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81% Off Become an Algebra Master | Udemy Review & Coupon

81% Off Become an Algebra Master | Udemy Review & Coupon

Acquire knowledge in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, and then evaluate your understanding with over 1,150 practice questions.

This course covers:

This course is designed to help you become an Algebra Master. It covers a wide range of topics including basic algebra, linear equations, quadratic equations, polynomials, inequalities, graphing functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, sequences and series, and conic sections. This course offers 16 hours of on demand video covering all the topics in depth. In addition there are 165 articles and 295 downloadable resources to help you understand the concepts. You can access the course on mobile or TV. You will receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course.

What you'll learn

The concept of operations, including order of operations (PEMDAS) and like-terms, is important in mathematics.

The topics covered include fractions, exponents, and radicals, as well as advanced operations involving all three.

The topics covered include equations and systems of equations, inverse operations, direct and inverse variation, and distance/rate/time problems.

The topic of graphing includes parallel and perpendicular lines, as well as parabolas.

The topic includes polynomials, factoring, and methods such as the quadratic formula and completing the square.

The concepts of functions, including domain and range, as well as sums and products of functions, are important in mathematics.

The topic includes inequalities, such as trichotomy, graphing inequalities, and conjunctions on a number line.

The study of exponential and logarithmic functions includes topics such as laws of logs, change of base, and graphing.


How to become an algebra master is designed to simplify complicated math.

The 418-lesson course provides comprehensive video and text explanations of Algebra and includes 120 quizzes with solutions. It also offers 16 workbooks with extra practice problems for testing understanding. The organization of "Become an Algebra Master" is divided into the following sections.

The topic at hand is operations and equations:

Polynomials and factoring, Functions and graphing, Systems of equations, Inequalities, Ratios and proportions, Exponents and radicals, Advanced equations, Factoring and rational functions, Graphing, Systems of equations, Exponential and logarithmic functions, Manipulating functions

This is what you will receive in each section:

Watch instructional videos to see how math problems are solved for every issue you may encounter in class. We begin from the start... I provide a detailed explanation of the problem setup, the steps taken, the methods used to work through complex parts, and how to simplify the answer once it is obtained.

The notes section of each lesson contains important information to remember. It is similar to Cliff Notes but for math. This guide provides essential information for academic success without unnecessary details.

Quizzes are available for testing your knowledge on a specific topic within a course. If you pass, that would be great. If needed, you can review the videos and notes again or ask for assistance in the Q&A section.

Workbooks provide additional practice opportunities. After completing the section, you can review all of your learning by going through the bonus workbook. The workbooks contain a significant amount of additional practice problems, making them an effective tool for reinforcing recently acquired knowledge in each section.

This course is intended for:

Students currently enrolled in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, or those who are about to start algebra and wish to get a head start.

Parents who homeschool and need additional assistance with algebra.

Individuals interested in studying math for personal enjoyment after a period of absence from formal education.


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