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84% Off Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D | Udemy Review & Coupon

84% Off Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D | Udemy Review & Coupon

This course teaches how to use Unity in C# and create five 2D video games for web, Mac, and PC. The tutorials include information on tilemaps.

This course covers:

This exceptional course offers an incredible selection of learning materials that make it easy to advance in your chosen area of study, whatever that may be. With 18.5 hours of on-demand video, 3 articles, 7 downloadable resources, and the ability to access all of this content on mobile devices or TV, you will have one of the most comprehensive educational experiences available. At the completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion for extra recognition and validation from employers. Plus, after taking the course there are plenty more valuable resources available for further learning to ensure each student is getting everything out of their experience they can possibly get.

What you'll learn

C# is a powerful modern programming language that can be used for game development, web applications, mobile applications and many other areas. Learning C# from scratch is possible with no prior programming experience. This course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge to succeed in building your own projects and understand how object-oriented programming works in practice.

Within this course, you will learn how to become excellent at using the Unity game engine, which has become an industry standard tool for creating games. You will also build a solid foundation for game design and game development that will help you create playable game projects, which are great for your portfolio or even just satisfying your own sense of achievement. 

Gain practical knowledge on how object oriented programming operates.

Developing game projects is beneficial for building your portfolio or personal sense of accomplishment.

Apply the knowledge gained in this course to various programming languages, including .NET.

Acquire coding problem solving skills that can be applied in various contexts.

Through learning and practicing the fundamentals of C# you will have everything needed to get started on making amazing games.

Join a community of individuals who share similar interests and offer support.

About Instructor Team

GameDev tv was founded with the purpose of providing education on indie game development, design, and marketing for all individuals. Our game development courses on Udemy are popular and highly rated.

Our institution has a student population exceeding one million, and our primary objective is to develop and sustain high-caliber courses that are both captivating and enjoyable for them.

GameDev tv provides extensive courses on Unity, Blender, Unreal, coding in C#, C++, and other related topics. If you have an interest in a subject we don't currently cover, please let us know. Join our developer communities on Facebook (with nearly 20k members), our TA-curated Community (with 17k daily views), and our student chat group (with up to 10k live members).

Rick Davidson

Rick is an instructor who has taught over 1 million students and has created more than 20 popular courses on Udemy. He is one of the founding partners of the GameDev-tv team, which aims to assist aspiring game developers in creating and expanding their skills.

Rick's experience includes managing teams, growing businesses, and teaching technology over a significant period of time. Rick has over 10 years of experience in the video game industry, working as a Game Designer, Producer, Creative Director, and Executive Producer. He has created games for various platforms including console, mobile, PC, and Facebook. The founder of Inspirado Games, an Indie game studio, sold the company to Electronic Arts / PopCap in 2012. He has worked on various intellectual properties, including Mario, Transformers, Captain America, and Mortal Kombat. Additionally, he has developed successful new IPs, like "GardenMind," which received a nomination for Canadian Game of the Year in the social/mobile category.

Rick, a qualified Career Coach, has assisted numerous individuals in realizing their goal of working in the game industry, whether as Indie Game Developers or valuable game industry employees.

Rick resides in Australia with his spouse and two offspring. He enjoys telling jokes that are often associated with fathers. A warning has been given.

Gary Pettie

Gary has a strong interest in video games, mathematics, science, and technology and considers himself a nerd.

The individual pursued Computing & IT through the Open University and was introduced to GameDev tv in 2017 while taking the “Complete Unity Developer” course. Gary became a Unity certified developer after a few months of pursuing game development seriously, and now operates his own independent game studio.

Gary had a career as a professional musician and private guitar tutor, and found joy in sharing his expertise with others. He became a GameDev tv instructor to share his knowledge and passion with others when the opportunity presented itself.


If you’re looking to get into Unity game development, there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to be successful. Firstly, you need to make sure that your computer is capable of running the latest version of Unity 2019 or above. This means having a Mac or PC with an up-to-date operating system and at least 8GB of RAM installed on it. Additionally, since you’ll be coding for Unity, you have to make sure that your processor can handle the workload of building a virtual environment.

The second requirement for getting into Unity game development is a passion and willingness to learn how to code. Although it isn’t necessary to know advanced coding languages such as C# or Java when getting started with Unity, it does require consistent practice and dedication before being able to create a full 3D world with realistic interactions and graphics. For someone just starting out, it's worth investing time and energy into learning these programming languages so they can design their projects more accurately while getting familiarized with the entire development process itself. To sum up, having both technical hardware capabilities as well as the personal interest and knowledge of coding is essential if one wants their experience with Unity game development to turn out successfully.


This course is the perfect starting point for aspiring game developers who want to learn how to create their own games using Unity. Aimed at complete beginners with no prior experience of coding or Unity, this course takes the student on a journey of exploration and discovery; starting from simple concepts and building to more advanced topics and techniques. With the help of comprehensive online tutorials and world-class support from both other students and the dedicated GameDevtv team, participants will learn everything they need to create interactive video games from scratch.

Throughout the course, participants will go on to build several engaging games with different game mechanics such as platformers, puzzle solving or shooting experts. Thanks to english closed-captions throughout, learners can easily understand all aspects of the lessons while constructing their very first masterpiece! This full package structure allows learners not just follow along but also apply what they have learned quicker and easier in practice. Start this journey now and become a pro video game developer!

