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25% Off ChatGPT Accelerated Python: Complete Python Guide | Udemy Review & Coupon

25% Off ChatGPT Accelerated Python: Complete Python Guide | Udemy Review & Coupon

Learn Programming in Python more efficiently and easily with the help of ChatGPT. Supercharge your coding skills with ChatGPT and Python.

Quick Summary

Learn how to:

As a student of Python, you will learn the fundamentals of the language quickly and easily. You’ll get to grips with user setup, interface design, control flow syntax, data types, functions and more in order to master coding in Python. To stay ahead of the learning curve and continue growing your skills over time, our lessons are updated regularly.

Developing code means mastering how to handle common errors as well as debugging process for identifying problem areas - all from the perspective of critical thinking. ChatGPT is very helpful when it comes improving one's coding skills since it helps engineer perfect prompts quickly. Learning activities are available to test out your newly acquired knowledge while getting experienced hands-on with Python projects such as creating utility scripts, web servers, games and API integrations. Therefore, with our community's support and teaching materials, you can become an expert coder in no time!

Course length:

This course provides comprehensive and detailed coverage of a wide range of topics related to the subject. It includes 7.5 hours of on-demand video lectures, seven articles, five downloadable resources, access on mobile devices and TVs, and a certificate of completion. The videos provide an in-depth overview of the topics with easy comprehension and clarity through the use of diagrams, illustrations and animations. In addition, all the provided articles will further enhance learners’ understanding by exploring topics in greater detail.

Learning materials such as the downloadable resources provide users with extra practice exercises to help them assimilate and apply their learning with ease. Besides that, they can also get access to all these amazing materials anytime from their mobile devices or TVs — thus allowing them to study anywhere at any time without depending on any external device or system. Upon successfully completing the course assignments, learners are awarded certificates that certify their newly acquired skills for job opportunities or higher studies. Hence this course allows aspirants to gain both knowledge and recognition in one go!

Best for:

Individuals who are new to coding and are interested in learning more.

About Cobalt Barnett

Cobalt Barnett serves as a Software Development Instructor. With 25 years of experience as a software developer, manager, coach, and team lead, it has been her career and passion to assist both new and experienced programmers in learning and expanding their skills. She has experience in building websites, mobile apps, banking infrastructure, and data analysis platforms. At Udemy, she aims to teach and share her skills with curious and motivated learners worldwide.

Inside the ChatGPT Accelerated Python: Complete Python Guide

This course is designed to get you up and running with Python and ChatGPT in no time. Whether you’re a novice programmer or an experienced one looking to refine their skills, this course has something for everyone. Cobalt will be your instructor throughout, bringing 25 years of professional coding experience to teach the basics as well as advanced techniques. You’ll learn all about control flow, data types, functions, and more.

Each lesson is interactive and hands-on so you can get real programming experience while having fun. Not only will you gain code writing knowledge but also practical tips on refactoring and improving existing projects. So if you’re ready to jump into Python and ChatGPT mastery make sure to sign up for Cobalt's class and have an unforgettable learning journey!

By the end of the course, you will have acquired the following skills.

Python Fundamentals

The course provides an overview of Python, including a detailed explanation of the layout and interface of the Pycharm website. In this course, you will be introduced to fundamental programming concepts, including script structure, algorithms, variables, data types, and an overview of Python as a programming language. After that, we will explore control flow and the decisions made by the programming languages through branching structures, as well as how to address common errors by debugging.

Learn how to program in Python, create your own code, and gain a solid understanding of Python as a programming language.

ChatGPT offers code fixing and enhancement services.

The guide provides a comprehensive overview of ChatGPT, including its program interface and instructions on creating an OpenAI account. A pre-rolled prompt will be utilized to generate code in ChatGPT. The course covers topics such as refining prompts, understanding ChatGPT's algorithms and efficiency, identifying weaknesses and limitations, troubleshooting coding issues, and instructing the bot to explain sorting algorithms.

Learn the fundamentals of ChatGPT and prompt it to enhance and iterate your coding projects at a faster pace. Utilize ChatGPT to write code and create your own utility script.

You will learn about the structure of a script and how to create code that performs specific tasks or provides additional functionality to other programs.

Learn the fundamentals of utility scripts, explore the script anatomy of a calculator script, and understand simplified code including operators, whitespace, control flow, and interaction.

Create a Customized Web Server

You will explore the concepts of modules and re-factoring in order to construct your own web server.

This lesson covers the fundamentals of modules and re-factoring, explores packaging and pip to transform your personal library into a package, and teaches how to create new modules.

Create your own game.

In this course, you will learn about packing object data together with code and utilizing inheritance to create your own game.

You can create your own Blackjack game, develop a card game using your own card library, or incorporate GPT into games like Cards Against Humanity.

Designing a custom API architecture for engineers.

This course covers topics such as file I/O in Python, file access modes, exception handling in file I/O, API endpoints, basic POST endpoints, and JSON data structures for understanding API integration and architecture.

Please use GPT to generate the boilerplate for a call to an external API, write an API integration to automatically submit your resume to LinkedIn, and write an API integration for a social media platform.

Here is what you can anticipate:

This class provides comprehensive knowledge and skills to become a proficient coder, enabling individuals to confidently create incredible things in the world while adhering to ethical technology practices.

Our primary objective for you is:

By the end of this course, you will acquire the necessary skills to become proficient in Python and ChatGPT, allowing you to code more efficiently and effectively.

Reasons to enroll today:

We will be adding 100 new lectures to this course annually. Upon enrollment, you will be granted lifetime access to the continuously expanding course content library and learning activities.

If you are interested in learning the latest technologies to bring your ideas to life, please click the enroll button to get started.


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