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Brandon McMillan MasterClass Review: Is it Worth It?

Brandon McMillan MasterClass Review: Is it Worth It?

The Brandon McMillan MasterClass is an online course that teaches you how to train your dog using common and verbal commands, as well as eliminate bad habits. As an Emmy Award-winning animal trainer, McMillan is widely known for his effective training methods, which have helped numerous dogs overcome behavioral issues.

If you're a dog owner, thinking of getting a dog, or have a new puppy, this MasterClass could be exactly what you need to train your furry friend. In this review, we will go through everything you need to know about the Brandon McMillan MasterClass, including its unique features, pros, and cons, to help you decide if it's worth investing in.

As someone who let my terrier dog's willful nature overcome my training efforts, I found the Brandon McMillan MasterClass to be a game-changer. It provided the opportunity to identify where I went wrong in the past and how to correct it. Through practical lessons and video tutorials, this MasterClass offers the necessary skills and knowledge needed to train your dog effectively.

Throughout this review, I'll be sharing my experiences, both the good and the bad, with you. This will help you determine whether the Brandon McMillan MasterClass is worth your money and efforts or if there are better alternatives to consider.

So let's dive into this detailed review and find out if the Brandon McMillan MasterClass is right for you!

Brandon McMillan MasterClass Summary

What you’ll learn:

  • In Brandon McMillan's Masterclass, you will learn the basic core commands for your dog such as sit, down, stay, no, off, come, and heel.
  • Additionally, you will learn how to deal with common behavioral issues including housebreaking and build trust with your dog to accelerate progress.
  • Through the control, train, treat process, you will effectively train your dog for long lasting results.
  • You will also understand when and for how long training sessions should take place to optimize results.
  • Ultimately, this course will equip you with the skills needed to successfully master 7 common commands and overcome common behavioral issues.

Course length: The Brandon McMillan MasterClass on Dog Training consists of 15 video lessons and has a total duration of 2 hours and 58 minutes.

Who this MasterClass is for:

Anyone who is considering getting a puppy or those who already have a young puppy.

Additionally, it can assist individuals with older dogs that may have skipped certain training stages or have a background that has led to trust or behavioral problems.

Overall: Brandon McMillan shares what he has gained after years of transforming dogs of every type and temperament into well mannered pets and service dogs. His easy to follow, well structured, positive system will help you master basic commands and overcome some common behavior problems.


About Brandon McMillan

Brandon McMillan is a renowned animal trainer who has worked on several movies and television series. You might have seen his work in the movie The Hangover, where he trained Mike Tyson's tiger that ended up in the characters' bathroom. Brandon's father and uncle were also involved in training circus and wild animals for the entertainment industry, which influenced his passion for animal training.

Interestingly, Brandon's life-changing moment occurred when he received a call from a friend asking if he had ever trained a service dog. The call came from a friend's friend who had lost his legs in Afghanistan and needed a rescue dog to help him adjust to his new life. Brandon spent a year training the dog, and after he completed his work, he realized that he had found his new mission in life: training dogs to help change people's lives for the better.

Since then, Brandon has continued to train shelter dogs and place them with families. Brandon is a co-founder of the Argus Service Dog Foundation and has been honored with three Emmy Awards for his show, Lucky Dog. He was the host of the hit CBS show Lucky Dog for seven seasons before stepping away to pursue other opportunities, including founding the Argus Service Dog Foundation. He also authored Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days, a book that has helped several dog owners with dog training.

If you're looking to learn anything about dog training, then Brandon McMillan is the person to teach it. His expertise and knowledge are unmatched, and he has helped countless dogs and their owners.

About MasterClass

MasterClass is an online education platform founded in 2015. The platform is dedicated to providing access to some of the world's most talented individuals in their fields. With over 85 instructors and hundreds of lessons, MasterClass is a leader in online learning. It offers an array of inspirational classes taught by celebrities who have achieved global recognition in their respective areas of expertise, from cooking with Gordon Ramsay to filmmaking with Martin Scorsese and space travel with Chris Hadfield.

The platform is known for its exceptional production values and provides classes for students of all ability levels and interests. The most common way to access MasterClass is through an all-access pass that allows for unlimited access to every class on the platform for a year. This pass allows learners to freely dip in and out of as many classes as they desire.

However, while MasterClass is acclaimed by many, it may not suit everyone. As such, this Brandon McMillan MasterClass review aims to explore the platform's more detailed pros and cons to help potential learners decide if it is the right learning resource for them.