Get access to world-class support from other students and the GameDevtv team, who are actively involved in the forums and Q&A section. Proceed with creating multiple games, including:

Snow Boarder: A game utilizing Unity's sprite shape tool that involves side-scrolling and jumping.

Laser Defender: This is a space shooter game where players must shoot and dodge enemies from a top-down perspective.

TileVania: This is a classic Side-Scrolling Platformer that utilizes Unity's Tilemap tool and has a fast-paced gameplay.

Quiz Master: The Quiz Game focuses on teaching users how to set up a user interface in Unity.

Do you have a preference for starting with 3D games? Please take a look at our sister course, the Complete C# Unity Developer 3D. If you already possess some knowledge of Unity and desire to take on a more demanding challenge, consider exploring further. Please take a look at our RPG Core Combat Creator. Are you interested in creating 3D models from scratch? Begin with our course called Complete Blender Creator. The green leaf logo represents the values of passion and quality.

As a participant in the course, you will be granted access to a forum for discussing topics on a course-wide scale or on an individual video basis. Connect with our developer communities through Facebook (with nearly 20k members), our TA-curated Community (with 17k daily views), and our student chat group (with up to 10k members at any given time). Take a look at the reviews to observe how individuals appreciate this feature.

The course utilizes a project-based approach as it is deemed the most effective method for learning Unity and C#. The course offers practical application of programming concepts through real indie game projects. The project files, additional references, and resources will be provided to ensure that you do not encounter any obstacles. The available resources include talking-head videos, diagrams, screencasts, and other high-quality materials.

This Unity course stands out from others available online in terms of its size and quality. Please review the course length and the available reviews.

To build a demo game, the following process should be followed...

Experience the challenge of building the entire game on your own.

Receive instructions on constructing it, presented in a sequential manner.

It's important to regularly apply and reapply your knowledge to stay challenged.

With a one-time payment, you will have permanent access. The creators possess coding expertise and gaming experience, allowing them to effectively communicate intricate ideas while keeping the audience engaged.

By learning C#, you can establish a strong basis for Object Oriented Programming. Upon completion of the course, students will have a strong foundation in coding and game development and be motivated to continue learning.

This course does not cover specific subjects.

Given the limited time, it is not feasible to cover all the material in this already extensive course. The following topics are not included in our coverage...

Improving efficiency and effectiveness of performance.

Options for modifying or enhancing editors.

Modification of a physics engine.

For those interested in game development, Unity is a highly capable platform that allows for the creation of professional-grade games. These games can be developed for multiple platforms, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Web, using a single source.

Our program offers comprehensive instruction in coding and game design for individuals at all skill levels, including beginners. Our program offers instruction for artists to animate their assets. Our courses cover game design principles to help coders enhance their skills.

Consider learning Unity now, as it may prove to be a valuable experience.

This course is intended for:

This course is designed for people with an interest in game development. Even if you have no prior experience with coding or creating assets for games, this course will provide the necessary guidance to get you started. Students should be competent and confident when using a computer, although some programming experience may be beneficial but not essential. This course is suitable for both artists who want to learn how to bring their artwork into games and developers who are looking to re-skill across to game development. Along the way, you’ll learn all the basics of digital asset creation and importation into a game environment.

Whether you’re a beginner willing to work hard or an experienced programmer eager for new challenges, this course offers comprehensive instruction on game asset development so you can gain the knowledge and skillset needed in the gaming industry. You will have access to a wide variety of tutorials plus support from our expert tutors if needed. In addition, there are plenty of resources available for extra exploration including different software titles, apps and websites dedicated to helping budding game developers create great content. With this course, anyone interested in game development can acquire the necessary skills quickly and effectively at their own pace!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A great course!

I found this course to be enjoyable and informative, providing me with a better understanding of Unity and the creation of Unity based video games. However, there were instances where I felt that the coding portions were a bit rushed and not always thoroughly explained. The course was generally good.

Really enjoyed this course.

The lecturers exhibited exceptional teaching skills, with clear enunciation, well-timed explanations, and engaging content delivery. The projects were constructed with an enjoyable process and each one built upon the knowledge gained in the previous project. The pacing was skillfully balanced to be challenging without becoming overwhelming at any given point.

Very good course covers basics really well.

This is a good option for those who are new to game development. This involves programming, level designing, and all other aspects of game development.

Rick is an experienced and skilled instructor who effectively explains and teaches beginners, mak...

Half of the lecture is taught by a different instructor named Gary, who has a distinct teaching style. He often omits explanations, which required me to take a break and search for the information online. It took me much longer to complete his lecture because of this. Gary demonstrates proficiency in his work and the course content is satisfactory. While the course is generally satisfactory, my experience with the Teaching Assistant was less than ideal. When facing difficulties or inquiries during a lecture, I typically seek out Q&A resources. However, if the responses I receive are unhelpful, I continue to search for answers. For ex., someone posted an alternative code and asked if it could sub the original code and if there is any downside. Her response is consistently "If it works that's great!" she uses copy and paste for similar inquiries. Kindly request that students mark the issue as "solved" once it has been resolved. The most helpful answers I found during the course came from my fellow students.

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