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75% Off ChatGPT for Non-Programmers: Make Python Apps Without Coding | Udemy Review & Coupon

75% Off ChatGPT for Non-Programmers: Make Python Apps Without Coding | Udemy Review & Coupon

Discover how to utilize ChatGPT to create and execute Python programs and automations without requiring knowledge of coding.

This course covers:

This comprehensive course is designed to give comprehensive instruction on a variety of topics. With three hours of on-demand video content, viewers can learn in the comfort of their own home without sacrificing quality. The course also has a detailed article along with 17 downloadable resources for further study and exploration. Additionally, participants have full lifetime access to the materials, allowing them to look up information whenever they need to. Equally beneficial is that these materials are accessible anytime, anywhere—on both mobile phones and TVs. Finally, upon completion of this course, one will receive an esteemed certificate as recognition of their hard work and commitment. This certification serves as proof of accomplishment and can be presented to employers or graduate schools when applying for certain future opportunities. All in all, this excellent online course offers students everything they would ever need to gain the skills and knowledge needed for success!

What will be learned

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that allows users to create working Python programs with minimal effort. It provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface where users can enter natural language commands and receive the corresponding Python code. This makes it ideal for those who may not be experienced computer programmers or don’t have time to learn complex coding techniques.

Using ChatGPT, users will be able to generatePython scripts that automate routine tasks, such as data analysis and visualization; build web applications; and develop desktop GUI apps. Additionally, ChatGPT enables the execution of these generated codes on one's own computer in order to test their efficacy. Furthermore, as one's skills grow in using ChatGPT, more complex scripts can be written—scripts that require calling external libraries or web services, for instance. All in all, this tool provides a perfect balance between understanding what goes into programming at a basic level and being able to quickly write full-blown apps without wasting too much time learning theory and syntax.

About instructor

Ardit Sulce is a professional in the field of Python programming, who also has experience as a teacher and is the founder of PythonHow. In 2013, he earned a Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies from the University of Muenster in Germany, with a specialization in utilizing Python for remote sensing.

He has collaborated with companies from diverse countries, including the Center for Conservation Geography to map and comprehend Australian ecosystems, Swiss in-Terra for image processing, and Australian Rapid Intelligence for data mining to obtain business insights.

The course on Python and program building is popular among students for its comprehensive real-world approach. The course on Python and program building is highly valued by students for its comprehensive real-world guide. Once the course is completed, it is recommended to enroll in his Automate Everything with Python course to utilize Python for creating small to medium programs. The course covers all the necessary topics for utilizing Python as a versatile tool. For those interested in creating larger applications, the advanced course Advanced Python: Python OOP with 10 Real-World Programs would be more suitable. The courses can be found on his Udemy profile page.


Previous programming experience is not required. All necessary information will be provided for your learning.


Turn Ideas into Python Programs with ChatGPT is an innovative online course that introduces learners to the powerful AI-based language model, ChatGPT. This course is particularly suited for people who desire to program in Python but have never coded before. Instead of learning the syntax and semantics of Python, learners will learn to compose syntactically correct ChatGPT queries that generate python codes. These codes can be executed on a computer system and the output could be some generated files, web apps, desktop GUI's or data analysis graphs.

The course is divided into five sections, wherein each segment focuses on a different aspect of using ChatGPT for building Python applications and automations. The first section instils the knowledge about signing up for a ChatGPT account and installing the required Python tools to run the generated output. Subsequent sections teach profound topics such as training data augmentation, natural language processing models & hyperparameter tuning that lead up to advanced topics including automated data analysis pipelines and custom serverless functions.

The course incorporates practical activities, including numerous examples and projects, to facilitate the application of newly acquired knowledge. Upon completing the course, you will possess the necessary skills to develop Python applications utilizing ChatGPT.

The course instructor, Ardit Sulce, possesses extensive experience as a ChatGPT user, Python developer, and top Python instructor on Udemy. He has designed the course to be both enjoyable and accessible. The course offers lifetime access to the materials and allows for questions and feedback from both the instructor and other students. You can learn at your own pace.

The course "Turn Ideas into Python Programs with ChatGPT" is recommended for those interested in acquiring skills to create Python code with ChatGPT and execute their ideas. Register for ChatGPT now to begin your programming journey in the world of technology.

This course is intended for:

This course is great for people who want to take their computer skills to the next level. Whether you’re looking to automate computer tasks, make their computer jobs more efficient, build web and desktop apps, or leverage the power of ChatGPT and Python for working with data, this course provides a comprehensive guide in understanding and getting started with these powerful tools.

The course is easy to understand, offers step-by-step instructions on setting up and working with ChatGPT and Python applications as well as providing insight into how they can be used in everyday tasks. In doing so, it also includes valuable tips on best practices when using them. The course’s instructors are knowledgeable and experienced professionals who have worked in the software development industry before. They will support you every step of the way until you get comfortable with the material presented in this course. By taking advantage of all that this course provides, you will be able to use your newly acquired programming skills to excel in your job or start developing innovative solutions on your own.


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