Inside The Brandon McMillan MasterClass

The Brandon McMillan MasterClass is an online course that offers expert dog training lessons. The course comprises 15 video lessons that vary from 5-20 minutes long with a total run time of under 3 hours. In addition to the video lessons, the course also includes a 35-page printable PDF workbook, called the Brandon McMillan Dog Training Workbook, which contains a mini biography, advice on identifying the perfect dog for you, training tracker, guides to all the commands in the course, and many more valuable resources.

The first four lessons of the course focus on understanding different dog breeds, building trust, and preparing yourself for training. The remaining lessons are practical, with Brandon demonstrating how to work on a series of different commands with different dogs. The lessons provide comprehensive demonstrations of basic commands, verbal commands, leash techniques, and even handling bad habits and training challenges, such as separation anxiety.

Overall, The Brandon McMillan MasterClass is an effective training program for all dog owners seeking to improve their skills. The course offers unlimited access for an annual subscription fee, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With celebrity dog trainer Brandon McMillan as the expert instructor, the course is an excellent opportunity to learn from a renowned animal trainer and gain valuable insights into canine behavior.

The first lesson is an introduction to your instructor.

In his MasterClass, celebrated animal trainer Brandon McMillan shares his expertise on dog training and behavior. In the first lesson, titled "Introduction: Meet Your Instructor", Brandon sets the scene for what is to come in the course.

Brandon begins by sharing his background and what he hopes the viewers will gain from his MasterClass. He emphasizes the importance of understanding what makes each dog's behavior unique, the significance of control, and the connection between technique and conditioning. Further, he highlights the crucial role of trust in building a strong relationship with your dog and gives insights into how to train yourself to train your furry companion.

Brandon's upbringing in a family of animal trainers and his experience of training wild animals from a young age add to his credibility and depth of knowledge. He then shares a touching story of how he trained a service dog for a veteran of the Afghanistan conflict and how this experience deepened his dedication to training dogs to change people's lives.

The context of the first lesson sets the tone for the entire course, portraying the transformative power of consistent input and effort in training dogs. Brandon, an expert trainer, inspires viewers to embrace their role as responsible dog owners and train their dogs effectively.

Overall, the first lesson sets the stage for an incredible course, and viewers can expect to gain practical tips and training techniques to building a strong, emotionally rewarding bond with their furry friends.

Lessons 2 and 3 concentrate on building a strong foundation.

Lessons 2 & 3 of Brandon McMillan's MasterClass focus on building a strong foundation for effective dog training. This foundation is essential for a positive and productive relationship between the owner and the dog. The lessons are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the dog's unique nature and how to establish trust and a bond that is necessary for successful training.

Brandon explains the variables that make each dog unique, such as breed, age, history, and DNA. He emphasizes the importance of understanding these factors to make informed decisions on how to manage dog training effectively. For instance, when it comes to breed, Brandon shares that the prey drive is hard-wired in terriers, making it essential to manage rather than train it out.

One crucial aspect of a successful training session, according to Brandon, is building trust with the dog. He explains how to bond with the dog, the significance of patience when building trust, why it's important to lead (not dominate) the dog, and how to deal with behavioral issues. Brandon uses the story of his rescued dog, Lulu, to illustrate the time and effort that goes into creating a bond of trust.

What stands out about these lessons is how Brandon drives home the key takeaways in a meaningful and sincere way. The summary at the end of each lesson helps to reinforce the concepts learned. Overall, Brandon McMillan's MasterClass is a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to have an effective training session with their dog, and these lessons are a crucial component of that journey.

Learn the basics in Lessons 4 & 5.

Lessons 4 and 5 of Brandon McMillan's MasterClass on dog training delve into the fundamentals of effective training. These lessons offer valuable insights into why some dog training sessions go awry and how to prevent it from happening.

Brandon starts by acknowledging the challenges of dog training and the importance of mental preparation for setbacks. One of the key takeaways from this section is the control, train, treat process, which stresses the importance of following a specific order to ensure the dog learns the right way. Brandon also explains the difference between training and conditioning and how both need to be used in conjunction to get the best results.

In the second part of this section, Brandon goes into detail about the seven common commands that every dog should know, including "sit," the first command that he recommends teaching. He provides an overview of the basic techniques needed to teach each command, emphasizing the control, train, treat process and offering helpful tips and techniques for each command. He also demonstrates how to use the leash professionally, which is the most important tool for controlling your dog.

