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Elizabeth Stanley's Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)

Elizabeth Stanley's Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)

An online course is available to help individuals build resilience and thrive during times of stress, with a focus on trauma sensitivity.

The MMFT course focuses on teaching individuals how to recover from past stress and trauma in order to enhance their resilience. As a result, you will have a greater ability to make choices and respond effectively and compassionately during difficult situations. Participants will acquire new skills for effectively managing the interpersonal aspects of stress, trauma, emotions, and conflict.

Join Dr. Elizabeth Stanley, a pioneering researcher, to improve your mental and physical well-being and achieve increased performance, adaptability, and fulfillment in both your professional and personal life.

This program includes

The video teaching curriculum consists of eight weekly sessions, covering the neurobiology of stress and trauma. It provides step-by-step guidance, interactive activities, and strategies to recover from stress and trauma, as well as build resilience for future situations and challenges.

There will be two live Q&A sessions with Elizabeth Stanley where participants can ask questions, seek solutions to common problems, and receive helpful advice and tips.

Put your learning sessions into practice with research-tested, self-guided exercises during the week. These exercises are sequentially paced for safe and accelerated progress, helping to move your mind and body from dysregulation to resilience.

In addition, here are two bonus resources for you

Bonus #1: The book "Freedom from Pain" is written by Peter Levine, PhD, and Maggie Phillips, PhD.

Drawing on extensive clinical experience, two experts in the Somatic Experiencing® process offer techniques to help individuals manage their body's reactive response to pain, alleviate fear and depression from past traumas, and reduce pain from various chronic conditions, injuries, surgeries, and migraines.

Bonus #2: The book "Healthy Sleep" is written by Andrew Weil, MD, and Rubin Naiman, PhD.

The quality of your sleep is determined by more than just the number of hours you spend in bed; it also includes the depth and overall quality of rest. In this book, two medical experts provide practical strategies and proven methods to help you achieve a frequently overlooked element of good health: a restful night's sleep.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn techniques to enhance mental agility, enabling you to think quickly, come up with innovative solutions, and make more effective decisions in challenging situations.
  • Discover techniques for improving your focus, minimizing distractions, and maintaining motivation towards your objectives.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of emotional intelligence in order to better comprehend others and behave with greater compassion and ethics.
  • Learn how to regulate emotions, stress arousal, and physical pain and interrupt reactivity with Dr. Elizabeth Stanley's program called Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT), which can help you lead with wisdom in critical situations.

In this eight-week online course, participants will develop Five Core Competencies to navigate challenges in life:

Attention - It is important to stay focused on your goals and minimize distractions.

Mental agility encompasses the capacity to think swiftly, employ creative problem-solving skills, and make enhanced decisions under pressure.

Emotional intelligence involves the ability to comprehend and empathize with others, enabling more compassionate and ethical behavior.

Situational awareness is important in order to effectively assess input from within oneself, others, and the surrounding environment, thus making informed decisions.

Self-regulation is the process of managing emotions, stress arousal, and physical pain in order to interrupt reactivity and make wise decisions in critical situations.

About Dr. Elizabeth Stanley

Dr. Elizabeth Stanley is a professor at Georgetown University and the creator of Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)®, which has been taught to many individuals in high-stress environments, both civilian and military. MMFT® research has been featured on various media outlets such as 60 Minutes, the ABC Evening News, NPR, and Time magazine. She is a U.S. Army veteran who has served in Asia and Europe, and she holds degrees from Yale, Harvard, and MIT. She has been practicing mindfulness for a long time and is certified in Somatic Experiencing®, a body-based trauma therapy. The author's latest book is titled "Widen the Window: Training Your Brain and Body to Thrive During Stress and Recover from Trauma."

Who this course is for?

  • Health care workers include doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and technicians.
  • First responders include paramedics, firefighters, and law enforcement officers.
  • Military Personnel include active-duty/reservist service members and veterans, and their families
  • The target audience includes business professionals such as executives who work in high-demand environments.
  • Parents and teachers have the potential to impact children's emotions and stress levels.


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