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82% Off C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding | Udemy Review & Coupon

This course on C# fundamentals has become immensely popular, enrolling over 50,000 students. It provides extensive tips and exercises designed to help learners master this subject matter in just 5 hours.

This course covers:

C# Basics for Beginners: Master the Fundamentals by Coding provides the ideal introduction to one of today's popular programming languages. Through five hours of on-demand video and 11 articles, students will quickly master all the essential aspects of C# programming.

This course takes an interactive and hands-on approach, using real world examples to help you grasp its concepts. With full lifetime access on both mobile and television devices, this course makes learning accessible anywhere at any time - be it mobile, TV, or both! Upon completing it you will be awarded with a certificate validating your knowledge and abilities - plus there's also a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee in case anything about its content dissatisfies you completely - perfect if your not satisfied.

What You Will Learn

C# and the.NET Framework are key technologies for developing applications on Windows machines, providing students with all of the skills needed to begin coding using this language. By learning its fundamentals, students will develop all the necessary abilities necessary for starting to code using C#; this includes understanding primitive types and expressions as well as non-primitive types (classes, structs, arrays and enums). Knowing when it comes to value versus reference types are also vital in C# programming as well as being proficient with using arrays and lists when writing programs using C# as this will give them all of the skills required when starting to code using C#!

Understanding C# fundamentals is vital for any software engineer looking to code for Windows operating systems such as Windows 10. Working fluently with both primitive and non-primitve data types enables developers to craft efficient programs that communicate seamlessly with Microsoft OS's such as Windows 10. Furthermore, being familiar with expression syntax helps ensure accuracy in written code while using other components like arrays or lists can organize information more efficiently making it easier for users to interpret information within applications efficiently.

About the author

Mosh Hamedani is an award-winning software engineer with two decades of experience. In addition, he is renowned for being an online instructor. Since 2010, over 3 Million students worldwide have learned how to code through his courses on YouTube and his learning platform.

Mosh's goal is to make software engineering enjoyable and approachable to everyone. He believes in teaching programming concepts using real-life examples and hands-on practice, so his courses aim to be straightforward, pragmatic and free from jargon.

Mosh's courses have enabled students of all backgrounds, including absolute novices, to become adept software developers with various technology stacks. His classes cover multiple programming languages - including C# - as well as object-oriented techniques such as conditionals statements and iteration statements as well as reference and non-primitive types.

With decades of experience in software development, Mosh has established himself as a trusted authority. Through his blog and YouTube channel, he shares his insight and expertise to help developers avoid common errors while remaining up-to-date with current programming trends.

Mosh is passionate about the future of software engineering and committed to helping individuals from various backgrounds gain the necessary skills for success in this industry.


C# is an increasingly important language due to machine learning; C# can be used for building mobile apps for Windows Phone 7, Android Phone 7 and iOS and web sites as well as desktop and video game development. C# also makes an effective programming language choice when working with databases and virtualization technologies such as Azure Cloud Services or Amazon AWS.

Udemy offers one of the most acclaimed courses to learn C# programming: C# Basics for Beginners: Master C# Fundamentals by Coding (over 50,000 happy students and 15,000+ positive reviews). Led by industry expert Mosh Hamedani, students learn the fundamentals of C# programming in an accessible, step-by-step fashion.

Mosh will teach you not only C# constructs but also best practices and shortcuts that will make you an even greater developer. By working on programming exercises selected from both academic literature and real world experience, you'll gain an understanding of programming thought processes.

This course is comprised of bite-size video lectures accompanied by quizzes and programming exercises with solutions included so that you can compare your solutions with Mosh's solutions and identify areas for improvement.

Are You Exploring Career Change or Expanding Skill Set? This course is the ideal place to get started on learning C# as it will show not only its features, but also why and how to implement its use when developing applications with it. Common errors that crop up while creating applications using C# will also be discussed here.

This course is the beginning of Mosh's comprehensive C# series on Udemy, with advanced and intermediate topics also covered by separate parts. With our 30-day full money-back guarantee and over 50,000 satisfied students taking this course already - join them all and begin coding right away!


To master C# fundamentals through coding, Visual Studio Community Edition is the go-to environment; and best of all it's free!

Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) offering an array of features for development, debugging and deployment of various types of applications. As one of the world's most widely-used IDEs for C# development it has quickly become one of the premier global platforms available today.

Downloading and installing Visual Studio Community Edition from Microsoft will give you access to an array of built-in features and tools designed to make writing C# code simpler than ever before.

Installing Visual Studio Community Edition on your computer is essential to learning C# programming basics.

Before beginning to learn conditional statements, loop statements, and object-oriented programming techniques, it is wise to ensure Visual Studio Community Edition is operating smoothly.

This course is intended for:

Starting over with programming can be intimidating, so this course offers C# basics as a primer for those starting from scratch or needing a refresher on its fundamental concepts and practices.

No matter your coding background or previous programming languages experience, this course will walk you through the fundamentals of C# from its core concepts - building blocks - through more advanced topics like object oriented programming and conditional statements.

This course is designed to offer you a step-by-step approach to learning C# through exercises and examples, giving you access to Visual Studio, one of the leading tools used by software developers worldwide for creating desktop apps, mobile apps, video games and more.

Through this course, you will learn some of the built-in features of C# and.NET framework such as reference types, object-oriented programming techniques and common errors. Furthermore, you will gain an understanding of iteration/conditional statements to manage program flow; using different kinds of loops; as well as learning iterative programming principles in C#.

By the end of this course, you will have gained sufficient skills and knowledge to write basic C# programs, understand conversions between base types, utilize the enum type, work with primitive value types, non-primitive types, and string types - and build apps! Furthermore, this foundation will prepare you for more advanced C# courses or building your applications from scratch.

So whether you're an absolute novice or seeking to refresh on C# fundamentals, this course is ideal. Learn from industry professionals with decades of experience - sign up now and become an adept programmer with C#'s fundamentals by coding!


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Customer Reviews

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This Course was absolutely amazing.

This coding course has proven to be a valuable resource for both novice and experienced coders. It covers a wide range of topics in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand. The course addresses common development issues and even explains why they happen. It emphasizes the importance of using fundamental functions like int, doubles, and floats for game development. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their coding skills.

The course is professional in all aspects.

The instructor provides a variety of exercises and explanations with understanding. This course has exceeded my expectations. I have enrolled in the next course taught by the same instructor, where I will learn intermediate programming concepts and techniques. I believe this course would be beneficial to me as I have been learning programming and design skills for the past two years in order to create high-quality prototypes for my indie games using the Unity Engine. I would like to acknowledge the instructor and send greetings from Poland. I will be taking Mosh's upcoming course to learn C#.

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