Overall, what is impressive about these lessons is the realistic approach Brandon takes, offering strategies to prepare for setbacks and teaching the fundamentals needed to create effective training sessions with your dog. If you're struggling with teaching your dog basic commands, this MasterClass is a great resource to get back on track and strengthen the bond with your furry friend.

Lesson 6-12 covers the identification of the 7 common commands.

Looking for an effective training for your furry friend? Brandon McMillan's MasterClass might just be the answer. In Lesson 6-12, Brandon leads us through the principles that are essential for teaching each of the 7 basic dog commands. These commands include sit, down, stay, no, off, come, and heel.

What's great about this lesson is that Brandon works with different dogs in demonstrating each command, and points out the variables that influence each dog's behavior. This way, viewers can clearly see and learn how to work with each dog's specific traits to successfully execute the commands.

Another advantage of this lesson is that the dogs used in the video have different sizes, which means viewers can see various techniques for small, medium, and large dogs.

Each lesson starts with a list of the things you will need to teach each command. Additionally, key takeaways and references to the workbook are listed at the end of each lesson for extra support.

Brandon also explains the value and versatility of each command, why it made it on his essential list, and why he teaches it the way he does. This helps viewers to understand how the commands work and how to use them in different situations.

Perhaps what's most encouraging about this MasterClass is that the dogs Brandon works with are not pre-trained. This means viewers can witness how to persevere with a dog that isn't getting the command right away or being stubborn. Brandon also provides a voice-over to explain what's going on, which further helps viewers understand the process and stay encouraged.

Overall, Brandon McMillan's MasterClass lesson 6-12 is worth trying out. As shown by the writer's dog Missy, who had already mastered two of the commands prior to taking this course, the rest of the commands can be learned equally quickly with persistence and the aid of Brandon's methods and strategies.

Chapters 13-15 focus on addressing behavioral challenges.

Lessons 13-15 of the Brandon McMillan MasterClass focus on tackling common behavioral issues faced by dog owners. These lessons provide valuable insights and guidance on resolving problems such as housebreaking, door dashing, excessive barking, chewing, and digging.

In Lesson 13, Brandon McMillan shares his tried-and-tested method for housebreaking puppies, known as the housetraining triangle. This method builds on a puppy's natural instinct to keep its den clean and involves choosing, preparing, and using the right crate for the job. Brandon also emphasizes the importance of observing the puppy's behavior and using positive reinforcement techniques to train them effectively. This lesson is ideal for new puppy owners struggling with housebreaking issues.

In Lesson 14, Brandon demonstrates how to resolve the problem of dogs dashing out the door. Door dashing is a common cause of lost or injured dogs and requires immediate attention. Brandon explains why dogs engage in this behavior and provides effective training techniques to prevent it. This lesson is valuable for all dog owners to keep their pets safe and secure.

Finally, in Lesson 15, Brandon tackles excessive barking, chewing, and digging. These behavioral issues can be frustrating and challenging for dog owners to deal with. Brandon emphasizes the importance of understanding why dogs bark and knowing when to intervene. He also provides practical techniques such as using a 'penny bottle' and 'quiet' command to stop excessive barking. This lesson is a must-watch for dog owners struggling with these problems.

Overall, Lessons 13-15 of the Brandon McMillan MasterClass are highly informative and provide practical solutions to common behavioral issues faced by dog owners. With Brandon's guidance and expertise, dog owners can resolve these problems effectively and build a stronger bond with their pets.

What is the cost of Brandon McMillan's MasterClass?

The cost of Brandon McMillan's MasterClass is the same as all other courses on MasterClass. As the platform offers a subscription model, you must pay an annual fee to access all courses. MasterClass offers three different subscription options: Individual, Duo, and Family.

  • The Individual subscription costs $180 per year, which averages to $15 per month.
  • The Duo subscription costs $240 per year, or $20 per month,
  • And the Family subscription costs $276 per year, averaging to $23 per month.

All plans are billed annually, and users can watch MasterClasses on multiple devices simultaneously. Additionally, the Plus and Premium plans allow users to download video lessons for offline viewing, thus avoiding high data consumption. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase, MasterClass offers a 30-day refund policy. Despite the initial cost, subscribing to MasterClass offers unbeatable value as the courses are taught by global leaders in their fields, including Brandon McMillan, an expert animal trainer.


Can you tell me how long the Brandon McMillan MasterClass lasts?

