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25% Off ChatGPT Masterclass - The Ultimate Guide | Udemy Review & Coupon

25% Off ChatGPT Masterclass - The Ultimate Guide | Udemy Review & Coupon

 A comprehensive guide to ChatGPT, Prompt Engineering, Midjourney, and more is available in The Future of Work. Data Science and Programming.

This course covers:

This course is packed with comprehensive learning resources to help students gain a better understanding of the material. It consists of 11.5 hours of on-demand video courses covering diverse topics, 4 articles and 43 downloadable resources for additional study or reference. With access available on both mobile and television devices, students can conveniently gain knowledge wherever they are. Furthermore, upon completion of the course, a Certificate of Completion will be provided to show mastery and recognition for their hard work which can be used as evidence when seeking related opportunities or academic qualifications.

What you'll learn

ChatGPT is a revolutionary new technology that brings together natural language understanding, cognitive computing, AI prediction, and much more. With the All-in-One ChatGPT Guide, created for both non-tech and tech people, you can stay ahead of the curve and unlock powerful new tools to help you succeed.

This guide will help beginners and tech enthusiasts understand ChatGPT as well as its several components & capabilities: advanced prompt engineering, which involves more sophisticated techniques; ChatGPT plus & GPT-4 advanced capabilities; and a deep dive into the technology behind it. By getting to grips with all of these elements, learners will be able to master potentially game changing technologies like ChatGPT – giving them an edge over their competition in any industry or field. The future-proof skills obtained through this course ensures permanent access to cutting edge information no matter how quickly the industry changes makes this program invaluable for continued success.

About Nikolai Schuler

As a result of this realization, I decided to make it easier for others to access quality data training by becoming an instructor myself. As an instructor, my main role is to help guide data professionals on their journey towards success. By providing comprehensive and intuitive courses that are designed with the needs of each learner in mind, I make sure that everyone gets the data-training they require without having to worry about huge course fees or dealing with opaque lectures filled with theory. My goal is to provide everyone who takes one of my courses a head start in their chosen field and help them escape the feeling of being overwhelmed by all the available options out there.

I take great pride in ensuring that each student I take on has ample opportunities during the course to practice and gain confidence in their abilities. Depending on what interests they have in data, whether it be Machine Learning or SQL programming, I provide them with enough material and real-life examples so they can become proficient in their selected field often more quickly than if they had gone through multiple websites or textbooks trying to grasp concepts. They come away feeling like they know how apply the skills in a professional setting.


This comprehensive guide dives deep into the world of AI with ChatGPT, a cutting-edge technology blazing a new way forward for modern work. It offers an easy-to-follow tutorial on ChatGPT that takes learners of all levels – from complete newbies to seasoned professionals – fully up to speed on this powerful technology and how it can revolutionize the workplace. This no-nonsense guide provides practical advice and knowledge that is applicable in the real world.

In addition, this course also covers important topics such as conversational AI systems, natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, interactive agents, chatbot dialogs, modern NLP APIs and more on top of giving you a jump start with ChatGPT. With the course material updated regularly and full support provided from experienced instructors, anyone who completes this program will have all they need to confidently take part in conversations about the future of work.

This course is intended for:

This course is designed for any business professional looking to become familiar with the fundamentals of artificial intelligence technology. Whether you are a non-technical person, a coder, a data analyst, a creative or content creator – this course has something to offer everyone. There is no prerequisite knowledge required; all that’s needed is an inquisitive and open mind.

From the basics of machine learning algorithms to learning about where artificial intelligence is heading in the near future – this comprehensive beginner-level AI course will provide you with the basic skills you need to embrace artificial intelligence principles in your current role and advance your career. You'll gain a basic knowledge of AI concepts such as automation, Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and more. Upon completion of this course, you can apply what you learned to any area or industry that intersects with AI, enabling you to make intelligent decisions and take your career further.



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