have been utilizing Java since the year 2000. Yes, I have taught students younger than 22 years old. I have the ability to teach this content in a simple and enjoyable manner.

It is expected that my previous students would achieve impressive results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for choosing to learn Java?

The fact is that there are many computer languages available. The temperature is very high. What are the reasons for selecting the Java language?

The main reason is its popularity. Based on various official websites that monitor language popularity, Java ranks among the top 3 most widely used languages globally in 2022. Popularity leads to increased usage by companies and their employees, resulting in a greater number of career prospects for individuals skilled in the language.

Choosing a language that is not widely used may not be ideal. Java was released in the 1990s and remains popular today, with continual updates by its owner, Oracle, over 30 years later.

Which version of Java is recommended to learn?

It is advisable to stay updated on the latest version of a computer programming language, except for Java.

Learning a version of Java that has expired is illogical and likely a waste of time.

A company utilizing Java technology, regardless of its size, will not choose a version of Java that lacks updates or support. They will use stable and well-supported versions of Java that receive updates.

Currently, in December 2022, Java 17 is the version that provides long-term support (LTS). It is fully supported until at least 2029 and may likely be extended beyond that.

To ensure compatibility with your future employer, it is recommended to learn the version of Java they will be using, which is Java 17.

The course will be updated in the future as new LTS versions are announced by Oracle. Will this course provide me with core java skills?

Affirmative, it will. Core Java is an essential component of the Java JDK, which programmers must learn before exploring more advanced technologies.

What factors contribute to the popularity of this course?

Many people were frustrated with the lack of comprehensive and up-to-date learning materials for coding, including Youtube tutorials and textbooks.

Similar to the individual, they were fatigued by subpar lessons, unclear explanations, and disorganized information presented in an incorrect manner. That is why many individuals achieve success in this comprehensive Java developer course. The design is focused on simplicity and smooth progression in its content.

The course is specifically designed for individuals who have no prior coding experience and it covers core concepts starting from the basics. It includes instructions on downloading and installing the necessary tools and guides you in writing your first Java program. In approximately 14 hours, you can acquire the essential Java skills necessary for employment. Additionally, there is optional supplementary content available in the course. It is a comprehensive resource for learning Java. You have the option to explore additional content beyond the core material at your own discretion.


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Customer Reviews

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Excellent course for beginner.

He provides clear explanations for each topic and offers helpful resource codes to assist us in debugging issues on our end while writing code.

This course provides comprehensive instruction in Java and covers all aspects of the programming ...

Tim and his team have put in a significant effort to provide all the content for this course. It has been a lengthy process to complete the course, but I believe it has been worth it. Taking this course on Java is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about it.

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