The Brandon McMillan MasterClass is 2 hours and 55 minutes long. However, the amount of time it takes to complete the class may vary based on an individual's learning style. Some learners may prefer to watch the entire class in one sitting, while others may prefer to watch it in sections and take their time with the material. In my personal experience, I watched the entire class through once and then rewatched certain sections multiple times to fully understand the concepts. Additionally, to write a comprehensive review, revisit various commands and work on certain dog issues, I dedicated around 90 minutes each day for one week. Overall, the length of time it takes to complete the Brandon McMillan MasterClass will depend on the individual's goals and learning style.

Is Brandon McMillan's MasterClass worth it?

If you're a dog owner looking to improve your pet's behavior, the Brandon McMillan MasterClass is definitely worth considering. McMillan is an expert animal trainer with a wealth of experience, having worked with a variety of animals including wild ones.

For those who don't know, McMillan is a celebrity dog trainer who has made a name for himself through his TV show "Lucky Dog". In his MasterClass, he teaches a system for training dogs using verbal and common commands, leash techniques, and more. The class includes video lessons that make it easy to follow along and learn the techniques.

What's great about the Brandon McMillan MasterClass is that it's affordable compared to the cost of hiring a private dog trainer. For just $180 per year, you get unlimited access to all the MasterClass courses, including McMillan's. Plus, you can watch the video lessons offline on your computer or phone.

If you're a new dog owner, the Brandon McMillan MasterClass is an excellent investment. It provides a complete training system that can help you establish a strong bond with your new furry friend. Even if you already have some basic training experience, this class can help you improve your pet's behavior and work out any bad habits.

One of the key benefits of the class is that you can revisit it as often as you like. This means you can reinforce the training techniques and make sure you're doing everything correctly. It's an ideal way to get your pet to a happy, trusting state while reinforcing good behavior.

Moreover, if you subscribe to the annual membership plan, you can access other courses on the platform from celebrity instructors like Jane Goodall, Chris Hadfield, Bob Iger, Ron Finley, and Annie Leibovitz. This makes the subscription plan highly valuable since you get to learn from expert trainers from different fields.

In summary, the Brandon McMillan MasterClass is definitely worth it for dog owners looking to improve their pet's behavior. With expert training from an experienced dog trainer, affordable pricing, unlimited access, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, this class is a great investment in your pet's happiness and your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Brandon McMillan dog training MasterClass about?

The Brandon McMillan dog training MasterClass is a 15-lesson, 2 hour and 58-minute course that teaches basic core commands and common behavioral issues for dogs.

Who is Brandon McMillan?

Brandon McMillan is a well-regarded dog trainer who has trained circus animals and wild animals for movies and TV. He founded Lucky Dog, a non-profit organization that trains shelter dogs for adoption.

How much does the Brandon McMillan MasterClass cost?

The Brandon McMillan MasterClass is part of the MasterClass subscription, which costs $180 annually. This subscription gives you access to all MasterClasses, not just Brandon McMillan's.

Is the Brandon McMillan dog training MasterClass worth it?

Yes, the Brandon McMillan dog training MasterClass is recommended with a 10/10 rating and is more cost-effective than hiring a professional trainer. It provides a solid foundation for future growth with new pets and covers the basics for different types and personalities of dogs.

What is included in the Brandon McMillan MasterClass?

The Brandon McMillan MasterClass covers trust-building, housebreaking, and doggy personalities. It teaches basic core commands and common behavioral issues for dogs, and provides a proper foundation for future growth with new pets.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the Brandon McMillan MasterClass?

Yes, MasterClass offers a refund if you cancel within 30 days of purchase.

What is the housetraining triangle method?

The housetraining triangle method is a method developed by Brandon McMillan that can eliminate indoor potty accidents in about 4 weeks. It involves creating a routine for your pup that leads to no barking or whining in the crate.

Is the Brandon McMillan MasterClass appropriate for all levels of dog training?

Yes, the Brandon McMillan MasterClass is appropriate for all levels of dog training. It can be watched out of sequence and is appropriate for different training levels.

Does Brandon McMillan cover managing chewing behavior in the MasterClass?

Yes, Brandon McMillan covers managing chewing behavior in the MasterClass. He suggests providing a proper chew toy to manage unwanted chewing behavior.

Can I watch the Brandon McMillan MasterClass before adopting a pup?

Yes, it is recommended to watch the entire MasterClass before adopting a pup, and re-watch specific lessons as needed.

If you need more information, a class trailer is available for you to see:



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