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82% Off Change Management: Leading Agile Transformational Change | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off Change Management: Leading Agile Transformational Change | Udemy Review & Coupon

This article discusses a whole-system design approach for achieving transformational change in organizational culture and business performance.

This course covers:

This 7.5 hour ondemand video, 24 downloadable resources and 7 articles provide valuable insights into leading agile transformational change. It provides a comprehensive overview of the change management process, covering key topics such as the role of leadership, the importance of stakeholder engagement, and the need for organizational agility and resilience. With full lifetime access to all course materials, users have the freedom to work at their own pace and benefit from the flexibility to revisit topics whenever they need. The course is designed to equip users with the skills they need to lead successful transformation initiatives, which can be applied in their current or future roles. Upon completion, learners will receive a certificate of completion as proof of their achievement.

What will be learned

In this workshop, you will learn a range of strategies to engage employees and stakeholders in designing your future organization and culture. The goal is to maximize stakeholder engagement and minimize resistance to change. Through an interactive approach, the workshop will enable participants to analyze the change drivers that require you to shift your business processes and culture.

You’ll be taught a proven change process tailored for any organization looking to create lasting improvement. Topics covered include identifying key stakeholders and their levels of influence, working collaboratively with supporters, opponents, champions, strategists and technologists when implementing change, assessing readiness for different types of change initiatives and mapping out roles necessary for successful transition. You'll also gain practical skills by creating a framework for your own initiative as part of the curriculum. This comprehensive course offers invaluable information that can be applied beyond the current business context – no matter what industry or sector you're employed in, having knowledge about how constructive organizational changes can be implemented is essential in today's dynamic world.

About the author

Lawrence M. Miller, Institute for Leadership Excellence

Larry Miller is currently instructing 18 courses with over 250,000 enrolled students from 200 different countries on Udemy. He has authored eleven books and has over forty years of experience consulting with major corporations. The individual's management and leadership courses have been adopted by major corporations as part of their leadership development and lean culture implementation process, and are among the best selling courses in their category.

Over the course of four decades, he has dedicated himself to enhancing organizational performance and improving the abilities of its leaders. He has gained expertise through practical experience in transforming the culture of over one hundred organizations.

He started working in youth prisons when he noticed that the educational system in the organization was having the opposite effect of what was intended, leading to an increase in dysfunctional behavior. He spent four years implementing a new prison system that included a free-market economy within the prison walls. Each inmate was responsible for paying rent, maintaining a checking account, and covering the costs of their desired items. This was his initial reorganization.

Since 1973, he has engaged in consulting, writing, and speaking about business culture and organization. In 1983, he established the Miller Howard Consulting Group after working for a different consulting firm for a decade.In 1998, the individual sold their company to Towers Perrin, a global consulting firm for human resources, and assumed the role of Principal within the company. In 1999, he departed from the firm to concentrate on individual consulting assignments.

He and his firm were one of the early proponents of team-based management and worked with many clients to implement Team Management from the senior executive team to include every level and every employee in the organization. The implementation of the Team Management process resulted in a company of dedicated business managers, where each employee strives for the ongoing enhancement of business performance. Mr. Miller provided guidance to his clients' senior management team in addition to overseeing the change process.

The implementation of Team Management revealed a need for a redesign of the organization's entire system to ensure alignment with shared goals and culture, including systems, structure, skills, style, and symbols. He created the Whole System Architecture process, which involves thoroughly reconsidering an organization's systems, structures, and culture through high levels of participation. Some of his consulting clients include 3M, Corning, Shell Oil Company, Amoco and Texaco, Shell Chemicals, Air Canada and Varig Airlines, Eastman Chemicals, Xerox, Harris Corporation, McDonald's and Chick-fil-A, Merck and Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, United Technologies, Metropolitan Life and Landmark Communications.

Mr. Miller has written eleven books, including American Spirit: Visions of A New Corporate Culture, which was used as a text for Honda of America's course on their values and culture. Another book, Barbarians to Bureaucrats: Corporate Life Cycle Strategies, uses the histories of civilizations to demonstrate the patterns of leadership and evolution within corporate cultures. The author's most recent work, Getting to Lean, utilizes various effective change management practices, including socio-technical system design, appreciative inquiry, and systems thinking or learning organizations, to provide guidance on how to transform organizations. The author has written a book titled Team Kata, which focuses on the core human process of lean organizations and becoming a high performing team. The Lean Coach was the most recent publication by the author, which is a companion to his Coaching Leaders for Success course. He has made multiple media appearances on outlets such as the Today Show, CNN, and CNBC, and has also contributed to The New York Times. A feature story about him was published in Industry Week magazine. He has been featured in articles by Fast Company and Inc. recently. There is a magazine.


The aspiration to guide and enable transformation within your company.


Change management is a complex but highly important process to create positive and lasting transformations within an organization. In this course, students will be able to understand the research literature on change management, as well as popular models of change management. A major focus of the course will be on the instructor's model of whole system design that facilitates better engagement between stakeholders when it comes to the creation and implementation of change. This strategy has been proven to be highly effective in minimizing resistance that is often created by management’s failure to involve stakeholders in decision-making processes. In particular, it provides a way for customers, suppliers and employees to all have a say in the changes implemented which leads in turn can have profound impacts on both the performance and culture at an organization. Through fifteen assignments and access to 24 downloadable resources, such as PPTs, this course is a great tool for anyone interested in managing successful organizational change.

Engagement and resistance are two key concepts in change management. Change management consultants are commonly engaged to address opposition to suggested modifications. One issue is that resistance to change may be caused by management's lack of involvement of employees and stakeholders in the analysis and decision-making process. This course offers a method for involving all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and employees, in developing change that can improve a company's performance and culture. When stakeholders are involved in the process of creating change, it typically results in improved decision-making quality and less resistance during implementation.

Lawrence Miller has 45 years of experience in the field, assisting companies such as Merck, Shell Oil, Honeywell, Coca-Cola, Honda America, Mack Trucks, and several other major corporations, as well as smaller entrepreneurial companies in change management. The individual has written eleven books and has approximately 250,000 students enrolled in their online courses.

This course is intended for:

This course is ideal for all managers, facilitators, and entrepreneurs who want to hone their skills in leading businesses or teams. It provides valuable knowledge and actionable advice that could allow them to further develop their leadership capabilities. With a comprehensive overview of essential business topics, participants will be able to learn strategies on how to take their organizations or teams beyond the next level with effective and successful management practices.

The course focuses on communication, problem-solving, decision-making and conflict resolution skills, as well as approaches for developing people and motivating team members. Managers can gain insight into the tactics used by some of the most successful businesses in the industry by studying case studies on different companies throughout the lesson material. They can then learn from these examples to use new techniques in their own internal operations and make real palpable changes which have an impact on overall productivity.


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