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25% Off IRRESISTIBLE: How to Land Your Dream Cybersecurity Position | Udemy Review & Coupon

25% Off IRRESISTIBLE: How to Land Your Dream Cybersecurity Position | Udemy Review & Coupon

 Gain insights into the hiring manager's practices and techniques for succeeding in the cybersecurity (InfoSec) field.

This course covers:

This course provides students with the best opportunity to learn and grow in their studies. It includes 6.5 hours of on-demand video, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience tailored to their personal needs. The lifetime access and ability to take the course from any device, including mobile or television, adds further convenience and accessibility for busy people trying to squeeze in studying time. Upon successful completion, a Certificate of Completion is also provided, allowing for greater recognition of one's accomplishments when looking for jobs or going through job applications.

What will be learned

As an aspiring entry-level cybersecurity professional, it is important to prepare and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to start your career off right. With the help of this tutorial, you will learn how to create an impactful and effective cybersecurity resume that highlights the best qualities you bring to the table. From here, you’ll be able to excel in job interviews by demonstrating your knowledge and enthusiasm for the new role. Furthermore, with advice on negotiating a stellar compensation package that aligns with your skills and market value, you’ll be well prepared to begin your journey. In addition, suggestions on setting up a plan for continued success make sure that once you’re hired into the position you desired, you have the next steps planned out so there’s no stopping your rise within your organization.

About the author

Jason Dion, identified as CISSP No. 349867, has experience as a former college professor and currently serves as the lead instructor at Dion Training Solutions. He holds several professional certifications in information technology, including CISSP, CEH, CNDA, DFE, DMC, CySA+, Security+, Network+, A+, PRINCE2 Practitioner, and ITIL. Jason has extensive networking experience dating back to 1992, having worked as a network engineer, Director of a Network Operations and Security Center, and an Information Systems Officer for various large organizations worldwide.

He has earned a Master's of Science degree in Information Technology, with a specialization in Information Assurance. The individual resides in Puerto Rico along with their spouse and two offspring.

Kip Boyle serves as the virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for multiple companies. He assists leaders in overcoming cybersecurity sales objections and managing cyber risks within a limited budget by prioritizing effectively.

He has worked as a Captain in the F-22 program of the US Air Force. He has held the position of CISO in various private sector companies including an insurance company, credit card processor, bank, credit union, and IT Managed Service Provider.

He has held successful IT risk management roles in various industries, including financial services, technology, telecom, and logistics. He resides in Seattle with his spouse and six children.


The individual has expressed an interest in pursuing a career in the field of cybersecurity.


IRRESISTIBLE is an online course designed to help aspiring cybersecurity professionals master the art of job seeking. It provides job-seekers with valuable insight and guidance from experienced hiring managers in the industry, as well as practical tips on how to write a resume, successfully prepare for and ace a job interview, negotiate fair salary package, and thrive in their first year at the workplace. The course starts by emphasizing the importance of having a clear and compelling resume that showcases one’s qualifications in the best possible light. Through IRRESISTIBLE, students learn how to highlight their technical expertise and accomplishments while keeping recruiters engaged. Additionally, they will find out how to present themselves positively during interviews, expertly maneuver negotiations over compensation packages, and successfully transition into a new role – all essential factors that determine one’s ability to land a dream job in cybersecurity.

The course emphasizes on getting ready and performing well in employment interviews. The curriculum includes instruction on researching the company and role, practicing common interview questions, and identifying one's unique selling points. The course offers guidance on how to effectively showcase your skills and passion for the position during the interview, through various tips and strategies.

The course includes a discussion on the significance of securing a compensation package that is both fair and competitive. The course will cover topics such as determining market value, identifying priorities, and effectively communicating needs during salary negotiations for students to learn.

The course ends by offering advice and tactics for achieving success during your initial year of employment. The course will cover topics such as establishing positive relationships with managers and coworkers, skill development, and demonstrating value to the organization. The course offers instruction on setting goals, acquiring feedback, and establishing a prosperous career in the cybersecurity sector.

The IRRESISTIBLE course offers a practical and comprehensive approach for individuals seeking to pursue a career in the cybersecurity industry, by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their job search and build a successful career.

This course offers the necessary tools and strategies for both beginners and those seeking career advancement to attain their goals.

This course is intended for:

Individuals with a background in IT who are interested in moving into the cybersecurity industry.

Individuals in the military who are transitioning into civilian careers may consider pursuing opportunities in the field of cybersecurity.

Individuals in the field of cybersecurity who are at an entry-level and seeking career growth opportunities.

Individuals who have recently graduated from high school or college and possess a computer-related background may be interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.


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