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Bonnie Badenoch's Trauma and the Embodied Brain Online Course

Bonnie Badenoch's Trauma and the Embodied Brain Online Course

Throughout her 30-year career as a trauma therapist, Dr. Bonnie Badenoch has discovered that a significant insight from relational neuroscience has had the greatest impact on the effectiveness of her work. The research revealed that the presence of support before, during, and after an overwhelming experience may have a greater impact on trauma than the actual event itself.

What impact does this have on our assistance to others? This involves bringing both our knowledge and a supportive relationship to the counseling room.

As an example, Bonnie recounts the experience of one of her students:

At the beginning, I had an understanding of what it meant to "be present" with a client. However, upon completion, I came to the realization that I lacked understanding of its true meaning. I could be present in the room, providing guidance, offering information and techniques to assist them. Now, I understand the significant impact of truly being present with someone, allowing the healing process to unfold naturally.


This program includes.

8 Immersive Weeks of Learning and Engagement - Explore the principles and practices for supporting clients facing the aftermath of trauma. Each session includes compelling video sessions, written teachings, and practices.

Two Q&A Sessions Recorded During Live Events - In these two in-depth video recordings, Bonnie answers participant questions, exploring in greater depth the key issues and topics.

Journaling and Self-Reflection Questions for Therapists - Each learning session includes a wealth of relevant questions and prompts.

Lifetime Access to the Entire Course - Receive lifetime access to all video trainings, session transcriptions, written teachings, journaling exercises, and bonus articles.

Bonus Gift – A “Best of Bonnie Badenoch” Anthology of Articles - A collection of six compelling journal articles exploring: how interpersonal neurobiology transforms therapy, hopeful stories about “unfixable” clients, how we fully integrate new knowledge on a felt level, and more.

What you’ll learn

Learn about the essential knowledge every therapist (and individual) should have about themselves in this educational video with Bonnie Badenoch - The Myth of Self-Regulation. Please click on the link to register.

This free video teaching with Bonnie Badenoch explores the reasons why well-intended tools and plans can often fail to assist clients - The Myth of Self-Regulation. Please click on the link below to complete the registration process.

Discover techniques for promoting a safe and supportive "inner community" in others through a free instructional video featuring Bonnie Badenoch - The Myth of Self-Regulation. Please click on the link below to register.

With Trauma and the Embodied Brain, this esteemed teacher and author presents her extensive body of work to a broader audience. You can join her in this comprehensive online training to explore.

The sentence above explores insights from relational neuroscience, polyvagal theory, mirror neuron research, and other related topics.

Centering and grounding techniques can be used to create a calm and nurturing presence within oneself, which can in turn support others optimally.

The body communicates through various channels such as the belly-brain, heart, skin, muscles, and more.

Create a safe space by promoting healing in others through empathetic and non-biased presence.

An exploration of the storage and potential repair of traumatic memories.

The Healing Plan focuses on utilizing the client's internal resources to safely facilitate their healing process.

About Bonnie Badenoch

Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, LMFT, works as a therapist, author, consultant, and trainer. She studies interpersonal neurobiology and has written books such as The Heart of Trauma and Being a Brain-Wise Therapist. Her work is influenced by almost thirty years of experience assisting individuals with trauma and attachment wounds.

If you are interested in incorporating new perspectives and innovative healing methods into your work, we encourage you to explore this revolutionary course led by Bonnie Badenoch.



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