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82% Off Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D | Udemy Review & Coupon

Create and produce video games. Learn how to use C# in the Unity Engine. Learn how to code your first 3D Unity games for the web, Mac, and PC.

This course covers:

The Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D course provides an in-depth, comprehensive learning experience for those who want to gain the skills and knowledge needed to create their own 3D video games. It is designed to teach the fundamentals of game design, programming, and debugging using C#. This course includes over 30.5 hours of ondemand video tutorials, 5 articles, 4 downloadable resources, and access on both mobile and TV. Upon completion, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion.

What you'll learn

  • Acquire knowledge of C# starting from the basics. A highly influential contemporary language.
  • Gain experience with Unity 2020, a highly versatile 3D tool.
  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of video game design.
  • Create both 2.5D and 3D games using Unity.
  • You can apply your knowledge to.NET, other programming languages, and more.
  • Gain an understanding of how object oriented programming functions in practical applications.
  • Developing a positive attitude towards problem solving can be beneficial.
  • Each video includes practical exercises to help you develop real skills.
  • Gain knowledge in coding and design patterns.
  • Learning how to use source control is a valuable skill for working effectively in small teams.

About Instructor

Ben Tristem holds a degree in computing from Imperial College London and a physics diploma from the Open University.

He began his employment at the age of 15 and never turned back. He explored careers in various fields such as being a commercial pilot, stunt-man, rock climbing instructor, and others. Technology provides a continued challenge and stable income that none of these options offer.

After successfully establishing and selling a home computer support business, he transitioned into the role of an angel investor and business mentor in Cambridge, UK. He developed a passion for teaching game development and now dedicates his time to sharing it with others.

He is eager to assist you in experiencing the satisfaction and financial independence that comes with a strong grasp of technology.

Rick Davidson is an instructor who has taught over 1 million students and created more than 20 popular online courses here on Udemy. He is a founding partner of the GameDev-tv team, which aims to assist aspiring game developers in creating and expanding their skills.

Rick has extensive experience in team management, business growth, and technology instruction. Rick has over 10 years of experience in the video game industry, working in various roles such as Game Designer, Producer, Creative Director, and Executive Producer. He has created games for console, mobile, PC, and Facebook. He founded an indie game studio called Inspirado Games, which was acquired by Electronic Arts / PopCap in 2012. He has worked on various intellectual properties including Mario, Transformers, Captain America, and Mortal Kombat. He has also created successful new intellectual properties, such as "GardenMind," which was nominated for Canadian Game of the Year in the social/mobile category.

Rick, a qualified Career Coach, has assisted numerous individuals in realizing their goal of pursuing careers in the gaming industry, whether it be as Indie Game Developers or as valuable employees within the game industry.

Rick resides in Australia with his spouse and two daughters. He enjoys sharing humorous anecdotes with his father. A warning has been given to you.


This is the sequel to the Complete Unity Developer, a highly popular e-learning course on the internet. We have developed new projects and incorporated our latest teaching techniques into our curriculum. Our program has successfully taught programming and game development to over a million students, with many of them producing commercial games.

Unity is a versatile 3D package that is commonly utilized in various industries, including video game development, architectural design, and medical imaging. The challenge lies in its complexity, particularly for individuals who are new to coding and game development. We provide a step-by-step guide to learning how to code, making it an enjoyable and straightforward process, while also creating engaging games.

Connect with our communities of developers on Facebook (with nearly 20k members), our Teaching Assistant-curated Community, and our student Discord chat channel.

This course includes professionally-produced English closed-captions.

If you are reading this, you likely have all the necessary resources to begin. Unity can be downloaded for free. Having regular access to an internet connection allows you to participate in our active community. Regardless of your coding or 3D package experience, we will provide comprehensive guidance from the beginning. By starting at a slow pace and gradually building on your knowledge, you will eventually develop a strong understanding of Unity.

Please take a moment to read the reviews that students have written. We are committed to improving lives and providing thousands of individuals with valuable new skills. We welcome you to join us now.

The course is project-based, allowing students to apply programming concepts to real indie games right away instead of just learning them in isolation. The project files, additional references, and resources will be provided to ensure you never encounter any obstacles. The resources available include "talking heads", diagrams, screencasts, and other high-quality materials.

To create each demo game, you will need to follow this process...

You are invited to take on the challenge of building the entire game yourself.

Receive instructions on how to build it, with each step clearly demonstrated.

It is important to regularly apply and reapply your knowledge.

Do you prefer focusing on 2D? Please take a look at our Complete Unity Developer 2D course. Are you interested in something more challenging? Please take a look at our Unity RPG course. Whether you're looking to get certified, find a job, or learn environment art, we have all your needs covered. The green leaf logo signifies quality.

With a single one-off fee, you will receive full lifetime access. The creators are skilled and knowledgeable coders who are also enthusiastic gamers, allowing them to effectively communicate intricate concepts while keeping it engaging.

This course does not cover the following topics...

Here are some topics that will not be extensively discussed.

Art asset creation involves the use of pre-existing assets that are not created on-screen.

Optimizing performance at an advanced level.

Editor plugins or modifications are tools that enhance the functionality of an editor.

Modification of the physics engine.

Unity 3D is a powerful platform that allows you to create high-quality games for those interested in game development. Additionally, these games can be developed for various platforms including Windows, MacOS, iOS (including iOS 9), Android, and Web from a single source.

This course is intended for:

This course is designed for those who want to learn to code in a fun and engaging way by creating their own video games. With this course, you can learn all the basics of programming while creating your own custom video game. You'll get to create your very own sprites, 3D models, animations, sound effects and more as you learn to write code that makes your video game come alive. The course requires no prior experience so it's perfect for beginners as well as seasoned coders. Plus, you can enjoy the satisfaction of making something unique with your coding skills!

With this online course, you'll be able to develop a better understanding of coding by putting the concepts into practice. By following each step of the tutorial and engaging in hands-on experimentation with programming tools, you'll gain knowledge that will help ensure successful game creation. Furthermore, experienced coders can also benefit from the offered tips and techniques which they may not have been previously aware of. As such, this online course offers something for everyone regardless if they are just getting started or looking to hone their coding skills with a fun project.


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Do T.
Really Loved the course and How it sets off.

I found it enjoyable how Rick and Garry taught us. The support was very helpful. One thing to note is that Realm Rush may be challenging for beginners, but overall it is a highly recommended course for anyone interested in joining Unity. Congratulations to the team.

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