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50% Off ENCOR (350-401) v1.1 Video Training Series (2023 Blueprint) | Udemy Review & Coupon

50% Off ENCOR (350-401) v1.1 Video Training Series (2023 Blueprint) | Udemy Review & Coupon

Prepare for your Cisco CCNP ENCOR (350-401) v1.1 exam. This product is designed to meet the requirements of the new ENCOR (350-401) blueprint set for release in 2023.

Quick Summary

Learn how to:

This course will fully prepare you for the ENCOR (350-401) v1.1 exam offered by Cisco. With this training, you'll become well-versed in enterprise architecture, virtualization, and networking infrastructure technologies. You'll gain an understanding of the latest network management concepts and tools to administer a secure organization's network system. Through a comprehensive tutorial and hands-on activities, you'll explore IP routing protocols, IPv6 fundamentals, Layer 2 switching features, VPNs, multicast solutions and more. Additionally, this training will teach you how to troubleshoot issues related to QoS design and implementation scenarios.

In conclusion, with the guidance and support from this comprehensive learning path offered by Cisco Learning Labs for the ENCOR (350-401) v1.1 exam Blueprint review training series, you can take confidence in knowing that what you have learned is current and relevant industry standards for installing, operating or configuring a Local Area Network in complex environments. This knowledge will demonstrate your ability to maintain sophisticated networks regardless of their type or size within any organization successfully.

Course length:

The ENCOR (350-401) v1.1 Video Training Series is the perfect way to get up to speed on the latest networking technologies and topics. This comprehensive course provides over 21 hours of on-demand video, 2 practice tests, 7 articles, and 63 downloadable resources that you can use in your studies. Plus, you'll have full access anytime, anywhere with mobile and TV apps.

Best for: 

This course is ideally suited for anyone looking to increase their knowledge and competency in Cisco networking. Beginner-level students who have limited experience with Cisco technologies but are eager to learn would benefit tremendously from this course as they will be provided with the necessary building blocks and tools to start a career in the field and grow their capabilities over time. Intermediate students, especially those that are CCNP certified and wish to re-certify, can also use this course as a reference guide along with recommended practices. Aspiring professionals sitting for ENCOR (350-401) exam can also find value in this course by using it as an aid to supplement their other study materials.

The course covers the core fundamentals related to routing, switching, IP services, automation and programmability, security fundamentals and more all within the boundaries of a virtual lab environment that allows candidates to build out a network topology based on Cisco Meraki products which provides them with hands-on practice. This comprehensive curriculum arms students with the required skills needed in order for them to become successful network engineers or IT administrators. The flexible nature of this course allows aspiring practitioners to learn at their own pace so they can develop proficiency in areas of medial complexity rapidly.

About Kevin Wallace Training, LLC

The Kevin Wallace Training, LLC training team is composed of Kevin Wallace and Charles Judd.

Kevin Wallace

CCIEx2 No. 7945 is a lifetime Emeritus in Collaboration and Enterprise Infrastructure.

Kevin Wallace possesses various Cisco professional and associate-level certifications in the Route/Switch, Collaboration, Security, Design, and Data Center tracks. Kevin has extensive experience with Cisco, including roles as a Network Design Specialist for the Walt Disney World Resort, an instructor of Cisco courses for Skillsoft, and a Network Manager for Eastern Kentucky University. Kevin currently owns and operates Kevin Wallace Training, LLC, which provides self-paced training materials that simplify computer networking. Kevin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kentucky, and he resides in central Kentucky with his wife, Vivian.

Charles Judd

The individual holds CCNA R/S, a BS in Network Security, and AS degrees in both Applied Technology and Machine Technology.

Charles Judd became a member of the Kevin Wallace Training team in January 2018, taking on the roles of content developer and technical instructor. He has a Bachelor of Science in Network Security, an Associate of Science in Applied Technology, an Associate of Science in Machine Technology, and a CCNA Routing and Switching certification. Charles is currently pursuing the CCNP Routing and Switching track. His experience includes ten years of CNC programming and operation, working as a Network Engineer for a healthcare and HIPAA compliancy-focused MSP, and freelancing as a Graphic/Web Designer and IT Consultant. Charles resides in central Kentucky with his wife Jeanna and their three sons - Caleb, Cameron, and Corey.

Inside the ENCOR (350-401) v1.1 Video Training Series (2023 Blueprint)

The Cisco CCNP ENCOR (350-401) v1.1 Exam is the core exam and the qualification exam for both the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and the CCIE Enterprise Wireless labs. A knowledgeable team of instructors have been assigned to ensure that candidates are properly prepared for version 1.1 of this exam, which was released on Sept. 20, 2023. Award-winning instructor Kevin Wallace leads this team. He has written multiple Cisco Press books about routing and networking technology, including a cert guide for ROUTE – the predecessor to ENCOR. In addition, CCNP Charles Judd has been put on the team to help students understand different aspects of the certification materials.

This course has been specifically designed with careful guidance in order to ensure full success on this difficult exam. With their combined instructional insights and years of experience in routing and networking, Kevin and Charles will be able to provide the necessary support needed to overcome any obstacles during preparation process as well earning passing grades in all areas tested by Cisco’s 350-401 exam including theory, configuration, troubleshooting, diagnostics and more.


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