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84% Off Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide | Udemy Review & Coupon

84% Off Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide | Udemy Review & Coupon

Discover how to build, test, and deploy Docker applications using Kubernetes production-style workflows.

This course covers:

For those wanting a comprehensive introduction to Docker and Kubernetes, this comprehensive and in-depth guide offers 21.5 hours of on-demand video content, 64 articles, 110 downloadable resources, full lifetime access and more - this is your go-to course to container orchestration!

This course covers topics like creating a local environment, Dockerizing applications for runtime use, using production-style workflows to launch them, Kubernetes deployment and much more. Plus you have 30 days money back guarantee so that you can test this course without risk.

What you'll learn

Learn Docker Docker can be an excellent way for both newcomers and seasoned programmers alike to expand their skill set and harness containerization's potential. Through this course, you will acquire all the skills necessary to understand and utilize Docker with no prior experience required - as well as become adept in its powerful command-line interface that lets you monitor running containers more effectively and inspect and debug running containers more efficiently.

This course covers building a comprehensive continuous integration and delivery pipeline from Github through Travis CI to AWS for continuous delivery of applications. Not only will you become adept with using Kubernetes to deploy your app across multiple clusters but you'll also gain an understanding of its theory while creating complex multi-tier apps - all this culminates in having your code automatically deploy when changes are pushed back onto Github!

About the author

Stephen Grider is an experienced JavaScript front-end developer from San Francisco Bay Area who has long served as a mentor for software engineers beginning their careers in software development. Now his vast teaching expertise is making its way onto Udemy where his highest rated React course has become one of the highest rated on Udemy - helping novice developers comprehend complex topics more quickly and confidently.

Steven wants all who study from him to receive access to the same high-quality education he could give students directly, which is why he takes great care to ensure each course he offers not only provides accurate but also engaging content and up-to-date info. When you invest in one of Stephen's courses, it's an investment in yourself - you will leave with a comprehensive understanding of whatever subject matter was chosen as subject matter for study.


Are You Struggling With Deploying Web Apps? Look No Further: Docker and Kubernetes Are Two Revolutionizing Technologies for DevOps Docker and Kubernetes have revolutionized the process of developing and deploying web apps, providing developers with greater efficiency when creating and deploying apps.

In this course, you'll start from scratch by learning Docker from its core principles; developing an in-depth knowledge of what a container is and its operation. Using basic Docker CLI commands, you will interact with containers directly while also building custom images to dockerize personal applications.

This course goes far beyond simply teaching Docker; you will also gain knowledge and skills related to implementing Continuous Integration and Deployment workflows with Github, Travis CI and Amazon Web Services - giving you hands-on experience building single and multi-container apps on AWS.

Kubernetes, a production-grade system for managing multi-container applications, will also be covered. You will learn the right way to construct a Kubernetes Cluster as well as tackle any challenges related to setting up HTTPS on Kubernetes.

This course provides a complete framework for mastering Docker and Kubernetes for web application deployment, from understanding how containers operate to producing production-ready applications on Kubernetes Clusters. No matter your background - software engineer, DevOps engineer or application developer alike will find something beneficial from this course's offerings! This course contains fault-tolerant deployment pipelines tailored specifically towards cloud native apps for fault tolerant deployment pipelines with cloud native applications that scale flawlessly!


Be Sure You Understand Docker and Kubernetes Prerequisites Before we explore the depths of Docker and Kubernetes, there are a few essential requirements you should keep in mind. First and foremost is having an understanding of terminal and command line usage as this forms the backbone for their functionality and management in both platforms.

Noting the lack of previous Docker or Kubernetes experience is also essential - this guide has been created so as to be accessible for everyone regardless of prior knowledge or experience. No matter if you are a software engineer, devops engineer, or application developer of Kubernetes applications - this will teach everything necessary.

Notably, it should be noted that using Docker and Kubernetes requires access to a cloud provider like AWS or Google Cloud; although free trial options may be available for these services, typically requiring credit card payment as the price. Even without access to such providers, however, this guide can still help you learn about their concepts and principles without actually deploying any actual projects.

This course is intended for:

This course is tailored for individuals interested in exploring Docker and Kubernetes as tools to deploy applications easily and quickly, such as software engineers or application developers looking for deeper knowledge of containerization to streamline deployment process. Regardless of previous experience with either tool, this course will equip participants with knowledge and skills necessary for building production-ready apps using best practices and industry standards.


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Customer Reviews

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This course is perfect for me.

Stephen simplifies complex information using diagrams for better understanding. After completing my Docker & Kubernetes training, I have gained a higher level of confidence in my knowledge. Stephen Grider is an exceptional instructor and his teaching methods are highly regarded.

I encountered some errors but was able to resolve them by using the Q&A section, which was helpful.

Excellent course with great details.

Stephen provides detailed explanations on both the how and why aspects, which sets him apart from other instructors. He emphasizes minor conceptual details in his explanations. There is a significant impact on the learning process. The utilization of visual diagrams to explain concepts can be beneficial.

It was an amazing experience taking this course.

The instructor effectively communicated complex topics through concise explanations and visual aids, enhancing the learning experience. I suggest enrolling in this course for individuals who require education or further development in Docker and Kubernetes.

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